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Mobile application testing

You know those days when nothing goes right? We’ll make sure your app never has one. Our mobile app testing services deliver robust usability, security, and quality.

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Our mobile app testing services

Be confident in the quality of your app with a comprehensive suite of mobile testing services, including test automation. Our teams conduct thorough evaluations so your app will perform just as intended.

Interruption testing

Life finds a way to get in the way of app performance. We’ll test your app’s response to everything from dead batteries to incoming calls, ensuring that it picks up right where it left off.

Connectivity testing

Our testing services prepare your app for every connectivity complication so that even weak WiFi won’t interfere with strong performance.

Compatibility testing

Meet your users where they are. Vention tests your app for seamless usability across devices, operating systems, and screens.

Compliance testing

Take over the world with your app — but do it by the book. We assess apps against official iOS and Android guidelines to ensure compliance before they launch.

Automated testing

What’s better than testing? Letting automation handle the bulk of it. Our teams launch best-in-breed test automation that reduces costs while reducing time and effort.

Performance testing

Scaling should never be a hurdle for your mobile app. Our load, stress, and soak tests ensure large amounts of data and a high volume of users won’t disrupt performance.

Testing done when and where you need it

Product quality assessment

Already started or finished mobile app development? We’ll dive in to evaluate your product’s stability, features, and bugs to understand what can still be improved — and how we can help make it happen.

Test reports

We compile a comprehensive report after every round of mobile application testing, giving you a 360-degree view of your app’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Why test with Vention?


We offer guidance on our entire suite of tests, tools, and the precise scope of work every step of the way.

Quality control

With comprehensive reporting and regular meetings, you’ll have full visibility into the mobile app testing process.

Dedicated teams

Our years of experience with mobile app testing have refined both our approach and the toolkit we rely on.


We test across platforms and devices so that you don’t have to wonder about your app’s performance and usability on the latest iPhone — or on the oldest.

Full toolkit

With a trial-and-error mindset and an arsenal of battle-tested tools, we’ll neutralize emerging issues, identify weak points and bottlenecks, and build test automations that boost efficiency.




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