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AR/VR development services

With so many industries enjoying such dramatic success with AR and VR, it’s easy to get excited about what’s possible. Now it’s up to you to imagine just how these technologies can bridge the physical and digital worlds — and on us to bring that vision to life.

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Bring your vision to life with our XR experts

Whether you’re looking to develop a custom VR game, create an AR-powered telehealth solution, build a training simulator, or take your sales to another level with an AR app, our team of AR/VR experts applies the latest technology to create immersive experiences that fuse the physical and digital worlds.

Augmented reality app development


Create interactive experiences for your customers with custom AR applications that enhance the real-world environment with digital content.

Virtual reality app development


Create interactive experiences for your customers with custom AR applications that enhance the real-world environment with digital content.

A holistic approach to AR/VR

Share with us your ideas for augmented, immersive, and 360° applications and we’ll create engaging, highly intuitive, and memorable experiences that transform the user experience.

Custom AR development

Vention delivers AR apps that skillfully overlay the user’s environment with 3D models and animation as well as with ultrahigh definition video.

Advanced VR software

As many companies in diverse industries are realizing, VR can enrich training, communication, customer service, and education. We offer a valuable combination of advanced technical knowledge and deep understanding of VR applications within various industries.

Mixed reality experiences

Leverage our expertise to combine AR and VR elements so digital and real world objects interconnect. Our developers know how to tap cloud-based computer processing, environmental data, and advanced input methods to create dazzling MR that revolutionizes exploration.

360-degree video

Our custom software can support omnidirectional video that immerses users in advanced, transformative experiences

3D rendering

Render photorealistic, interactive 3D content such as 360° panoramas, animation, and walkthroughs so they can be streamed directly to users’ devices in real time.

Dedicated teams

Handpicked Vention software developers bring just the right combination of skills and experience to your AR/VR project and collaborate seamlessly with your in-house engineers.

The frontier of AR and VR app development

The latest in software

Leveraging OpenCV, Vuforia, ARKit, Unity, Wikitude Augmented Reality, and other tools, we can develop core functionality or augment your AR/VR offering with elements that help you turn heads and build your business.

The big picture

We’ve all seen it again and again: AR and VR have disrupted entire industries, including education, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and construction, and real estate. As time goes on, AR and VR will become more common components of business operations.

Our clients say it best

Ramp Catalyst
John Payne
John Payne

CEO, Croquet

Our end client was highly satisfied with Vention Group’s work . . . We also evaluated Vention Group’s ability to use our tools and were impressed with their initiative to go beyond the minimum scope and deliver a functional project.
Moreover, Vention Group designed original avatars and a 3D world . . . Our end client also asked Vention Group about the possibility of customizing these designs later on.

Key points

Facilitate remote work
Generate revenue and save costs
Enhance performance
Present content in an engaging way
Provide new value

Unsure where to start with AR or VR?

Our engineers will take your project into the next dimension.

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

Cross-platform compatibility

Our developers build cross-platform virtual and augmented experiences that work seamlessly across devices — mobile phone, console, tablet, 3D glasses, headsets, and other wearables.

Location-based AR

Customized geoAR applications can provide users with relevant directional guidance based on GPS, accelerometer, and digital compass technologies.

Recognition-based applications

Real-world objects, intentional body movements, and ambient clues can all fuel personalized UX within AR and VR applications. Our developers know precisely when and how to push the boundaries.

Industry-specific AR and VR solutions



  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • In-store navigation
  • AR shop consultants
  • Product search and customization assistance

Education and training

  • Immersive learning
  • Distance learning
  • Inclusivity
  • Virtual onboarding


  • Doctor consultation
  • Augmented diagnosis
  • Surgery assistance
  • Training simulation

Real estate

  • 3D house tours
  • Home design and decorating apps
  • Creating architectural models


  • Design and engineering
  • Repair and diagnostics
  • Equipment installation
  • Safety training

Media and entertainment

  • Virtual theaters, museums, concerts
  • Gaming
  • VR events
  • Augmented journalism

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