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Software development staff augmentation

With software development staff augmentation from Vention, you’ll be able to tap top-notch devs who can work seamlessly with your team across time zones.

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Look no further than Vention for fast-moving and highly collaborative IT experts, including software developers, business analysts, QA specialists, UX/UI designers, and DevOps engineers.

Each and every one of our devs is armed and ready to tackle fresh challenges and empower your business in the digital era.

Win with software team augmentation

The software development team augmentation model provides flexibility to both startups and mature companies so they can adapt to changing market dynamics and accelerate time-to-market — a critical advantage in the hyper-competitive tech landscape.

Here’s how IT staff augmentation can benefit your company:

You’ll save on the hiring process

Finding an experienced developer can be a time-consuming process, often taking months due to the lengthy cycle of recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding.

We can seamlessly integrate skilled devs into your existing technical team in just two weeks or less. Rest assured, together we’ll identify just the right devs given your needs in terms of your tech stack, company culture, and time zone.

You’ll reduce development risks

By embracing the staff augmentation model, you not only get just the expertise you need, quickly, but also accelerate your solution's time-to-market. By having access to and hiring vetted Vention talent, you can direct your energy towards running your business.

You'll have less hassle

We take on the responsibility for important legal aspects, including employee benefits, their professional development and contractual obligations. This effectively reduces the complexity of managing full-time employees directly. Additionally, you have the freedom to easily and swiftly scale your software development team in response to your business demand.

Proven expertise over time

With over two decades of experience, we have served a range of innovative companies, from early-stage startups to global Fortune 500 enterprises. Our tailored cooperation models, ranging from dedicated teams to staff augmentation, provide flexible solutions that meet diverse business needs.


Our technical team of skilled software engineers has developed cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of over 30 different industries, including: 


We’re poised to assist you at any phase of your software development project. Whether it entails planning, design, development, testing, integration, modernization, or ongoing maintenance and support, our expertise will address any skill gaps you’re facing.

Team roles we offer:


Professionals from various fields come together at Vention:



At Vention, we boast a software development team of accomplished professionals who specialize in cutting-edge technologies:


Compare engagement models

We offer three distinct engagement models for our clients, tailored to align with your unique business goals, company type, and personal preferences. Discover the distinctions between staff augmentation and our other engagement models:

Dedicated teams

Staff augmentation

Project outsourcing

Type of projects

Dedicated teams

Large, long-term projects with the potential to scale over time

Staff augmentation

Projects that need to be delivered within specific time constraints or require a lay of flexibility and specialized expertise

Project outsourcing

An entire project that a development partner takes on from its start to finish

Cooperation with an in-house development team

Dedicated teams

Immediate access to a dedicated software development team with the essential expertise and skill sets required for your project

Staff augmentation

Natural with your in-house team and culture

Project outsourcing

End-to-end development that empowers your non-technical business at core with a software development team to let you focus on other key business priorities

Your priorities and experience

Dedicated teams

If local hiring is time-consuming and costly.

Staff augmentation

If you want to bolster operations without adding unnecessary overhead.

Project outsourcing

If you’ve never collaborated with an external software vendor before or if you want to delegate your project to an experienced or trusted partne

Average time of engagement

Dedicated teams

You hire a team for a specified amount of time, with the option to renew the partnership after that time expires.

Staff augmentation

An engagement with narrowly defined tasks and specific details.

Project outsourcing

The team’s engagement time is determined by carefully preplanned deadlines and tasks.

Workload and control over the project

Dedicated teams

You have the flexibility to adjust your team's size according to demand. Team members operate more autonomously in decision-making under the control of your product owners.

Staff augmentation

You can scale fast and modify your team based on requirements. This keeps your company lean and allows you to adapt to changing needs in the face of shifts in the market.

Project outsourcing

You have a defined scope of work, the stages you want to execute in, and the delivery date for both the iterations and the final product.

Ready to augment your staff with additional resources?

Let's schedule a call to discuss the specific skills you need.

When staff augmentation makes 

perfect sense

  • If your current team can't keep up with your growing business needs or if your team’s skills don’t entirely match what you need

  • If you require specialized expertise to seamlessly integrate new modules into your existing product for uninterrupted business operations and don't need that expertise beyond the project's completion.

  • If your in-house development team is stretched thin and you lack the resources to take on a new project.

  • If you need to rapidly expand your team, but specialized talent is hard to find locally.

  • If your startup has a business idea for an MVP or prototype and has secured funding that can take it to the next step.

  • If you already have engineers working on a project on-site, but you’d like to expand your team and have remote engineers handle other aspects of the product development.

  • If you're encountering challenges with your current software development partner, we're the right choice to guide your project at any step. Our expertise will ensure a seamless transition and successful project delivery.


When staff augmentation makes perfect sense

Client success stories

Fitness & wellness


ClassPass, a leading fitness membership platform, aimed to consolidate the world's best workouts in a single app. To assist them, we provided rapid staff augmentation, assembling a team of 35+ developers in just two months. Our engineers collaborated closely with ClassPass, developing feature-rich iOS and Android solutions, including a venue portal and admin panel, and implementing CI/CD and DevOps practices. Thanks to our support from Series A to Series E and beyond, ClassPass reached: a $1 billion valuation.

All cases


What you’ll get by choosing Vention


  • CVs within 48 hours

  • 2 weeks from contact to kickoff

  • Fast and seamless team scaling

  • Quick mastery of new skills if required

  • 3 different engagement models

  • Teams of any size

  • Easy integration with your existing team



  • Metrics-driven progress monitoring

  • Continuous quality control

  • Transparent reporting

  • Agile approach

  • 71% senior-level software developers


  • Fluency in 30+ business verticals (including healthcare, ecommerce, fintech, real estate)

  • Fluent in AI, ML, and blockchain technologies

  • English at an advanced level

  • Proficiency in both soft and hard skills

  • Collaboration with top clients like Dialogue, Convene, and ClassPass


How we work

To surpass your expectations and help you turn your business plan into reality, our teams proceed based on a multi-stage development process, each one rooted in collaboration and commitment.


Schedule a call with us

Every great partnership starts with a conversation. We explore your needs, business goals, and requirements.


Get the CVs of our engineers

As we get an understanding of your project’s challenges, you’ll get the CVs of the most skilled and compatible individuals who can seamlessly integrate into your team.


Interview our developers

Once you have reviewed CVs, you select who you want to interview.


Get our onboarding assistance

Now it's time to address the legal formalities and sign contracts with all the necessary details. As you bring new team members on board, we also provide assistance throughout the onboarding process.


Manage your remote team

You’re never alone on your digital journey. We are committed to providing continuous support so you maximize the value you receive from our IT experts. You’ll find that the success of the engagement is rooted in effective communication and coordination tools. Additionally, we can offer valuable insights on managing remote teams and share best practices.

Our client say it best

At Vention, our commitment to excellence in software development is showcased through our enduring client partnerships. Reveal the successes we’ve crafted together from

Gordon Griffin
Gordon Griffin


"Team members provided have integrated seamlessly with our team and worked well. We've been able to add extra resources where it's needed within a week or so, and ramp them down when done. Selecting new team members is easy, with a very high hit rate of staff proposed to those selected to join our team. Any issues have been discussed proactively and resolved well."

Geoffrey Teale
Geoffrey Teale

Head of Developer Experience, Upvest

"The most impressive thing is the way we work together. Vention engineers are fully integrated within Upvest and contribute to many aspects of our product. Vention engineers have challenged ideas and demonstrated a product mindset. Not only have they executed the tasks given, but they've also shown an understanding of the product's impact and developed the functionality taking into account the domain requirements and user experience."

Gabriel Michels
Gabriel Michels

Director of Engineering, Choco

"The engineers who supported Choco had fantastic communication skills. On top of that, we admire the execution mindset and dedication each individual brought to Choco. We are impressed by the flexibility and the close collaboration we have had so far. Things can change rather quickly and Vention is a great sparring partner to have alongside a quick-growing, fast-paced business."

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

CTO, Union54

"We were able to put our MVP into production within 3 months of inception and continue to issue new releases on a regular basis. This has allowed us to capture new clients on an ongoing basis. The breadth and depth of talent that they have on tap is impressive, account management is also excellent - if any issues arose, they were swiftly dealt with in a positive manner."

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