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Audit and assessment services

In the rapidly evolving technology environment, efficient and secure IT infrastructure has never been more important. Leveraging 20+ years of industry expertise, we are committed to helping you achieve complete insight into your operations – enabling you to identify security risks, optimise processes, and assess your current technology solution. This will allow you to stabilise and grow your business for future success.

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The problems we solve

The first step towards modernising your technology stack is understanding its current state. Whether you are looking to identify areas of weakness inside your solution, unlock hidden growth potential, prepare for a new round of investment, or step up security, an audit will lay the foundation for achieving your business objectives.

Relieve pressured teams

As your business grows and your operations come under pressure, can your systems keep up? We will identify existing and potential issues, and recommend solutions to futureproof your technology ecosystem.

Upgrade legacy tech stacks

Running outdated software can be a drain on both resources and productivity. Our team will audit your applications to identify technical debt, improve alignment with technical direction, and identify security issues.

Set development focus

Your business needs to focus on the right things at the right times. An assessment of your operations will reveal inefficiencies and drive smarter utilisation of resources and talent.

Eliminate app and security glitches

No organisation can afford to neglect security. We will uncover vulnerabilities and will provide you with steps to become more compliant following the best industry practices.

Technical audit

What we provide

We offer technical assessments to evaluate your product, architecture, processes, and organisation – helping to ensure that you are prepared to close your next investment round or take the next step in your business strategy.

Our experts

Drawing from a pool of more than 3,000 top-shelf developers, we will assign a senior developer with sector-specific expertise to lead your technical audit. Their findings will be rigorously verified by senior QA engineers. A dedicated project manager will oversee the assessment and keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. Our CTO will review the findings and provide feedback to the team before it’s shared with you.

Key points

Code level analysis

Data architecture analysis

Deployment process review

Operating system audit

Roadmap review

Stability and security assessment

What we provide

Strengthen your platform with a stability assessment and/or a security audit. We will evaluate your infrastructure, processes, and policies; perform penetration testing; then deliver an actionable improvement plan.

Our experts

Your stability and security assessment will be handled by an all-in-one team of developers, architects, and SecOps personnel who will review your stack from every angle, leaving no stone unturned.

Key points

01Process change recommendations
02Security processes and compliance
03Penetration assessment results
04Infrastructure security analysis

Industries expertise

To provide the most effective insight into your operations, we have sector-specific teams that focus on the issues facing particular industries and verticals.

This local and sector expertise is one reason why we are among the leading firms for assessments and audits.













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