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Custom software development, startup success stories, and insights into groundbreaking tech.

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How to choose an engine for VR: Unity vs UnrealBoth engines stand out as the go-to choices for VR development, but sometimes one is a better fit.Nov 10, 2022
#Data Science
How do chatbots work? Often with a little help from AIEver wondered how chatbots work and why it seems that everyone is using them? We answer these questions in our latest blog post.Mar 22, 2022
The future of travel techWhat the future will hold? In this article, CEO Dan Yates shares how the pandemic affected his company's technology choices — and his observations on how the travel industry has transformed.Jan 6, 2022
The inevitability of stock market data analyticsChance is an outdated concept when it comes to the stock market — particularly when data analytics solutions are robust.Apr 11, 2022
The pros and cons of the Unity game engineDespite its limitations, Unity is crucial for modern game development. Here's how great titles play on the engine's benefits to make the most out of it.Jun 14, 2022
Why big companies buy small companies and startupsHere are 5 main reasons (other than revenue) that big companies buy small companies.Jan 24, 2022
Virtual reality in gamingWith VR gaining widespread traction, it's kicking off a new generation of game development to meet the challenge — and an influx of new investor interest.Jan 5, 2023
The pros and cons of single page applications (SPAs)There are common major approaches to building web applications today – SPA and MPA. To choose the right type for your site – look at the benefits and pitfalls SPAs have today.May 10, 2022
The strategy behind fintech acquisitionsWhen a bank scoops up a startup, it’s likely aiming to gain the business of tech-savvy consumers.Jan 19, 2023
Fintech unicorns: Facts and figuresWhile unicorns might not be what they used to be and economic uncertainty caused a pullback in funding, the data still reflects some good news.Feb 8, 2023
Mobile game development with UnityEver played a mobile game on your smartphone or tablet? It's likely that it was built on Unity. Discover why and how to use the Unity cross-platform game engine when developing mobile games.Feb 10, 2022
AI and ML in the fight against climate change_00_hero
AI and ML in the fight against climate changeInnovators across sectors are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate progress in the fight against climate change. But it’s complicated.Jun 7, 2023
How to use neural networks in financial trading and analysisNeural networks make boosting trading strategies and conducting ongoing analysis way easier. Here are the details behind the magic of "the machine mind".Apr 27, 2022
Salesforce editions: Which license is right for your business?If you're considering a Salesforce license, how do you know which one will be the right one for your business?May 25, 2022
A glimpse into the future: Virtual reality for vision therapyVirtual reality for vision therapy is on the rise; explore opportunities of this technology and build better practice — more about it in the article.Dec 24, 2021
A strategic guide to game development outsourcingBringing in external artists and programmers can get your product on its feet and into the market ahead of the competition.Dec 7, 2022

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