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Mobile development services

Successful mobile application development demands not only elegant design and friction-free UX, but also a keen understanding of the fierce competition within your app store category. Vention offers the perfect combination of technical expertise and formidable knowledge of the crowded mobile landscape.

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Comprehensive mobile app development services

We have experience with every phase of the mobile app lifecycle, from initial design to launch to maintenance. This means we know what it takes to build a mobile app that is reliable and secure — and has the “wow” factor that keeps users coming back for more.

Mobile technology consulting

Armed with sophisticated awareness of the established players and rising stars in your app category, our mobile app development experts help you refine your concept and nail down a stand-out go-to-market strategy.

UI and UX design

With mobile apps, nothing spells doom quite like poor UI and UX design. We build apps that are visually engaging and offer users a friction-free experience.

Backend development

Our senior developers build mobile app architecture that is robust and flexible, so it’s easy for subsequent developers to expand it, change it, scale it, and debug it for optimal performance.

QA and testing

Our QA lab takes a comprehensive approach to its work, with a focus that goes well beyond assessing mobile app performance to identifying issues with interruptions, connectivity, and compliance.

Release support

With Vention, mobile app development services include monitoring for bugs and keeping an eye on install rates.

Ongoing enhancement

As your app gains traction in the app stores, and as you contemplate new features, your criteria for success will evolve. Our mobile dev engineers are on standby to scale, iterate, and optimise your mobile app as the reviews pour in and its user base grows.

What we offer

With 300+ unique apps delivered to date, our mobile application development team is your ticket to success in the App and Google Play stores.



As experts in both Swift and Objective-C, our teams ensure top-quality performance across every kind of Apple device.



One codebase: That’s all you need to deploy your app to the App Store or Google Play.

Our engineers develop hybrid code so you not only benefit from accelerated time-to-market and reduced maintenance, but reach and engage more users.


Areas of expertise

As a hotbed of competition and swift technology evolution, the mobile landscape is in a state of constant change. Our mobile devs stay abreast of the latest and greatest in your industry and category so your app showcases best-in-class features and specifications.



No matter where you are in your company’s journey, you can rely on Vention’s financial software development experts to help you move forward with the right fintech solution, from banking apps and payment gateways to mobile security solutions.


Our healthtech expertise empowers us to deliver high-quality, fully HIPAA-compliant solutions that improve both patient outcomes and your business performance.


We build online stores, marketplaces, trade portals, and m-commerce apps, ensuring all of your sales channels stay connected, integrated, and consistent for a seamless customer journey.


Our mobile app development team provides solutions across the entire edtech spectrum, LMS or CMS, non-profits or otherwise.


Our adtech mobile apps support AI-backed personalisation, content curation solutions, and predictive/prescriptive analytics to ensure your message reaches its intended targets.

Our clients say it best

Mast Mobile
Rami Abrams
Rami Abrams

Co-Founder, Tasteaholics, Inc.

We launched the new version of the app after about 6 months on both iOS and Android. The new app was a huge success and had optimized performance speed and quality compared to the original Android app (even though that one was fully native).
We're very happy with the team and final results of the app (we had ongoing development for 3 years).”

Technology innovation made simple

Our team of innovators and strategists is always ready to roll up its sleeves to tackle any complex tech and business challenge, helping you break down the barriers to the adoption of next-gen technologies.

Artificial Intelligence


When AI is unleashed in mobile apps, it can enable functionality ranging from image recognition to chatbots. It can also bolster your data analytics so you can make informed business decisions.



Our mobile app developers are experts at leveraging the power of blockchain and creating effective, easy-to-use mobile interfaces for blockchain applications.

Cloud computing


Our apps leverage the robustness, security, and performance of the latest cloud technology, ensuring that your mobile product can withstand surges in user acquisition.

Connect to a smarter future

Our engineers craft high-performance mobile apps for wearables and smart devices such as watches, dashboards, smart locks, thermostats, and anything else you can imagine.

IoT software

Our engineers design, prototype, and develop custom apps to enhance the performance and connectivity of your go-to smart devices. Vention’s IoT solutions range from a consumer’s personal smart devices to entire enterprises and industrial environments, including RFID tags, beacons, sensors, and NFC technology.

User-friendly analytics

We build dashboards that deliver all the relevant data gathered by your IoT devices in a simplified way while facilitating reports and business decisions.

Medical smart devices

Extra care goes into building apps for smart devices that are directly responsible for your customers’ wellbeing. Our healthcare IoT solutions improve the quality of service in areas like smart hospital facilities and staff management, as well as track and monitor patients.

Why partner with Vention?

A proven track record

  • 10+ years in mobile application development
  • 300+ apps delivered
  • 40% higher user retention than the industry average
  • Dialogue, Convene, and ClassPass built their apps with us

Top-tier talent

  • 150+ iOS and Android developers
  • 80% of mobile developers with cross-platform expertise
  • Responsive design solutions and cross-platform application development
  • 71% of software developers are seniors and team leads

Operational excellence

  • CVs within 48 hours
  • 2 weeks from contact to kick-off
  • Zero operational overhead
  • 5.6% attrition rate — the industry’s lowest

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