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Improvement workshop

With over 20 years in the market and a multitude of now-thriving clients, we’ve learned the secret formula for success. By measuring, managing, and modifying the variables in each specific case, our experts improve products and services for better user engagement, product-market fit, and profitability.

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Your challenge, our solution

Vention development practices ensure perfection. Our confidence is backed by technical proficiency, robust project workflows, and coherent teamwork.


UX improvements

Using our exceptional user experience and interaction design process, Vention inspects the solution accessibility, navigation, error tolerance, and visual aesthetic to translate UX potential into more conversions and, ultimately, into higher revenue.

Roadmap and transformation planning

We re-energise your product by analysing the current performance and anticipated trends, mapping out all necessary enhancements, and arranging your roadmap into clear deliverable milestones.

Team scaling and hiring

As your business grows, the skill set for delivering up-to-date products rapidly changes. Always staying on top of the talent market, we specify what kind of experience you need and help you find the best people to support you.

Architecture and technology upgrades

Diving deep into the existing technology infrastructure, our expert team of developers and DevOps pick the best-matching architectural solutions to eliminate bottlenecks and enable system scalability.

Quality assurance

Vention follows tried-and-trusted quality assurance methodologies, laser-focused on automation. This enables us to detect all bugs and defects before you enter the market.

Security planning

We determine critical business risks, suggest effective compliance processes, and advise on practices for future-proofing businesses amid the ever‑changing cybersecurity landscape.

Outcome-based service packages

Product focus

If your business vision and user base have changed or matured, we generate a plan that addresses your new horizon and helps you realise your objectives through technology — be it redesign, additional features, or an updated tech stack.

Scaling focus

If your product is succeeding, and you need to ensure that this rapid growth is executed smoothly and in line with all stakeholder needs. Vention’s team can help you organise and take steps to scale your technology with the business.

Key points

Tailored strategy

Improved user experience

High-performance teams

Scalable products & architecture

Designed for business advancement

How we work

When you don’t know where to start, start with Vention. We’ve devised a four-tier work strategy to elevate your business performance from average to elite.



We set the stage for the project, helping the client identify desired, specific outcomes and estimate their feasibility.



In this phase, we begin gathering information on the main points the client has presented, confirming the problems and final objectives.


Iteration review

Vention’s specialists present the client with the team’s progress and key takeaways of the dedicated analysis.


Recommendation and plan

Our engineers develop a realistic action plan that includes possible solutions to the outlined problems, responsibilities, timelines, and how success will be monitored.

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