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We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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What we do
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Big data consulting services

As a competitive asset, data is key to differentiating your company from the rest of the pack. Our big data consulting and engineering services can help your company improve decision-making, accelerate innovation, enhance the customer experience, and drive operational efficiency.

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Big data: What it is and why you need it

The amount of customer and operational data generated by businesses grows by the day, but few companies know how to harness it to improve operations and profits.

Sophisticated analytics open the door to a whole new world of possibilities, fueling faster and better forecasting and planning, with the end result of better market performance.

Here are just a few key features of big data that companies need to keep in mind:


Five quintillion bytes of data are created every day around the world — that’s a million trillion bytes or 1 x 1018. The sheer volume of data demands specialized processing techniques in order to yield actionable insights.


Big data analytics can be produced through batch processing, or via real-time (seconds) or near real-time (minutes) processing. The faster big data analysis is generated, the more robust the processing approach needs to be.


When you have more sources of data, they’re more likely to be in different formats, including traditional documents and databases, semi-structured and unstructured data from social media, and data from IoT devices and GPS.

Our data engineering services

Our state-of-the-art services encompass every aspect of data engineering implementation so we can power company-wide business transformations.

Robust data pipelines

Have your data gathered, processed, cleaned, and transformed into efficient data lakes for automated, streamlined business analysis.

Third-party system integrations

Migrate your existing data and integrate it with third-party systems so that your big data solution is powerful, comprehensive, and orderly.

Efficient data storage

Organize and store massive amounts of data within architecturally sound databases that optimize data space usage, processing times, and security.

BI tools and visualization

Convert your data from numbers into user-friendly graphs, maps, and charts.

Our big data capabilities

Backed by our cutting-edge big data services, you can make the most of advanced big data analytics in order to fine-tune your offerings, create new sources of revenue, and grow sustainably.


Big data consulting

Vention helps you pinpoint which tools best fit your company and how you should leverage them to your advantage

Big data analytics

Our team integrates analytics and data science into your solutions, creating personalized real-time dashboards that make managing business insights easier.

Big data development

Our dedicated approach leads to tailored user-centric solutions that are focused on enriching, measuring, and visualizing insights obtained from billions of interactions — all with regulatory and security concerns top-of-mind.

Data integration

We help you sift through chaotic information to combine all crucial data into one comprehensive and flexible structure, while unifying and preparing it for further processing and analysis.

IoT data analysis

Our team builds IoT solutions that combine data from myriad modules, sensors, and devices with assets from other sources. Then we help you connect the dots and zero in on the optimal data solutions.

Big data-powered machine learning

We combine AI, data mining, predictive data analytics, statistics, and business intelligence techniques to dramatically improve the efficiency of your machine learning software.

Bolster your existing big data solutions

Has your business grown to the point that you need extra hands to expand and maintain your big data systems? We’ve got you covered.

Team augmentation

Our dedicated teams of data engineers are handpicked to expand your big data capabilities and maximize operational efficiency.

Tweaking existing solutions

While we excel at crafting systems from the ground up, count us in when your solution demands fixes or new features.

Continuous enhancement and maintenance

Our teams establish maintenance schedules that reduce your system’s downtime, improve overall stability, and ensure long term savings.

Why work with Vention?

We hire top-talent

  • Dedicated teams with an analytical mindset
  • 30+ big data engineers
  • 100+ successful big data engineering projects

We understand your expectations

  • Client-centered development approach
  • Agile methodologies
  • Alignment with organizational, cultural, and technical values

We value your time

  • Two weeks from intro call to kick-off
  • Fast and effective scaling
  • 30% less time to market

Need a data wiz — or five?

Our data engineering solutions unlock actionable insights.

Common risks and challenges in big data

Infrastructure costs

It’s commonly thought that big data services are cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses. While it’s true that processing, storing, and analyzing big data all require resources, those costs can be estimated with a preliminary infrastructure analysis and then mitigated by optimizing processing pipelines.


Incorrect algorithms. Unreliable data processing. Misguided conversion of insights. These are just some of the many factors that can affect the performance of big data solutions. We craft custom plans that start with choosing a proven tech stack and assessing a solution’s feasibility so your project is free from performance issues.

Data quality

To ensure data’s reliability, our domain experts take an iterative approach to data cleansing, analysis, visualization, and review.

Data access and security concerns

Whether you need to secure signed NDAs, design a data encryption strategy, or stay aligned with internal and external security policies and requirements, we rely on security best practices to protect your data’s integrity.

Non-distributed algorithms

AI and big data pair well together since AI-powered apps can leverage vast amounts of data to constantly and autonomously update themselves. Our big data experts review early requirements and provide technical feedback to ensure AI and big data work efficiently, hand in hand.

Transforming big data into industry success


  • Data available in real-time via enterprise integration pipelines
  • Updated, consistent business report generation fueled by continuous data growth
  • Scalable software and storage solutions that fit growing data needs


  • Validation of creative insights through data
  • Better management of increased workload and number of clients
  • Scalable real-time processes


  • Reduced risk in data processing
  • Near limitless volume of data for analysis
  • Business integrations unrestrained by technology


  • Data storage of medical conditions
  • Personalized care for patients
  • Operational cost savings

Technologies we use

Big data tools








MS SQL Server



MS Azure SQL


Data science and machine learning tools

R, RStudio





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