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Pods model

Vention pod teams deliver technical expertise and speed so you can achieve your product vision, fast. Our domain-driven experts arm VC-backed startups and greenfield companies with successful, scalable products across web, mobile, and cloud.

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How agile pods work

Our pod teams work for you as small groups of self-organising development teams. Following the Agile Scrum framework, we plan sprint to sprint to ensure flexibility and optimal release cycles. Pod teams work autonomously but communicate with you frequently, so you’re kept informed and in control throughout the process.


Planning/sprint zero

A well-formed process delivered by a pod ensures that the project gets off on the right foot.


Selecting your pod

You'll have full transparency surrounding your pod team members throughout the interview process.


Managing your pod

Key points of contact will be assigned, with flexibility to add a UK-based CTO or technical director.



One point of contact for delivery and multi-level support from engagement managers and technical experts reduces risk.



Pods are scalable, with up to eight key technical experts per pod team.

Option #1: The core pod

In this highly autonomous model, your self-organising agile development team requires minimal direction and acts as a reliable and scalable resource.

Tech lead

2-3 engineers


Project coordinator

Option #2: The extended pod

This model offers flexibility to grow beyond a core pod, scaling the team further with key experts in niche areas including DevOps, SecOps, cyber security, data science, and AI/ML.

Tech lead

2-3 engineers


Project coordinator

Technical specialists



You dream it, pod teams deliver it

Reduce your time to market

Onboard the specialists you need quickly and scale your product development capabilities.

Land domain experts for each step of your journey

Get the technical and domain expertise each project stage demands from our global team of 3,000+ engineers and UK-based CTO and technical director.

React quickly to change

Enjoy the freedom to flex up from the core pod with key experts.

Stay in control throughout the process

Keep a handle on your project with regular communication touchpoints, reporting, and billing.

Why team up with Vention?

The best of both worlds

We pair top developers in Europe with onsite UK support

  • 3,000+ experienced engineers
  • 20 offices around the globe
  • Dedicated teams in tech hubs worldwide

Uninterrupted speed

Our team thrives on deadlines and always delivers

  • Our team thrives on deadlines and always delivers
  • 2+ weeks from contact to kickoff
  • Faster time to market

A proven track record

As a mature company ourselves, we offer time-tested expertise

  • 73% of clients are referrals
  • 2.5-year average engagement
  • An Inc. 5000, Deloitte, and IAOP fastest-growing company


How should I choose between pods and the other delivery models you offer?

If flexibility and faster project delivery times are paramount to you, pods are likely the best fit. You’ll benefit from an agile development team with substantial domain experience. And, because pods are self-organising and autonomous, there’s far less day-to-day management to perform.

How much involvement does Vention have in the planning and discovery phase?

As much as you need. We have decades of experience working on a vast array of projects, catering each time to the unique expectations of the client and the maturity level of the project. Some clients approach us with a clear backlog of work, along with defined expectations of delivery and output. In those cases, planning is typically sprint to sprint. For clients that need more support, we conduct a Sprint 0/Discovery phase to ensure the project gets off on the right foot.

How will Vention communicate with me during the pods process?

The tech lead and project manager are your key points of contact and will respond to any queries, feedback, and suggestions you may have while keeping you updated on progress. The UK-based technical director and CTO can provide you with onsite support as needed, and we welcome you to participate in stand-ups as much as you’d like.

How quickly can a pod be set up?

We usually begin kick-off between two and four weeks of defining project requirements.

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