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Thomas International: Recruit, retain, reap remarkable results

Thomas International is a premier provider of psychometric assessments and talent management solutions with a focus on small- and medium-sized businesses.



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Ever felt like HR functions are a complex puzzle to solve? With Thomas's psychometric assessment, you have that missing piece that translates the kaleidoscope of employee traits into user-friendly solutions for hiring, retention, and skill development. 

In its ongoing mission to maintain its leadership in HR consulting, the company tapped two Vention engineers to amplify its core technology. We had the privilege to witness Thomas’s solution in action: The company utilised it for vetting Vention engineers, which resulted in an exceptionally harmonious and synchronised team. 

Impressed by the interim results of the staff augmentation project, Thomas also enlisted our help in upgrading one of their legacy products; swiftly, we assembled a pod team of five seasoned specialists responsible for streamlining the product delivery flow and migrating the system to a newer tech stack.

Within mere nine months, our pod team has successfully rolled out six major refinements — compared to Thomas’s previous pace of just one update per year — including localisation for the assessment portal, data auto-deletion, and extended integration with the HR API.

This all became possible thanks, in no small part, to our proficiency in solution design, delivery estimation and planning, and task decomposition.

Additionally, Vention engineers implemented the latest agile practices to better accommodate Thomas’s needs and elevate the system's scalability and manageability.

The result

Introducing a pod team was vital to upgrading Thomas’s product, which, in turn, created a more seamless experience for millions of its users in 140+ countries.

Yet, the best testament to the strength and resilience of our partnership is the remarkable growth we achieved: Throughout the project, Thomas scaled our team from two to 14 experts who became an integral part of the company’s success. As John McGill, Product Manager at Thomas, put it: “Vention’s engineers are professional and capable beyond expectations. They continually deliver ahead of time and solve issues like veterans of the company.”


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