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What we do
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
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Dedicated development teams

Whether you’re a VC-backed startup or large-scale enterprise, our dedicated teams are hand-selected to help you start and scale product development quickly.

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A business model dedicated to your success

These days, every company needs to think like a tech company, yet many business leaders struggle to hire and retain top software development talent. The solution? Adopting a dedicated team model so you get the tech skills you need, just when you need them.

The dedicated team approach helps you launch services and products quickly, tap diverse expertise and points of view, and drive new growth — all while delivering cost savings and reducing time-to-market. Dedicated engineers remain by your side for the entire development lifecycle so you can continuously innovate and rapidly scale to meet market demand.

When to hire a dedicated team

You have a long-term project

Is your project likely to expand over time? Dedicated software development teams grow with you, from early days and MVPs to expansion into new markets and even IPO.

You need a diverse suite of skills

When you engage with a dedicated software development team, you get immediate access to multiple specialists who are ready to jump in and turn your vision into reality.

You need engineers with particular expertise

The dedicated team model works well when you need to augment your team with highly specialized talent, but hiring locally requires too much time and expense.

The benefits of a dedicated team

360-degree visibility into the process

You retain complete control over your project vision and product development while creating more time for focused planning and implementation of strategies.

Comprehensive security

Vendors sign confidentiality agreements, and they receive regular training on information protection so your assets stay secure.

Access to high-quality, up-to-the-minute expertise

Vention invests heavily in technology certifications and training so our engineers are always up to speed on the latest advances with tools and platforms.

Vention: Your source for top-tier talent

We recruit and hire engineers with a growth mindset that matches our clients' aspirations and appetite for innovation. Have an ambitious project in mind? We're ready to roll up our sleeves and get it done on your terms.

Strong commitment

Your ambition fuels ours. Vention engineers dedicate their careers to developing creative solutions that fuel growth.

Flexible onboarding; flexible offboarding

We can scale up your dedicated software development team or dial it back as needed so you’re able to pivot quickly and address emerging needs.


Our engineers are at home in startup environments and know how to adapt when presented with changes in schedule, shifting priorities, and high-stress situations.

Support all along the way

Even post-release, we’ll be there for you when you gain momentum and your needs evolve. Our goal is to help you reach the top — and stay there.

How it works


Set the stage for continued growth

We provide you with the vision, strategy, and roadmap for creating powerful, tailored products that keep pace with your industry’s unique opportunities and challenges.


Build out your team

We vet candidates from our own ranks and then present "just right" specialists — those who have the perfect skills and are best equipped to seamlessly integrate with your in-house team and add value to both your product and your company as a whole.


Transform your ideas into reality

With all the latest tools at their disposal, our experts build agile, durable solutions; then test them thoroughly. When it's the time to beef up your Vention team, we work with you again to find the right additions.

Dedicated development teams FAQs

Got questions about our dedicated teams model? Chances are other business leaders have asked us the same ones, so read on.

What's the minimum team size and contract length?

Our minimum engagement requires two full-time engineers working (40 hours/week) for at least four months.

Will we have enough overlap if we're working across time zones?

The average time overlap is four hours. We use tried-and-tested agile product development practices, hold regular meetings, and allocate time efficiently in order to deliver high-quality solutions without creep in cost or scope.

Are there any additional fees beyond the established hourly rates?

No. Our clients don't pay for taxes, office space and supplies, equipment, or any other operational expenses.

What is the average length of a customer engagement?

Our average client engagement spans over 2.5 years; 40 percent of our clients stay with us for over five years.

Do Vention engineers have good communication skills?

All of our engineers are fluent in English. You'll collaborate easily with each member of our team directly through video calls and chats. They're such skilled communicators and team players that you'll likely find that they form productive bonds with your team members in no time.

Services we offer

Backed by nearly 20 years of experience building custom software, we deliver and scale transformative solutions that address your biggest challenges and drive value with speed and security.

UX/UI design

Data + design: When businesses equally invest in both, they are well on their way to exceeding their customers' expectations. Vention's dedicated teams help by diving deep into product and business requirements and translating them into interfaces that are intuitive yet highly functional.

Custom software development

Our dedicated software development teams collaborate with you to create competitive, technically flawless software products that deliver increased value for all stakeholders across the entire value chain.

QA services

Our QA teams perform end-to-end testing across a broad set of technologies to help you meet project timelines quickly without sacrificing quality.

Modernization and migration

Our dedicated development teams transform your legacy software to become more agile and efficient as well as resilient in the digital age.

Maintenance services

As you expand your business’s reach, you need to continually enhance your solution. We offer a range of maintenance services to ensure that your product evolves to meet your needs (and those of your customers) and thrives in the ever-changing market landscape.

Cloud product development

Backed by expert knowledge in all market-leading cloud platforms, our team modernizes your IT estate so you can achieve faster time-to-market and drive revenue growth while reducing risk and cost.

Assemble a dedicated team that delivers


Software developers

  • Web (frontend development, backend development)
  • Mobile (iOS, Android, cross-platform)

QA engineers

  • Manual QA
  • Test automation
  • Mobile and web testing
  • Cross-platform testing
  • Security and compliance QA

Management team

  • Tech leads
  • Team leads
  • Solution architects
  • Product owners
  • Project managers

UI/UX designers

  • Graphic design
  • Web, mobile, and desktop design

Salesforce specialists

  • Developers
  • Admins
  • Consultants
  • Architects

Technology experts

  • AI
  • ML
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain
  • IoT

Technologies and frameworks we use

From the get-go, we identify what product development expertise you need in the short term as well as what will serve you best in the long term. This critical information helps you prepare for and drive growth.


ReactNodeNextAngularReact NativeEmberVue




AWSAzureKubernetesGoogle CloudOracle CloudServerless


iOSReact NativeXamarinAndroidPWAFlutter






NumPy, Open NLPGoogle CloudAutoML VisionAzure Cognitive Services

Big data and data science

HadoopCassandraPandasApache SparkMatplotlibCaretKafka





3rd party integration

Multimedia APIsSocial mediaBooking APIsGoogle MapsPayment gateways


All major Salesforce Clouds and productsLightning PlatformApexAppExchangePardot
View all

Why rely on Vention?

A world of talent at your fingertips

  • 3,000 experienced engineers on tap
  • 23 offices across the globe
  • Software development centers in the world’s foremost IT destinations

Best-in-class expertise

  • 71% of our developers are senior engineers and team leads
  • Fluency in 30+ business verticals — including healthcare, ecommerce, fintech, and real estate
  • A commitment to ongoing training and development among our ranks

Exceptional flexibility

  • Seamless integration with your workflow
  • 2 weeks from contact to kick-off
  • Zero operational overhead

A proven track record

  • 500+ startups and digital enterprises served to date
  • $13B in client acquisitions
  • 21 IPOs to date
  • Freshly, Convene, and ClassPass are among our top startup clients

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