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Product discovery workshop

A product discovery workshop gives you that extra aid needed to turn ideas into workable solutions. Our team conducts an immersive tour into your future product, helping you de-risk the development stage and prioritise your time and financial investment towards delivering business goals.

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Discover the true potential of your company

On the discovery front, our work includes: defining the purpose of the project, core functionalities and technologies, target audiences, user personas and their journeys, as well as indicators of your future success.

New product within existing business

Whether you aim to enter new markets or enhance the loyalty of existing customers, we’ll help you identify untapped business opportunities and capture them with tangible end products.

Newly established business

Vention’s professionals will support you in planning your business and roadmap requirements for more accurate estimation on costs and/or funding rounds, choosing a preliminary tech stack, and anticipating possible bottlenecks.

Ways we make a difference

At Vention, we’re dedicated to helping organisations — startups, large enterprises and everything in between — solve the growing number of diverse challenges, so our work is as varied as they are.


Idea validation

We juggle a wide range of idea validation tactics, matching hypotheses with reality and proving the market need of your product.

Roadmap and tech documentation

Vention creates an in-depth tech roadmap and documentation to help you plan for the long term and define priorities before making an investment, all while building better growth opportunities.

UX design

Using custom checklists, our design team examines solutions against industry-recognised usability standards.

MVP development

Vention’s engineers build promising MVPs and gather the initial feedback so you could launch the solution with all features tested and fully functioning.

Product upgrade

We bring fresh thinking to the existing product, following emerging technology and market trends, new regulatory requirements, and meeting the needs of all of their stakeholders.

Risk assessment

Adjusting our risk assessment to your size, complexity, and geographic reach, we measure and prioritise threats so that the company is prepared to respond to them fast and effectively.

Key points

A precise roadmap for your project

Documented product goals, challenges, and risks

Increased production speed

Reduced overall costs

Minimum bugs and issues

Service packages

Business validation

Through the heavy involvement of a CTO and tech lead, we validate the business proposal with respect to its viability, profitability, and market fit.


The team of tech specialists, PM, and designer defines vision and scope of the product and prepares a roadmap and UX wireframes (3 key screens).

Discovery +

We define the vision and scope of the product and prepare a roadmap and GUI experience for desktop and mobile (5 key screens).

How we work

Step by step, we walk through all service lines to help you capitalise on the early opportunities in every way and from every angle.


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