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Our healthtech expertise
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We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Our healthtech expertise
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Healthcare software development

At Vention, we excel in delivering healthcare software development services that cover every aspect of medical practice. Our experienced team focuses on improving patient outcomes, providing remote care, and streamlining medical workflows.

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Security, compliance, high performance, and the uniqueness of every healthcare business are core to our work — and that adds up to meeting the needs of patients and healthcare professionals alike. 

Our healthcare software development services

We tackle diverse healthcare challenges by fusing medicine and cutting-edge technology. The result? Innovative solutions for healthcare that revolutionize patient care and make operations more efficient — and drive the entire healthcare industry forward.


Healthcare software development consulting

Our healthtech experts provide an array of technology consulting services that will prime your healthcare business for success. They include:

  • The creation of a project roadmap customized for the healthcare industry. Our healthcare delivery managers assist in identifying the ideal technology stack, defining project scope, and building technology solutions for healthcare, while our software engineers provide top-notch architectural recommendations for scaling your software and ensuring seamless and effortless third-party integrations.

  • Compliance guidance. We understand the paramount importance of compliance within the healthcare domain and help our healthcare clients adhere to stringent regulatory requirements, including PHIPA, HL7, HIPAA, GDPR, FDA/CE, EMA/DiGa. Our engineers leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies for robust data encryption, routine backups, and prevention of unauthorized access to patient data.


Custom healthcare software development

Every business is unique, but when you work with Vention, one thing stays the same: Our commitment to building software products that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

  • Our business analysts consider every detail of your planned custom healthcare product, while our engineers make your business idea a reality, matching even narrowly defined sets of requirements at every step. 

  • We specialize in the development of mHealth apps specifically designed for healthcare organizations. The apps we build underpin seamless workflows in healthcare organizations, on-time delivery of enhanced care, and effective management of electronic health records (EHR).


Healthcare data integration services

Vention’s engineers bolster your healthcare IT ecosystem by seamlessly integrating software with third-party applications. That overarching approach results in enhanced interoperability, and robust security, plus it paves the way for adoption of value-adding extensions in the future. 

Types of integrations we can assist with:

  • Telemedicine integrations

  • Payment system integrations

  • API integration

  • EHR integration

  • CRM system integrations

  • Integration of delivery and shipping solutions

  • Integration of tools for medical data analytics

  • POS software integration


Healthcare software modernization

The healthcare industry stands at a pivotal juncture, with one foot firmly in digitization and the other still stuck in legacy systems. We understand that tension and work to build software that sheds outdated conventions that can limit your growth and hobble patient care. 

Whether it's about elevating, extending, or completely reworking your software, our developers know how to balance innovation with security and reliability.

  • To enhance operational efficiency, we provide a robust improvement strategy that may include transition to the cloud, establishment of new cloud-based environments, and the implementation of containerized infrastructure with microservices.

  • To ensure that your legacy software meets all the modern healthcare demands, we will revitalize your outdated systems with the help of legacy software reengineering. Our approach focuses on preserving the valuable components of your legacy systems while incorporating advanced technologies and modern functionalities.

To fine-tune performance optimization, we provide healthcare software architecture redesign services, security, and compliance enhancement. 


Healthcare software evaluation

Whether you're looking to enrich your app with innovative features or require a comprehensive revamp of outdated, inefficient software, we've got you covered.

Following a detailed evaluation, we provide an extensive range of development services, including:

  • Integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, AR and VR, and blockchain in the healthcare sector

  • Technical support, UX/UI enhancements, bug resolution, and security patch implementation

  • Architectural redesign, code refactoring, and continuous optimization

Transformative healthcare solutions for everyone

Traditional healthcare organizations and innovative healthtech startups rely on Vention as a trusted partner: One that excels in digitizing the healthcare experience from every angle.

Healthtech startups and product companies

We nurture healthcare startups throughout their journey from Series A to IPO success and transform their brilliant ideas into reality.

Our developers have contributed to the success stories of renowned startups like Healthera, ClassPass, and Dialogue by offering expertise in diverse technologies. 

Hospitals and healthcare providers

For those on the frontlines of providing healthcare, alleviating administrative burdens is always top-of-mind.

Our engineers seamlessly integrate EMR/EHR as well as practice management software systems into healthcare organizations so workflows are streamlined and free up time for medical professionals to focus on the most important thing: patient care. 

Additionally, our cutting-edge VR and AR training solutions empower practitioners to constantly learn and upskill. Our engineers develop billing and coding software tailored for hospitals to accurately bill patients and insurance providers, and thus reduce revenue loss and increase financial efficiency.

We have experience in radiology software development for AI healthcare diagnostics company to manage, store, and share medical images, including X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, for better analysis  and collaboration.

Prominent healthcare providers including Mount Sinai and MedAmerica have also relied on us for digital transformation of their healthcare solutions. 

Laboratories and pharmacies

We help laboratories and pharmaceutical companies streamline everything from software product development to care delivery to patients.

Case in point: We built a game-changing app for Healthera, an online prescription service that works in tandem with the UK’s NHS so that patients can get refills quickly and easily.

Our comprehensive range of solutions, including document management, inventory control, financial tracking, reporting, and prescription management systems, seamlessly streamline critical and everyday tasks.

Vention’s security experts also conduct comprehensive audits on both hardware and software healthcare systems to proactively mitigate risks. Our aim is to safeguard your healthcare organization's data and operations and ensure full compliance with all relevant industry regulations and necessary standards; both you and your patients can have complete confidence in the security of sensitive data.

Telehealth providers

For companies aiming to provide remote patient care, Vention builds mobile health solutions such as telehealth nursing apps, rural telehealth software, and telemedicine platforms, so providers can successfully treat, manage, and prevent a host of illnesses, disorders, and conditions. 

Whether it’s physical therapy apps, patient monitoring solutions, primary care telehealth platforms, and digital therapeutics, we’ve got you covered. Our healthcare apps enable telehealthcare providers to optimize patient engagement, communications, team collaboration, and document management, streamlining their operations efficiently.

With groundbreaking telehealth solutions, our client Dialogue supports patients across 25,000+ organizations. Together, we have developed a virtual clinic that offers automated patient management and preliminary screening through a sophisticated chatbot.


Patient-centric solutions

We understand the value of keeping the needs of patients at the very center of treatment. That perspective ultimately makes it easier for healthcare organizations to empower their patients, too.

Mental health apps

We'll lead you through the process of developing user-friendly mental health apps that both engage users and empower them. Our team of UI/UX designers can craft an app that delivers in terms of user experience, our security experts ensure the app's security and HIPAA compliance, and our DevOps engineers enable seamless integration to the cloud across multiple platforms.

Patient engagement apps/portals

Patient engagement apps and portals enhance patient engagement, minimize the risks of errors and delays, improve communication between patients and doctors, and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.

Our developers customize each patient engagement portal to cater to individual needs. This involves integrating secure messaging features, telemedicine capabilities, and seamlessly connecting EHR systems with the app. Additionally, we offer mobile apps so patients can access their health information and communicate with their providers on the go.

Wellness apps

Wellness apps can be key to users’ overall well-being, whether they’re fitness enthusiasts or meditation practitioners.

Our client ClassPass relied on us to build a state-of-the-art membership app that is feature-rich and operates on both iOS and Android — from scratch. We also played a pivotal role in creating a venue portal and an admin panel that facilitate more efficient user and studio management.

Recognizing the pivotal role that nutrition plays in everyone's health, our client Juice+, a wellness company specializing in providing whole food-based nutrition through convenient capsules, also has first-hand experience with Vention developers: We assembled a dedicated team of 25 engineers to guide them through critical architectural decisions and development of new, mission-critical app features.

Digital clinic solutions

We offer innovative solutions that facilitate online connections among patients and healthcare specialists.

As a prime illustration, for Thirty Madison, a ground-breaking healthcare company focused on delivering specialized care for chronic ailments, we developed a comprehensive app that enables users to access licensed physicians who provide FDA-approved treatment plans. The remarkable success of this collaboration paved the way for the expansion of Thirty Madison's services to include migraine and acid reflux treatment.

Remote patient monitoring apps

If your goal is to develop a remote patient monitoring app, we're here to lend a hand. Our expertise lies in creating a comprehensive remote patient monitoring software that seamlessly blends virtual and traditional care through remote monitoring and real-time data solutions. We also integrate artificial intelligence into remote patient monitoring apps: IoT technology can capture critical data from medical devices.

Chronic illness management apps

Individuals with chronic illnesses can be limited in terms of their lifestyle, but advanced software solutions can mitigate those restrictions. Our chronic illness management solutions include e-consultations, medication reminders, diet management, preventive measures, and data that populates detailed reports for physicians.

Medication reminder apps

Aiming to build a pill reminder application? Our developers know just how to build and deliver feature-rich apps to help patients stay on track with their meds. We offer a range of options, from simple medication reminders with customizable notifications and flexible scheduling to more advanced reminders with features such as medication photos, dosage tracking, user or doctor notes, and integration with EHR systems.

Need to hire healthtech devs fast?

Our experts can kickstart your project within two weeks or less.

Our clients say it best

As a trusted healthcare software development company, we build powerful relationships with clients. Explore the feedback they've shared on Clutch.co.

Benjamin Maisano
Benjamin Maisano

CTO, Mount Sinai

“Vention has provided very talented engineers across web UI, mobile, backend APIs, and system designs to data integrations and beyond. Their staff integrated quickly and were dedicated to the internal teams throughout the relationship, acting as long-term partners in our strategic digital efforts.”

Jun Seki
Jun Seki

“Vention's work so far has contributed to an increase in conversion rates, retention rate, and the ability to capture wider markets. Their communication and collaboration skills were very effective. The team is always willing to accommodate to the client and extend their expertise.”

Aya Suzuki
Aya Suzuki

Co-founder and Head of Product and Experience, Aavia

“We initially brought in Vention to build a community forum within our app, where members can post questions about their health to other members and medical advisors. Since we were impressed by their output, we continued working with them to build out insights, health logging, onboarding, and revamping the Bluetooth protocol to our hardware device.”

Jeff Shek
Jeff Shek

VP of Engineering, HistoWiz

“As our business gradually expanded, we relied more heavily on their team of skilled contractors who consistently exceeded our expectations. … Their expertise and dedication were instrumental in achieving remarkable results. … The team that we have built here truly has been insanely impressive.”

Our cooperation models

Hiring an experienced developer can be a time-consuming and expensive process, taking several months for the entire recruitment, interview, and onboarding cycle. Whether you're in search of skilled developers to form a team from scratch or if you need to strengthen your existing team, we likely have just what you need.

Dedicated teams

Streamline the hiring process by assembling a team of experienced remote developers with the requisite healthcare expertise. This way, you can bypass the time-consuming traditional hiring approach and have a team up and running quickly.

Staff augmentation

Hiring devs with skills or technical expertise you don’t have in-house can round out an entire team, but rest assured that Vention devs bring exceptional soft skills to the table, too. When it comes to team augmentation, they seamlessly integrate into your existing team with English-language proficiency and the ability to collaborate across different time zones.

Project outsourcing

If you need speeding assistance in developing a healthcare project, our skilled engineers can jump in anytime and propel your custom medical software development project to completion.

Integration of cutting-edge technologies into healthcare

Our team is keeping pace with the latest technological advancements, ensuring that your healthcare project is competitive in the digital realm.


AI and Machine Learning

Our team uses advanced AI and ML algorithms on massive quantities of medical data to help you analyze complex health cases, forecast disease probability, anticipate patient outcomes, optimize resource management and tailor treatment accordingly. Smart algorithms can be used for:

  • Medical diagnostics 

  • Drug discovery

  • Patient monitoring

  • Personalized treatment

  • Healthcare management

  • Medical research

  • Mental health treatment


Virtual reality

We combine medicine with virtual and augmented reality to deliver interactive healthcare experiences, advanced diagnostic tools, comprehensive medical training, enhanced treatment options, medical education resources, and cutting-edge computer-assisted surgery solutions. It is used for:

  • Vision therapy

  • Exposure therapy (phobias, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and traumatic brain injury treatments. 

  • Treatment of anxiety disorders


IoMT and telemedicine

Our developers work with a wide range of wearables with IoMT sensors and connectivity, including fitness bands, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitoring cuffs, IoMT-enabled smart pills, and glucometers. Healthcare providers use Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and wearables technologies for:

  • Remote patient monitoring (healthcare data)

  • Medication intake tracking

  • Patient location and status

  • Hospital asset tracking

  • Athlete performance and recovery tracking



Vention develops innovative, blockchain-based solutions for the secure, unified and trustworthy health information exchange. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate all stakeholders involved in a patient's health decisions. Blockchain is a winning solution for:

  • Protection and management of healthcare data

  • Medicine supply chain management

  • Transfer of medical records

  • Data interoperability

  • Digitized recording and tracking

Why choose Vention engineers

Our engineers are not only skilled in coding and testing but also adept at collaborating: Teamwork is always the name of the game. Moreover, they come to every engagement with a deep understanding of the complex business and privacy challenges that healthcare organizations face.

Invaluable expertise

  • 500+ startups and businesses served to date

  • 20+ years of experience

  • Mount Sinai, Dialogue, and Thirty Madison are among our top clients

We attract the best

  • 71% of software developers are senior-level and team leads

  • Full-cycle software teams sync across time zones

  • All our engineers have English fluency

Operational savings

  • CVs within 48 hours or less

  • Contact to kickoff in two weeks or less 

  • Efficient operation with minimal overhead

  • Average annual client savings of $600,000

ISO 27001-certified
We stand at the forefront of safeguarding your data through internationally recognized security management practices. Partner with us for peace of mind in data confidentiality and integrity.

Security and regulatory compliance

When you choose our services, you're selecting a partner who understands complex domain-specific regulations and compliance standards. That gives you confidence in not just the transformative aspects of your solution, but also in its security.

Our team of highly skilled consultants and developers is well-versed in compliance requirements, including but not limited to HL7, HIPAA, GDPR, FDA/CE, EMA/DiGa.

Get to know our healthcare experts

Get to know our healthcare experts

Tiffanie Ho
Tiffanie Ho
Business development manager specializing in healthcare

“Our healthtech engineering teams have proven that they have the ability to evolve as the entire healthcare industry advances to become more technology-focused and consumer-centric. Our teams have assisted with early-stage disruptors and established global businesses alike. We have adopted an agile approach to help clients with their missions to transform the healthcare ecosystem.”

Eugene Kruglik
Eugene Kruglik
Healthtech delivery manager

“I work with a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in software development for healthcare. These solutions not only push the boundaries of innovation but also reshape the healthcare ecosystem. We aim to empower healthcare providers with tools that streamline workflows and enhance the capabilities of traditional healthcare organizations as well as innovative healthtech startups. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to better healthcare outcomes for all.”


Still have questions about our healthcare services? We’ve got answers

What measures do you take to ensure the secure storage of patient and medical data?

We design CI/CD processes so developers never have access to real patient data. We always prioritize compliance with HIPAA laws, guaranteeing the security and privacy of sensitive information.

What’s your approach to ensuring quality control in the software development for healthcare?

Our team of quality engineers ensures comprehensive test coverage: security, penetration, network, and hardware assessments. Furthermore, we stay up to date with the latest OWASP top 10 testing updates to identify any vulnerabilities.

Which factors affect healthcare software development costs?

Developing robust solutions requires significant time and effort, including transition to the cloud and integration of third-party solutions. The complexity of the solution directly impacts its cost. However, by entrusting us with your business idea, we can work together to initially establish the essential functionality of your solution so you gain insight into the subsequent steps of your medical software development journey.

Our work


Thirty Madison


Vention’s DevOps team teamed up with Thirty Madison, a healthcare company that aims to make treatment of chronic conditions easier, to help them build revolutionary virtual clinics. Now, users of Thirty Madison can easily connect with licensed physicians for their FDA-approved treatment plans.


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