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Boost your career, boost global innovation
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We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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What we do
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Augmented reality app development services

At Vention, we build the future. Our augmented reality apps deliver tangible business value at every step of your journey toward genuine innovation, offering engaging, highly intuitive, and memorable user experiences along the way.

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Our AR development services

Transform your core operations or fast-forward your customer engagement strategies with Vention's outstanding augmented reality apps.

Custom AR development

Vention delivers augmented reality apps that skillfully overlay the user’s environment with 3D models, animation, and ultrahigh definition video.

Mixed reality content

Leverage our AR expertise to interconnect digital and real-world objects. Our developers know how to tap cloud-based computer processing, environmental data, and advanced input methods to create appealing mixed-reality features that revolutionize the user experience.

3D rendering services

Generate photorealistic, interactive 3D virtual content such as animation, visual interventions, and walkthroughs so they can be streamed directly to users’ devices in real-time.

Cross-platform compatibility

Our developers build cross-platform augmented experiences that work seamlessly across devices: smartphones, tablets, and wearables such as 3D glasses and headsets.

Maintenance and support

We remain by your side post-launch, monitoring every technical aspect of your AR app to ensure continuous stability and up-to-date improvements.

Dedicated teams

Handpicked Vention software developers bring just the right blend of skills and experience to your AR project and collaborate seamlessly with your in-house engineers.

AR features your users will love

Pictures, objects, scenes, and panoramas: Our developers integrate new depictions of content with the real world. The result? Apps that amplify value for you and your users.

Recognition-based applications

Real-world object recognition, intentional body movements, image tracking, and ambient clues can all help to create a personalized UX within augmented reality apps.

Location-based AR

Customized geoAR applications provide users with relevant directional guidance and tracking based on GPS, accelerometer, and digital compass technologies.

E-commerce integration

Enhance your virtual store with product display and visualization functionality that increase sales and reduce return rates.

AR-powered game development

From gamification features to full-blown AR-based games, our dev teams brainstorm in tandem with our AR experts to craft industry-changing products.

Unlock the multi-dimensional value of AR software development

Don’t hold back: Imagine as much as you wish. We’ll work with you to bridge the digital and physical worlds and bring your vision to life.

Generate revenue and save costs

An often overlooked advantage of augmented reality technology is its capacity to automate workflows. By streamlining and facilitating processes such as training, prototyping, production, and maintenance, AR can boost your organization’s productivity and reduce operational costs.

Present unique content

Nothing can rival the effects of AR and its blending of the physical and digital worlds. A well-executed AR app opens up singular ways for customers to interact with products and services.

Facilitate remote work

AR applications are quickly becoming essential for onboarding and upskilling team members, regardless of their physical location.

Enhance brand performance

A well-developed augmented reality app can enchant users and position your company as a savvy, visionary leader.

How it works

Step-by-step, here’s what to expect of our labs during the development process.



Our engineers analyze your business and marketing demands to identify which AR approach is the best fit. This allows us to develop a detailed project roadmap and uncover critical features you might not have thought of.



With your augmented reality technology chosen, we proceed with planning the app’s overall design and user interface with a focus on intuitiveness and agility.



Your AR app goes through a series of iterations based on internal user feedback and data reports, with special attention given to tracking stability and performance.


Delivery and refinement

After multiple iterations and optimizations, your AR app’s v1.0 is ready to go live. But that doesn’t mean our work is done: We’ll be by your side to monitor, fix, and update your app as technology and your business needs evolve.

Industry-specific AR solutions

As many companies in diverse industries are realizing, AR can enrich training, communication, customer service, and education. We offer a valuable combination of advanced technical knowledge and deep understanding of AR applications within various industries.



  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • In-store navigation
  • Shopping assistants
  • Product search and customization assistance

Education and training

  • Immersive learning
  • Distance learning
  • Inclusivity
  • Augmented onboarding


  • Doctor consultations
  • Augmented diagnosis
  • Surgery assistance
  • Training simulation

Real estate

  • Augmented house tours
  • Home design and interior design
  • Architectural model creation


  • Design and engineering
  • Repair and diagnostics
  • Equipment installation
  • Safety training

Media and entertainment

  • Augmented theaters, museums, concerts
  • Gaming
  • AR events
  • Augmented journalism

Our tried and tested tech stack

Leveraging OpenCV, Vuforia, ARKit, Unity, Wikitude Augmented Reality, Microsoft Hololens, and other tools, we can develop core functionality or augment your AR offering with elements that turn heads and build your business.


Augment your team with our capabilities

Dedicated AR department
20+Years in software development
30+Business domains covered
Top-notch expertise in 3D modeling, image analysis, AI, and hardware integrations
20+Completed projects
An ISO 27001-certified company

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