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Health innovation, decoded

At Vention, innovation is in our DNA. We bring a wealth of expertise to help health organizations accelerate digital transformation, deliver breakthrough solutions, and shape the healthcare of tomorrow.

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How we can help

Our team operates at the intersection of business and technology to deliver healthtech solutions that help make the work of clinicians more effective and improve patient outcomes.

Your market strategy and target audience guide us every step of the way as we build tailored software that empowers your organization.

Better care and lower costs are the result.


By fusing our in-depth industry knowledge with more than 10 years of mobile dev expertise, we build mHealth apps that expand patient and clinician access.

That way, you can improve customer acquisition and loyalty, as well as increase revenue.


Our team builds state-of-the-art software for medical devices that aid in chronic disease management, image recognition, and treatment planning.


Vention empowers patients and caregivers with all-in-one telemedicine applications that personalize consumer experiences and reduce staff workload, as well as improve the quality of diagnostics and care.


EHR/EMR development

We build and implement custom EHR (Electronic Health Records) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) solutions that automate recordkeeping and provide medical staff with a holistic view of each patient’s history.

Transform healthcare with telehealth

Telehealth accounts for 41 percent of the healthcare sector and is expected to grow due to the increasing demand spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter if you’re talking about primary care visits or emergency triage: Telehealth solutions enable payers and providers to expand clinical access and increase patient engagement, not to mention reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary hospital stays.

Telehealth in nursing

Vention builds secure and user-friendly nursing care apps that enable doctors and patients to manage lab results, medication refills, and minor health conditions remotely.

Telehealth for physical therapy

Vention physical therapy applications allow practitioners to stay connected with patients after initial in-person visits. Tracking their treatment progress and arranging follow-up sessions becomes efficient and reliable.

Challenge conventional care

We go beyond predictable, cookie-cutter solutions. By leveraging promising nascent technologies, we help companies maximize their competitive advantage and increase ROI.

Digital therapeutics (DTx)

Our team creates feature-rich digital therapeutic products that drive better assessments and treatment decisions through specifically designed and clinically tested technologies.

HIPAA compliant app development

We offer HIPAA eligible healthcare app development services so you can efficiently address evolving regulatory and compliance requirements and meet client-specific security demands.

Internet of medical things

Vention IoMT solutions help providers and patients collaborate. With powerful connected devices, they can share and monitor data. Moreover, with IoMT solutions, hospitals and provider staff can manage their resources and daily tasks more efficiently.

Wearable health technologies

We develop robust mobile applications that can be synced with a range of wearable devices. These solutions help patients and their providers better track data on health conditions, physical activity, and diet.

Data science, big data, and analytics

We leverage advanced data science and analytics capabilities to provide instant and accurate clinical insights that enhance care. Our solutions also support in-depth retrospective analysis for clinical, business, and population health management.

Turn virtual reality into real-world success

Virtual health services across wellness, diagnosis, training, and specialized treatment deliver cutting-edge solutions that position you as an emerging industry leader, captivate users, and drive real business outcomes. We have deep experience building both pilot and full-scale VR products.

VR for medical education
VR for surgery training
VR for vision therapy
VR for exposure therapy
VR for anxiety treatment

The pulse of healthcare at Vention

Top-tier talent

  • Full-cycle software teams perfectly synced with you
  • 20 years’ expertise across web, mobile, and cloud
  • 71% of our developers are senior engineers and team leads

Mature processes

  • Solutions compliant with HL7, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS
  • 2 weeks from intro call to kick-off
  • 30% less time to market

A proven track record

  • Partnerships with aspiring healthcare startups and unicorns alike
  • 200 healthtech projects completed
  • $1B in funding raised by our healthcare clients

Our work



Dialogue, an online platform that provides healthcare services for staff members, partnered with Vention to develop a virtual clinic solution and automate patient management.
In partnership with Thirty Madison, a premier healthcare company, Vention created a full-blown web solution that connects users with licensed physicians and offers unique FDA-approved treatment plans.
Refilling prescriptions can be a tedious and time-consuming task, so UK-based Healthera partnered with Vention to create an app that enables patients to request, track, and manage prescriptions easily. Vention’s cross-functional engineering teams delivered a resilient and top-down solution, including a redesigned UX, that now serves 1,500 pharmaceutical partners.

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