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Android development services

Our dedicated development teams combine in-depth expertise with business savvy to deliver scalable, durable, and highly customisable Android applications.

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Custom Android development

We have experience developing Android app solutions for a wide range of clients, from early-stage startups to enterprise businesses.

UI/UX design

Our design team combines years of experience and extensive familiarity with Android UI/UX guidelines to create a best-in-class, customised interface.

QA and testing

The Vention QA team runs your customised product through a variety of tests to ensure that it launches as a polished, durable, and user-friendly app.


When your app goes live, we’re on standby to gather user feedback, conduct routine maintenance, and incorporate data-backed improvements.

Migration and porting services

Looking for a cross-platform solution or access to Apple customers? We have in-depth iOS expertise and can create a seamless cross-platform product.

Apps that span the Android ecosystem

We build apps for any Android device, including wearables, Android TV, and smart devices.

Excellence on tap

Our talented engineers have already delivered over 150 outstanding Android solutions. They know the ins and outs of app dev and can deliver your product exactly as you envision it.

Activate the Android experience

  • Robust and responsive Android applications
  • Trusted delivery methods
  • Fast time-to-market

Continuous innovation

  • Embrace the latest tech trends
  • Expertise in 30+ business verticals
  • Consistent system updates and upgrades

Change the way you work

  • Agile development methodology
  • 360-degree security
  • Ongoing technical support

Augment your existing team

  • Certified dedicated development teams
  • A culture of collaboration
  • 70% of Android devs are senior developers

A roadmap for success

From wireframe to the App Store, our dedicated team works with you to drive operational efficiencies, improve functionality, and streamline user experience.


Mobile strategy

Tapping our extensive experience in launching mobile products, we put the pieces in place for your optimal strategy, establishing timelines and phases to ensure a successful launch.



From prototype to outstanding user experience, we approach every aspect of design meticulously to make sure your app stands out.



We build custom Android solutions that run seamlessly on all target devices, taking care of solution security and its integration with third party services along the way.



Our QA team keeps an eye on your app’s performance and stability throughout the development lifecycle.



We bring your app online, guaranteeing full compliance with platform guidelines and ensuring a smooth publishing process.


Ongoing enhancement

We know that development doesn’t stop at launch. Our team is fully equipped to perform requisite maintenance and upgrades to ensure that your product stays at the head of the pack.

Expanding the reach of Android to your industry


Business-critical apps

We support your desktop and web products with customised Android applications to enhance your omnichannel presence.

Built to use

Optimised, data-driven user flows developed by Vention experts provide your users with the most convenient, intuitive, and enjoyable user experience.


Our mCommerce apps bring your customers in-depth and dynamic shopping experiences powered by the Google Pay API.


We create mobile solutions that redefine what’s possible in the classroom, facilitating greater interactivity and engagement for students.

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