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Our AI expertise
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Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Our AI expertise
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Artificial intelligence software development

Our AI software development services make innovation an easy lift. With consultants and engineers who draw on years of AI experience, we’ll uncover untapped revenue streams and potential in your market — all to enhance customer experiences and help your business scale. Our AI solutions are tailored to your unique business needs to ensure comprehensive cost savings and growth.

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All eyes on AI

Artificial intelligence is rewriting the script for just about every industry.

  • The AI market is projected to reach $407 billion by 2027, a 370 percent increase from $86.9 billion in 2022
  • While 64 percent of business owners expect AI to improve customer relationships and increase productivity, more than a third are anxious about the additional skill sets needed to use AI effectively
  • Software engineers and data engineers remain the most common AI-related hires, but a majority of organizations report hiring for AI-related roles has been challenging, indicating an ongoing talent shortage

Businesses today need AI expertise that can keep operations nimble and competition at a distance. We’re off to the AI races, and companies equipped with the right AI adoption strategies — and the right talent to make it happen — will be poised to lead the pack.

What we offer

With AI use only growing more widespread, every company, no matter the industry, must now think and operate like a tech company to stay ahead. That means bringing on specialists who understand your business and its requirements in order to maximize the impact of AI applications.

Vention has you covered. We offer flexible consulting and development expertise without the hassle of recruiting and onboarding. You’ll gain a partnership designed to maximize your AI strategies and initiatives — and lose no time tackling your challenges head-on.

AI technology consulting and advisory services

In a technology world that's constantly evolving, having a strategic AI vision is paramount. We’ll evaluate your company’s AI goals and readiness to pinpoint opportunities and actionable steps. 

Whether you need help selecting the optimal tech stack for your AI use cases or developing a comprehensive, forward-thinking launch strategy, our consultants ensure your AI initiatives always mitigate risk and add value. 

AI development services

Drive transformative change with domain-specific, AI-powered solutions that autonomously analyze and decipher complex data. We specialize in creating products ranging from advanced recommendation engines and natural language processing apps to dynamic predictive analysis tools, all designed to integrate into your existing infrastructure.

AI integration

Reinvent or enrich your business workflows with AI-driven features. Our seasoned AI professionals ensure a seamless integration experience that maintains your system's integrity and adheres — always — to regulatory compliance benchmarks at every juncture.

Our AI expertise

Our expertise is geared towards driving tangible business results through applied AI technology. With our forward-thinking approach, we ensure businesses not only stay ahead of the innovation curve but also benefit from more efficiency and profitability.


Natural language processing (NLP)

We focus on crafting NLP systems that comprehend and generate human language — all to save you time and lift customer experiences.

  • Language-generation applications: From chatbots that elevate customer service to AI-driven text summarization tools, we develop solutions that meet your unique business needs
  • Machine learning techniques: We leverage transformative approaches like BERT and GPT-3 to streamline workflows and complete tasks faster

Computer vision

Our computer vision models don't just capture images; they decode information, deliver insights, and drive revenue. 

  • Revolutionary architectures: We're fluent in the details of the newest neural network models so you get the best in visual analysis
  • Demand-driven analysis: With an escalating need for automated image data scrutiny, we're right at the epicenter, offering solutions tailored to your vision
  • Edge computing synergy: We fuse edge-enabled cloud frameworks with robust developer ecosystems and unparalleled product support
  • Specific applications: Our solutions resonate with practical applications, from OCR, AR to face recognition, so our services are anchored in real-world needs

Speech recognition

Elevate user experiences quickly and efficiently. Voice technology solutions keep your operations agile across platforms.

  • Next-gen methodology: Our methods offer expansive potential, coverage, and versatility
  • Deep dive with deep learning: Our mastery of deep learning ensures your voice solutions resonate with clarity and precision
  • Holistic generalization: With adept use of deep learning and sophisticated audio signal processing, we craft systems that adapt across devices, mics, and environments

Structured data analysis

Our structured data analysis solutions derive actionable knowledge from formatted data sources, so that your business can make informed decisions as it grows.

  • Versatile data sources: Our proficiency spans a spectrum of structured data sources, ensuring you're never restricted
  • Efficiency in processing: Structured data reaches their full true potential with us, given how seamlessly they integrate with our machine-learning algorithms, leading to insights that empower decision-making

What’s the difference between machine learning and deep learning?

Machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) are two pillars of AI, each with its unique characteristics and applications. But these differences can be hard to parse at first.

At a fundamental level, machine learning involves algorithms that enable systems to learn from and act upon input data. It’s like teaching computers to learn from experience.

Deep learning, itself a subset of ML, relies on neural networks with many layers (hence "deep") to analyze various factors of data. Think of DL as teaching computers to learn and make decisions from large quantities of data.

At Vention, our dual strengths in machine learning and deep learning deliver solutions that are not merely state-of-the-art but also instrumental in driving impressive business outcomes and growth.

With our engineering services, innovation and practicality give you the best of both worlds.

Our AI solutions

We’re no longer on the cusp: AI is reshaping just about every industry right now.  

At Vention, we pioneer AI solutions across a spectrum of domains.

Fraud detection

We craft cutting-edge AI algorithms to scrutinize financial transactions and customer conduct instantly. Our expertise lies in discerning dubious activities, spanning identity theft to money laundering, ensuring you and your customers stay protected.

Risk management

Navigate the uncertain waters of the financial realm with our sophisticated AI models. We harness diverse data streams, from online behavior to social media insights, to refine creditworthiness assessments, illuminate potential risks during due diligence, and fortify compliance adherence.

Data analytics

Decisions informed by data are the cornerstone of success. Our AI solutions transcend manual limitations, dissecting vast historical datasets, predicting forthcoming trends, and streamlining operations. Whether it's contract analysis or invoice processing, we redefine efficiency.

Generative AI

Drawing from our experience with advanced AI such as GPT4 and DALL-E, we offer visual content analysis to propel brand identification, business intelligence, and impactful visualizations.

Personalized services and experiences

Personalization is the new norm. By meticulously analyzing diverse datasets, we sculpt AI tools that offer bespoke recommendations. Smart homes, for example, that know residents’ preferences deliver a great experience but can also increase property values. 


Digital communication is revolutionized with chatbot design. By offering immediate solutions to frequent queries, gauging customer sentiment, and leveraging upselling potential, our AI-driven chat platforms, reminiscent of Inflexion's offerings, amplify engagement and satisfaction while curbing operational expenses.

Resource and inventory management

Maximize resources, minimize waste. Our AI solutions manage resource allocation and predict sales patterns that optimize inventory and promote sustainability. 

Visual search

Transform the consumer search experience with our AI-driven visual search tools. Offer visually congruent products to drive sales and support engaging customer interactions.

IT operations

Embrace the future of IT with our robust AI applications. Automate tasks, from system surveillance to troubleshooting. That way you can curtail downtimes and bolster system performance.


In an era of escalating digital threats, our AI cybersecurity frameworks stand vigilant. Rapid threat identification and sound remediation recommendations fortify your digital domain. Together, they safeguard your solution and your users.

AI looks good on you.

Let’s build a tailored solution with tomorrow’s tech.

AI use cases across industries

AI upheaval — the good kind — is happening in every sector. That spells greater efficiency and more innovation. Our domain-specific experience helps us zero in on how AI can best propel your company forward.


  • Fraud detection: Identify suspicious activities in real-time
  • Risk management: Evaluate potential investment risks
  • Customer service: Use chatbots for instant financial queries
  • Investment management: Curate optimized investment portfolios with algorithms
  • Credit scoring: Evaluate credit using historical data
  • Trading and portfolio optimization: Predict market trends for better returns
  • Personalized financial advice: Offer individualized financial solutions


  • Medical diagnosis: Predict diseases using medical imaging
  • Drug discovery: Accelerate the introduction of effective drugs
  • Patient monitoring: Monitor health using wearable devices
  • Personalized treatment: Design treatments from individual health data
  • Healthcare management: Streamline patient care processes
  • Medical research: Accelerate discoveries with predictive models
  • Mental health: Use digital platforms for therapeutic guidance

Real estate

  • Property valuation: Predict property prices from market trends
  • Property search and recommendation: Streamline property searches 
  • Predictive analytics: Forecast real estate market shifts
  • Property management: Optimize building functions with IoT
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants: Improve buyer experiences
  • Fraud detection: Spot irregularities in property transactions
  • Smart home technology: Automate homes with intelligent systems

Ecommerce and retail

  • Personalized product recommendations: Enhance shopping with tailored suggestions
  • Inventory management: Predict stock needs for optimal supply
  • Fraud detection: Spot and prevent online fraud
  • Customer service: Employ AI chatbots for customer support
  • Price optimization: Set dynamic prices based on market trends
  • Visual search: Locate products via images
  • Product descriptions: Generate SEO-optimized product listings


  • Personalized learning: Craft individualized learning paths
  • Adaptive assessments: Design tests around student progress
  • Intelligent tutoring: Provide virtual, personalized guidance
  • Natural language processing: Enable real-time translations and speech recognition
  • Learning analytics: Track and enhance student outcomes
  • Curriculum design: Shape courses to fit student needs
  • Educational content creation: Design content for diverse learning styles

Adtech and marketing

  • Personalization: Tailor marketing strategies for users
  • Customer segmentation: Categorize consumers for targeted outreach
  • Predictive analytics: Anticipate market changes
  • Ad targeting: Serve the right ad at the right moment
  • Chatbots and customer service: Answer client queries instantly
  • Content creation: Craft engaging marketing materials
  • SEO optimization: Elevate online presence with strategic insights

Transportation and logistics

  • Autonomous vehicles: Pioneer transport with self-driving tech
  • Predictive maintenance: Anticipate and prevent vehicular issues
  • Traffic management: Develop solutions for efficient traffic flow
  • Supply chain optimization: Refine operations for swift delivery
  • Customer service: Provide instant logistical answers
  • Route optimization: Determine efficient paths for deliveries
  • Demand prediction: Anticipate transport needs

We engineer client success

$600Kaverage client savings per year
$15B+raised in client acquisitions
20+client IPO
10+client unicorns


EliseAI tapped three of our engineers to take on a range of web development projects. Our experts integrated several business-critical property management platforms and built AI-powered automatic replies. The results? 30 percent faster client onboarding and 65 percent more conversions.

motum (by RepairFix)

Our engineers added new functionality to motum (by RepairFix) — a SaaS platform that seamlessly connects fleet managers, drivers, and service partners in case of vehicle damage or routine maintenance — from automated notifications to integrations with AI-powered car damage detection services.


We effortlessly scaled our DealCloud team from six to 126 professionals and equipped the fintech with brand-new modules powered by AI and cloud technologies. These scalable features helped DealCloud to double their client roster to support over 25,000 principal investors, M&A advisors, and other deal professionals.

Our clients say it best

At Vention, our success in AI development reflects our enduring partnerships. Here's what our clients have to say on Clutch.co.

Paul Steckler
Paul Steckler

Founder & Senior Partner, Ramp Catalyst

“They have done multiple projects around AI, ML and VR spaces. We worked on leading-edge voice agent technology. They recently built an AI agent with Ph.D.-level research and development skills; the result was a breakthrough for that industry. We’ve generated several recommendation engines for products in the VR space and are near selling a start-up built with Vention resources.”

Vadim Berman
Vadim Berman

“We develop and distribute artificial intelligence (AI) software to extract actionable intelligence for brands, and to detect abuse on the internet. Despite our very niche and specialized application domain, the developer assigned to us has been doing a great job understanding our needs and developing a quality product.”

Lior Harel
Lior Harel

“The model we chose is team extension, developers joining the core engineering team. We're happy with those additions to the team . . . The programmers are a fantastic addition to the group. They were promptly integrated and brought up to speed. The level of expertise of the developers they let me interview is impressive. And the ones we eventually hired.”

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Why partner with Vention

Find the AI expertise you need

Outpace competition with flexible partnership model and access to 3,000+ world-class engineers, including 100+ engineers with AI-specific skill sets.

Hire quickly without risk or hassle

Get candidate CVs within 48 hours and build a flexible team that fits your in-house culture.

Scale without sacrificing security

Rest easy with AI solutions built in full compliance with all relevant standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others.

Partner with tech titans

Leverage our industry partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Salesforce.

Stay focused on core business goals

We’ll handle the rest. Join a portfolio of clients we’ve helped scale through every growth stage, from MVP to IPO.

Tools of the trade

We harness the most promising web technologies and tech stacks to give you a competitive advantage.









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