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DAQ Electronics: Integrated security that covers it all

DAQ Electronics is a leader in high-speed electronic automation, serving applications in the physical security and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) markets.



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Project description

Vention landed its first client back in 2007, and it was none other than DAQ Electronics, a powerhouse building high-end access control solutions currently installed in some of the most secure locations in the world. Seeking to secure their position amid rapid industry innovation, DAQ entrusted us to perform a series of system and software updates.

Bringing together a team of strategic visionaries and engineering experts with a deep understanding of the security domain, we set out to overhaul the backend of DAQ’s solutions. Next, we migrated the existing functionality to a new, high-capacity architecture — all within the shortest timeframe possible and with next-to-no disruption to the business.

As the legacy features could no longer meet DAQ’s technological needs, our team was also tasked with developing new communication protocols and adding more drivers and hardware types to the system. 

What’s more, we addressed a challenge that seemed impossible to solve for an external vendor: With no documentation available, our team gained insights into the inner workings of the client’s firmware, and eventually took over the support and development of its new features.

Among our most recent projects, we’re building a web server and a mobile app to help users streamline and digitise their security management pipelines.

The result

Throughout this ambitious partnership, Vention engineers have led dozens of award-winning projects from concept to reality, weighing in on crucial architectural decisions. Excitingly, the company is still with us today, and our teams are now planning to co-create a range of new products to better support DAQ’s rapidly growing client roster in Northern America and Asia.

Vention’s ultimate impact? Roy Davies, VP of Product Development, DAQ Electronics, says it best: 

“Prior to establishing our team at Vention, we struggled for many years hiring talent, and as a business, we were very limited in the scope of our products. The impact of working with Vention is transformational with respect to quality, capability, and speed of development."

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