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Last updated: May 16, 2023

Meet “Vention” Custom Software Development Leader Announces Global Rebrand

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Last updated: May 16, 2023

The industry expert repositions its brand to meet the next generation of both enterprise and startup innovation

May 16, 2023, New York, NY — Vention, a global industry-leading custom software development company, today launched the culmination of its extensive rebranding initiative in partnership with Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design consultancy. This rebranding follows more than 20 years of business as the company modernises itself to match the caliber of its partners’ and clients’ business and tech recognition amid rapid growth and expansion.  

Sergei Kovalenko, Vention's CEO and one of its original co-founders, stated, “Vention’s mission is to achieve innovative solutions for its clients, and now with our rebrand, we are modernising to match all that we’ve accomplished and have planned for the future. Since co-founding Vention, the company has helped over 500 businesses achieve their goals and bring scalable, next-gen solutions to the market and our clients' end users.”  

Kovalenko believes that the company's new image will convey a sense of renewed sophistication and appeal to new partners and employees as Vention embarks on its next chapter. 

Over the past three years, Vention has experienced tremendous global growth — nearly doubling its headcount, increasing revenue by 117%, and adding more than 200 new clients to its roster. However, the company had taken few steps to revamp its outward appearance despite consistent and proven leadership in software development services. With larger enterprises as well as more well-known and disruptive startup clients, Vention’s work became increasingly impactful and visible to the business and tech communities — including work that resulted in the first unicorn of the decade. To date, the Vention portfolio includes Carson Living, Croquet, DealCloud, Merkle, and Thirty Madison. However, while the clients Vention partnered with reached their business-critical and newsworthy milestones, the company itself maintained a comparably low profile. 

Denis Pakhomov, COO at Vention said, “The companies we work with are visionaries looking to create the next generation of tech solutions for our homes, health, finances, and futures. Over the past 20+ years, Vention has contributed to many websites, mobile apps, and emerging tech services that have improved our daily lives. I'm excited for our teams to finally feel and see the business and tech communities’ recognition for their contributions.”    

Following Vention’s rebrand, the company will establish its renewed presence at the world’s leading business and tech events to reinforce its new brand and reconnect with long-standing partners and supporters. 


About Vention

Vention is the premier global leader in software engineering, synonymous with technology designed for scale and the common denominator behind the world’s most successful tech-empowered enterprises, industry innovators, and startups. 

Headquartered in New York with 20+ offices and 3,000+ developers worldwide, Vention equips technology leaders with the top engineering talent from the world’s most respected tech hubs. Our teams sync with clients’ in-house engineers to advise and execute their product vision to accelerate their roadmap, innovate faster and more efficiently, and ultimately scale their operations to new heights.