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What we do
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Automotive software development services

Automotive, meet automation. Our automotive software development services help OEMs, suppliers, dealers, and other automotive companies digitize manual processes, streamline integration, scale efficiently, secure data, and meet regulatory demands — all through robust architecture and exceptional UX.

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Market overview for automotive software

Accelerated. That’s the market sentiment regarding the pace of software development for the automotive industry, mainly due to the rise of autonomous vehicles.

Self-driving cars require complex integrated systems to operate efficiently: On-board computers, cloud connection services, and mobile apps for better UX, all peppered with the latest technologies. This, in turn, boosted the demand for automotive software development services across the board.

The market value for automotive software is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8 percent, from $19 billion in 2023 to 32.3 billion by 2030. Key factors driving this growth include:

The artificial intelligence boom

AI and machine learning are core features of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) used in self-driving vehicles and their navigation software.

A growing focus on safety

An expected reaction to the industry’s increasing adoption of ADAS. Both consumers and regulators have kept a close eye on the reliability of features like adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance, and companies have accordingly invested in safety-related software.

The widespread adoption of 5G

5G greatly sped up data transfers between smartphones and car applications in core markets. Customers value the extra connectivity — now adapted to infotainment systems — and companies can gather valuable fleet-related data in real time to optimize operations.

Electric vehicles (EVs)

EVs are now perceived not as a niche but as the future. The public image of EVs is synonymous with technology, and with large auto enterprises taking their time to roll out their EV roadmaps, app development for EVs is still an unexplored frontier.






Projected market size


Projected market size

Our automotive software development services

Automotive software project discovery

What exactly is the solution you need? Our specialists discover that in our project discovery sessions, down to the most minor details. We engage with your company’s stakeholders to understand your vision, conduct market research to align with your target audience, and then perform technical assessments to understand what we’ll need.

All of this is done under precise specifications to respect your budget. We set clear financial and timeline expectations for our project scope and stick to them with complete transparency throughout our partnership.

Custom automotive software development

If you’ve got a vision, we can build it. Our custom software development for the automotive industry taps into the latest breakthroughs in tech — especially AI and machine learning — to create solutions that suit your exact requirements. Whether for brand-new applications or enhancing your existing systems.

Our approach includes rapid prototyping for early feedback to validate (or discard) our assumptions, documenting every step for future reference. Our final delivery? A product perfectly poised to meet your user needs and business goals.

Integration services

Robust APIs are the core of our automotive software integration service, enabling efficient communication between in-vehicle platforms, third-party services, and embedded systems.

We design components that operate in sync, enhancing your automotive ecosystem with real-time data exchange, advanced diagnostics, and connected vehicle features.

Automotive software modernization and support

Our specialists can modernize your platform to ensure your solution remains cutting-edge. We support our clients by upgrading their stacks, refactoring legacy codebases, and transitioning from outdated monolithic architectures to efficient microservices.

Further, we provide diligent bug fixing and take care of any technical issue, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on what matters. Ultimately, you’ll have a high-performing infrastructure that meets the modern driver's needs.

Our experts are also excellent with

Web app development

A wide range of custom offers across categories

We’ve got custom provisions for every type of business in the automotive industry.


Startups benefit from our scalable solutions and collaborative platforms that blend startup agility with the scale of established firms.

  • Strategic consulting

  • Scalable development services

  • Market-ready products


Enterprises can tap into our advanced car software development for R&D and production, enhancing their product lines with the latest technologies for industry leaders.

  • Advanced development tools

  • APIs to streamline workflows

  • In-depth leverage of the market’s top tech

OEMs and suppliers

OEMs and suppliers have our efficient supply chain and inventory management software at their disposal, including bespoke applications that integrate seamlessly into vehicles.

  • Custom-made apps that work on every device and vehicle

  • Specialized management tech solutions

  • Data-based efficiency optimizations

Aftermarket-oriented businesses

Aftermarket-oriented businesses can count upon our intuitive diagnostics and maintenance applications to improve the driving experience of your vehicle owners.

  • Sales-oriented software, including payment gateways

  • Real-time automated diagnostics tools

  • CRM systems catered to the automotive market

Vehicle fleet operators

Vehicle fleet operators gain the most from our logistics and transportation solutions that, coupled with our CRM applications, make fleet management a breeze.

  • Vehicle inspection and tracking software

  • Dedicated fleet management solutions

  • Continuous maintenance of systems

Key automotive software development solutions in your control

Technology and innovation

Autonomous driving and ADAS

  • Autonomous vehicle software 

Algorithms and systems designed for self-driving vehicles, including sensor data processing, decision-making software, and vehicle control protocols.

  • Driver assistance software 

Solutions that support driver decision-making and vehicle operation, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and collision avoidance systems.

  • Digital cockpit and instrument cluster

Customizable dashboard displays with fully integrated digital environments that combine entertainment, multimedia, all driving information, controls, and vehicle management systems into a user-friendly interface.

Safety and security

  • Cybersecurity solutions for vehicles 

Software designed to protect vehicles from cyber threats, securing data and onboard systems against unauthorized access and attacks.

  • Road safety and incident management software

Applications that enhance road safety through real-time monitoring, incident detection, and response coordination.

Vehicle connectivity and telematic

  • Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication  

Software enabling vehicles to communicate with each other and with infrastructure for better traffic flow and safety.

  • Telematics solutions 

Applications that collect and utilize vehicular data in real-time to provide insights on vehicle health, driver behavior, and efficient routing.

  • In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems 

UX-oriented applications for onboard multimedia entertainment, navigation, voice-activated controls, and vehicle settings integrated with mobile devices and cloud services.

Electric vehicle technologies

  • Electric vehicle (EV) management software 

Solutions for managing EV operations, including battery management systems, charging station integration, and energy consumption optimization.

  • Emission control software 

Systems designed to monitor and manage vehicle emissions to uphold compliance with environmental regulations.

Operations and customer service

Marketing and sales

  • CRM systems 

Tailored customer relationship management platforms for automotive dealerships and manufacturers to stay on top of customer interactions, sales leads, and after-sales services.

  • DMS systems 

Automotive dealer management platforms designed to support the operations of vehicle dealerships.

  • Automotive ecommerce platforms 

Online platforms designed with business-critical features for buying, selling, and trading new or pre-owned vehicles, parts, and services.

Logistics and transportation

  • Fleet management systems 

Software that enables companies to coordinate their vehicles from a central platform with optimized routes, fuel consumption, and maintenance schedules.

  • Supply chain management systems 

Platforms designed to enhance supply chain operations, including inventory management, order tracking, car shipping, and supplier coordination.

Vehicle inspection

  • OBD software 

Tools that interface with a vehicle's onboard diagnostics system to identify issues and monitor vehicle health, simplifying preemptive maintenance and repairs.

  • Maintenance management software  

Applications designed to schedule, track, and manage vehicle maintenance activities for better compliance with operational standards.

  • Quality assurance software 

Systems used to simulate various conditions and stress tests for vehicles and components to ensure the required safety and performance standards are met.

Aftermarket services

  • Parts inventory and management systems 

Solutions for tracking and managing spare parts inventory and their availability for repairs and maintenance.

  • Car rental and booking applications 

Software to extend the vehicle's utility beyond its initial sale, offering flexible transportation options for users and potentially adding value to the car or brand.

automotive-software-development-services_00_simple image-2

Automotive solutions geared up by advanced technologies

Our specialists know how and when to infuse the most advanced technologies in business to empower your automotive software applications.

Our automotive software application development harnesses the power of machine learning and computer vision to take the driving experience to the 21st century. AI and ML algorithms analyze extensive datasets to enable predictive maintenance, refine autonomous driving capabilities, create personalized user experiences, and improve vehicle performance.

  • Real-time navigation, obstacle detection, and accident prevention

  • Forecasting vehicle service needs

  • AI visual inspections for defect detection

  • Assistance and service booking via AI chatbots


IoT and ADAS technologies include sensors, actuators, gateways, cameras, radar technologies, and software applications. They facilitate connectivity for vehicles to communicate with each other (V2X) and with infrastructure, support remote diagnostics, and offer real-time traffic and navigation updates.

  • Sensor data gathering to refine autonomous driving tech

  • Monitoring of location, fuel usage, and driver behavior

  • Efficient management of charging times

  • Collision avoidance and automated parking


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) play increasingly significant roles in the automotive industry, from design and manufacturing processes to the end-user experience.

  • Rapid vehicle VR prototyping and iteration without physical models

  • Visual instructions for workers and technicians through AR glasses

  • Offering an immersive buying experience via VR showrooms 

  • Detailed information about vehicle features and specifications


Cloud computing empowers software development for automotive through flexible and scalable resources that enhance the functionality of automotive systems, especially management.

  • Efficient handling of big data through dynamic scaling

  • Improved vehicle connectivity via remote telematics

  • Collaborative development across environments

  • Enhanced data security and updates



Blockchain technology brings a whole new level of efficiency to supply chains and logistics. Security also becomes sturdier with suitable blockchain applications.

  • Transparent supply chain tracking and authentication

  • Secure, decentralized vehicle-to-vehicle communication

  • Immutable vehicle history for enhanced trust in transactions

  • Personalized, usage-based insurance through secure data

Hear from our expert
Uladzislau Antsipin
Uladzislau Antsipin
Technical Manager at Vention
Hear from our expert

At Vention, we specialize in reliable data-gathering applications and pipelines for automotive software development.

Our extensive infrastructure expertise enables us to guide and enhance our clients' automotive solutions, refining data collection applications to meet the industry's unique data-related demands.

We adhere to key best practices in software development, such as designing user-centric interfaces that prioritize safety, complying with safety standards like ISO 26262, and conducting extensive testing and validation.

Our team also plans for continuous maintenance to guarantee real-time reliability in software performance, including system interoperability within vehicles."

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Looking for first-class automotive software development services?

Our solutions drive efficiency, scalability, and a higher ROI.

Why line up with Vention?


years of experience in software development


tech experts on tap


delivery centers around the globe


award-winning clients served


weeks from contact to kickoff


Guidance on selecting stacks that reduce both initial and ongoing costs

Delivery on time, on budget, and on scope

We’re an ISO 27001-certified automotive software development company

Our approach

Regulatory compliance

We navigate the landscape of automotive regulations with decades-old expertise, developing all our software solutions in compliance with international standards and local laws.


We take security seriously. Our cybersecurity team adheres to every industry standard and compliance regulation in the territories you operate in for a fortified final product optimized to the highest quality.


Our teams embrace DevOps best practices to enhance collaboration between development and operations, streamline workflows (including CI/CD), and accelerate deployment cycles.

User experience

User experience is at the heart of every service we offer. For automotive software engineering, our UX experts focus on creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and features, prioritizing accessibility and convenience for companies and customers alike.


Integral to our development processes, our quality assurance practices deliver flawless, reliable software. We employ a combination of manual and automated testing, continuous integration, and deployment strategies to identify and rectify issues as fast as they appear.


Our work ethos is designed to be cost-effective without compromising on quality. For that, we leverage open-source technologies, reusable code libraries, and efficient project management methodologies for excellent results that keep development costs at bay.

Our clients say it best

Vention partnerships are nurtured based on trust and commitment. Here's how our clients describe us on Clutch.co.

Ken Apple
Ken Apple

VP of Product Engineering at Gulf Relay

“The Vention team consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver on time or even ahead of time… Every person we have interacted with from Vention from intake to the lowest-level worker, is all-in on our success. You hear it and feel it in their actions. They are committed partners and we wouldn't be where we are today without them.”

Guy Blachman Homepage
Guy Blachman

“Once we were ready to proceed, they sent us the resumes of people they recommended to be on the team. The product is very successful and their work has been outstanding. They’re good employees, they show up for work on time, and they go the extra mile if needed. We treat them as an integral part of our organization.”

Martin Forest
Martin Forest

CTO at BeON Home

“Beyond developing mobile apps, Vention also has experienced engineers for the cloud side, as well as QA... I appreciated the way in which the management team understood what we needed and their ability to put us in touch with the right engineer inside the organization. It was a shoe-in fit for us.”

Our partnership models

We identify and provide individual experts to address your technical issues and challenges, filling any skill gaps and complementing your team's strengths.

This model is perfect for companies looking to augment their capabilities while retaining control over the project’s management.


We assemble an engineering team tailored to your specific skill set requirements, designed to integrate seamlessly with your in-house engineers.

It's ideal for long-term projects requiring a committed team to act as an integral part of your organization.


We are ready to take on your entire project. We leverage our comprehensive resources and expertise to deliver solutions that meet your objectives from start to finish.

This approach best suits companies interested in our full suite of services to bring their projects to fruition with minimal internal resource allocation.


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Oracle Cloud




React Native





QA tools












Payment systems















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Not sure which technology suits your automotive project best?

Let our experts walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Our success stories


motum (by RepairFix)


Our engineers added new functionality to motum — a SaaS platform that seamlessly connects fleet managers, drivers, and service partners in case of vehicle damage or routine maintenance — from automated notifications to integrations with AI-powered car damage detection services.


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