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Services for startups

Startups often need to shift directions or scale up on a dime, which means they need built-in flexibility and partners who can work in lockstep with them, even as conditions change. Vention offers just that kind of partnership: You can rely on us for a deep understanding of what technical solutions you need at what stage, plus engineering teams that are just as ambitious as you are.

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Our IT services for startups


CTO as a Service

Hiring in-house technical leadership is a slow process, and sometimes you need guidance before you’re ready to hire a full-time CTO.

That’s the perfect time to tap our CTO for support for everything from choosing a tech stack to planning your next steps.


MVP development

With swift iterations, comprehensive testing, and our signature focus on scalability, Vention engineers efficiently navigate every stage of MVP development, from initial concept to a high-performing, market-ready product.

IT solutions for every domain


Vention engineering teams design robust fintech solutions that streamline financial operations and engage users. Our secure transaction solutions, AI-driven analytics, and digital wallet capabilities allow financial startups to drive innovation and fuel growth they can bank on.


Our expertise lies in fusing technology and education to create transformative learning experiences. From interactive platforms that foster an engaging, digital-first environment to gamification tools, our ed tech software puts the needs of learners and educators front and center.

Marketing and advertising

With big data and AI, Vention IT developers equip marketing and advertising startups with the tools for success. We offer personalized automation platforms that amplify customer engagement and drive game-changing campaigns — all designed to optimize your startup’s brand, performance, and reach.

We engineer startup success

With access to 3,000+ engineers and decades of industry expertise, Vention teams have lifted companies including ClassPass and Dialogue through growth stages, IPOs, and high-profile acquisitions and achievements.

$600Kaverage client savings per year
$15B+raised in client acquisitions
20+client IPOs
10+client unicorns

Recognized among the best, by the best

Inc 5000Inc 5000Inc 5000
IT WorldIT WorldIT World
The StevieThe StevieThe Stevie

Our partnership models


Staff augmentation

We’ll identify and equip you with seasoned engineers ideally suited to your project, ready to work in sync with your in-house squad, using shared tools and methodologies.

Ideal for:

  • Reinforcing operations without burning unnecessary resources
  • Critical projects that demand impeccable outcomes within tight deadlines and budgets
  • Flawless integration with your existing team and work ethos

Dedicated teams

Our dedicated engineering teams collaborate seamlessly with you to boost time-to-market, innovate more efficiently, and ensure a sustainable competitive advantage in the ever-evolving landscape. On budget, on time, on point.

Ideal for:

  • Ongoing projects with potential for future growth and expansion
  • Quick access to a wide range of skill sets and technical specializations
  • When local recruitment becomes too time-consuming and costly

Our commitment to security

We develop solutions quickly, without sacrificing quality or security. Vention solutions always prioritize compliance with country- or industry-specific regulations, emphasizing continuous improvement and optimization.

We’ll ensure your product — like our partnerships, which last an average of 36 months — is designed for long-term resilience, security, and results.

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At Vention, our success in IT development is a reflection of our long-lasting partnerships. See what our clients are saying on Clutch about the work we’ve done together.

Geoffrey Teale
Geoffrey Teale
Head of Developer Experience at Upvest

“The most impressive thing is the way we work together. Vention engineers are fully integrated within Upvest and contribute to many aspects of our product. 

Vention engineers have challenged ideas and demonstrated a product mindset. Not only have they executed the tasks given, but they've also shown an understanding of the product's impact and developed the functionality taking into account the domain requirements and user experience.”

Tommy Mei
Tommy Mei
CTO at PhoneWagon

“Revenue continues to grow, and we’ve been able to deliver features that customers ask for. 

We’re happy working with Vention . . . without them, we’d probably be paying double for the resources. Their training and experience was great. Using their network, Vention was able to find someone who knew Java and could work in Clojure. So they had a pool of resources to recruit specifically for our needs.”

Jon Wade
Jon Wade
CTO at Union 54

“We were able to put our MVP into production within 3 months of inception and continue to issue new releases on a regular basis. 

This has allowed us to capture new clients on an ongoing basis. The breadth and depth of talent that Vention has on tap is impressive, account management is also excellent — if any issues arose, they were swiftly dealt with in a positive manner.”

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