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What we do
Software development
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Food delivery app development

For many years, we've been guiding food startups into the digital age with our top-notch food delivery app development services. Our on-demand food ordering apps serve up a full range of must-have features, helping you streamline operations, manage menus, track deliveries, and accept payments securely.

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food delivery app development

Our food delivery app development services

The on-demand food delivery world has as many models and approaches as a buffet spread. That's why we offer fully customized food ordering app development services, from consulting to food app modernization.

Whether you're running a restaurant or a marketplace, our tailored solutions are crafted to meet the needs of both your business and your customers.

Consulting services

We provide consultation services for both existing and potential food delivery business owners, tackling everything from strategy development to technological implementations.

Our experts will help you identify target markets, select business models, refine features and functionalities, and determine the optimal technology stack.

Food delivery app development

Our skilled engineers plan and design robust, tailor-made applications from the ground up, catering to various food businesses, including restaurants, virtual kitchens, and delivery aggregators.

We provide food delivery apps featuring intuitive UI/UX tailored to your brand identity, a scalable backend, rigorously tested functionalities, and ongoing support after launch.

Delivery and food ordering app upgrade

Our team is well-equipped to quickly address bugs and introduce new features on the go, ensuring your custom food delivery app keeps pace with your growth and evolving user demands.

We incorporate now-essential technologies like AI, ML, blockchain, cloud computing, and IoT, while seamlessly integrating third-party tools, such as CRM, messaging, POS, chatbots, and payment systems.

A good example? For Bevi, the innovative watercooler startup, our team redesigned the existing solution and created a new one from scratch in just two weeks.

Food app modernization

We offer code refactoring and language migration for improved efficiency and maintainability, as well as re-architecting using microservices for seamless user experiences.

Our team also guides you smoothly into cloud computing, be it through re-hosting, re-platforming, or adopting a scalable, cloud-native approach.

We build food delivery apps for

Restaurants, pizzerias, and cafes

We develop food delivery apps tailored for individual businesses, whether they operate independently or as part of a chain. These apps are crafted to enhance market visibility, streamline order management, and improve customer engagement.

That’s why Slice, a foodtech company on a mission to digitally transform local pizzerias, decided our team was the best partner for the job.

Virtual or cloud kitchens

One of our specialties is building food delivery apps for virtual or cloud kitchens, focusing on streamlining order management and widening their customer network. These applications cater to the specific needs of kitchens that mix online delivery and conventional dine-in options.

Food delivery aggregators and marketplaces

We develop all-in-one apps for food delivery aggregators and marketplaces, enabling multiple restaurants to showcase their menus. Within these apps, users can discover a variety of cuisines, order meals, and track deliveries — all through a single platform offering a wide range of food options.

Catering and virtual event services

We design apps for catering companies and virtual event organizers, emphasizing streamlined food order management. Capable of dealing with bulk orders, adapting menus for different events, and ensuring deliveries are on schedule, these apps enhance the entire supply chain.

For instance, we collaborated with Heycater, an online marketplace for premium business catering, to scale their platform.

Food delivery businesses

Vention is the go-to choice for food and meal delivery businesses seeking user-friendly interfaces to place meal orders, track deliveries in real-time, and provide feedback.

A good example? Our team helped transform Freshly, a meal delivery service renowned for its selection of healthy, ready-to-eat meals, into a scalable and top-tier platform.

Grocery delivery services

Go for our mobile app development services if you’re looking to create a top-notch grocery delivery app that ensures a smooth online shopping journey. Our apps feature the ability to browse through an extensive selection of grocery products, add them to a digital cart, and choose suitable delivery times for added convenience.

Key features of a successful food delivery app

Working hand in hand with our clients, we diligently identify the specific needs of their food delivery app, paying careful attention to even the smallest aspects. From in-app payments to feedback systems, we embed all key aspects into your solution to make it stand out in the market:

For users

  • User profiles, order history, saved preferences

  • Order tracking with real-time updates and geolocation

  • Order placement and scheduling, order history

  • Secure payment options, multi-payment gateways

  • Menu browsing, push notifications

  • Customer reviews and ratings

  • Discounts, promotions, and loyalty rewards system

  • In-app chatbots and messaging

  • Quick and personalized search

For admins

  • Order management system: order tracking, status updates, access to order details

  • Menu management system: dashboards to update, add, or remove menu items

  • Analytics and reporting (can be AI-empowered)

  • Notification and communication system

  • Inventory control

  • User management

  • Promotion and marketing tools

  • Accounting module

  • Customer support module

  • Message and communication panel

  • Delivery agent management

  • Feedback and review management

  • Software for connecting devices (receipt printers or payment terminals)

For delivery

  • Deliveryman profile

  • Real-time order tracking system

  • Optimized route planning

  • In-app communication with customers via chats and calls

  • Order management system 

  • Performance analytics and reporting

  • Secure payment handling

  • Incentive programs

  • Safety features: emergency button, real-time support, check-in system

What influences the cost of a food delivery app?

If you're curious about the expenses associated with a food delivery app, our software development consultants can provide a customized estimate. Collaboratively, we'll design an efficient and budget-friendly solution tailored to your business requirements. Key factors we consider:

  • The app’s complexity

  • The size and the scope of required features

  • Platform requirements (iOS, Android)

  • Choice of database management system (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, Redis)

  • Integration with payment gateways

  • Incorporation of third-party tools

  • Server hosting needs

  • Maintenance expenses

  • Ongoing development costs (bug fixing and future feature updates)

  • User interface design

  • Project implementation model

Is your food business prepared for a digital transformation?

Let our engineering experts assess your requirements and build an online food delivery app that will redefine your business.

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Why you need a food delivery app

The delivery market is thriving, with online food delivery leading the way as the largest segment. Evidence: In 2021, the global food service market reached $2.5B and is expected to soar to $4.4B by 2028, with a nearly 10 percent CAGR. Here’s how a well-designed app can help you maintain your competitive edge in this ever-evolving field:

The perks your customers will enjoy with a quality food app:

  •  Convenient food ordering: Customers can order food from their favorite restaurants in minutes.
  • Variety of options: Restaurant menus are easily accessible through the app, with more choices for meals and snacks.
  • Easy payments: Secure payments with multiple payment options and transparent pricing.
  • Cost savings: Customers can save with special offers and coupon codes.

What your business will gain from a top-notch delivery app:

  • Increased customer loyalty: You can reward loyal customers with discounts and special offers.
  • Access to new markets: You’ll expand your business beyond local boundaries and tap into the global market.
  • Improved operational efficiency: You'll save time and money by automating the food ordering process.
  • Improved analytics: You can get valuable insights into your customer base with comprehensive data collection.

Our partnership scenarios

As a specialized food ordering app development company, we offer a range of personalized options that align with your growth ambitions, whether you're a startup seeking cost-effective market entry or an established business looking to scale.


Working with your in-house team

Our experts will augment your in-house team to resolve existing technical issues and address skill gaps, enhancing overall project efficiency and productivity.

We provide you with a specialized engineering team tailored to match your desired skill set and operate in perfect sync with your in-house team.


Our teams are prepared to jump into your custom food delivery project at any stage and lead it to a successful outcome.


Our tech stack for food delivery app development:

Our team of expert engineers is geared up to build a custom food delivery app with precision and efficiency, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions:




React NativeFlutter


AngularApollo ClientKnockoutNext.jsNuxt.jsReactSASSThree.jsVue.js


.NETGolangElixirPHPNode.jsScalaJavaPythonDjangoExpressJSRuby on RailsSpring

Cloud services

AWSAzureGoogle Cloud PlatformHeroku

Payment gateways

StripePayPalBraintreeApple Pay

Advanced technologie

AI/MLVR/ARBig Data/Data AnalyticsIoTBlockchain
What our clients say about us

Customers can confidently entrust us with developing their food delivery app, as we always strive for quality, accuracy, and improved ROI. Take a peek at our client testimonials from Clutch.co.

BeON Home
Gabriel Michels
Gabriel Michels

Director of Engineering, Choco

We build software to help companies in the food industry move to more sustainable food systems… We needed to staff up our teams quickly and were happy that Vention was fast in providing us with help without having to blow up our budget.
In the end, we did manage to deliver the outcomes to our customers in a timely manner. Without the help of Vention we wouldn't have been able to achieve this.

Why choose Vention

Exceptional talent
150+proficient iOS and Android developers
80%mobile developers with cross-platform expertise
Responsive design and cross-platform mobile app development
71%of senior-level professionals and team leads
Competitive advantages
10+years in mobile application development
300+apps delivered
$600Kaverage client savings per year
48hfor CVs

We engineer client success


Vention partnered with heycater!, Europe's first business catering marketplace, to enhance its platform and help scale globally.

Our team streamlined data management, revamped CRM integration, and improved backend performance. On the frontend, we implemented a stable architecture, language localization, and responsive designs for a consistent user experience.

The new tech capabilities empowered heycater! to cover the needs of over 3,500 clients in 30 cities.


Working alongside Slice — a New York-based startup aimed at helping small pizzerias thrive in the intense delivery market — Vention played a key role in scaling their technology and elevating the customer experience. This was achieved through Vention's expertise in iOS, Android, Ruby, and Python.

This partnership yielded remarkable outcomes, with Slice expanding its network to encompass 19,000 restaurants across the United States and securing $40 million in Series D funding.


Encountering setbacks in their tech progress, Juice Plus+, a prominent health and wellness company, turned to Vention's expertise for infrastructure modernization.

The internal audit, crucial for assessing system efficiencies, was successfully completed in a fraction of the expected time. This remarkable efficiency led Juice Plus+ to switch their core vendor relationship to us. Our dedicated team of 25 senior professionals swiftly implemented microservices architecture, significantly improving deployment speeds and system performance.

The outcome: Juice Plus+ emerged as a distinguished provider of high-quality health and wellness products and exceptional customer experiences, solidifying its presence in over 20 countries.

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