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Development services for mature startups

Mature startups and unicorns face challenges unique to their growth. With Vention development services, preserve your culture and processes as you scale.

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Development services for mature startups

You’ve grown through ever-greater funding rounds. You’ve launched a product — or several. You’re planning expansions into new markets. Mature startups like yours have a lot to celebrate — and plenty of fresh challenges to face.

We can help. At Vention, we understand the nuances of your growth stage and offer bespoke software development and engineering services designed to help you thrive in this critical phase. From scaling operations to managing increasingly complex infrastructure demands, our engineers and consultants can help you preserve the nimble startup spirit that got your business to where it is today. Vention helps you do more than simply adapt to your growth: We’ll help you leverage it, providing you the tools, talent, and technical expertise to navigate your trajectory effectively and efficiently.

Mature startups face challenges unique to their growth stage

Startups are not for the faint of heart. With high risks and even higher rates of failure, launching something new requires ingenuity, experience, and expertise — and a little luck doesn’t hurt either. 

But the work isn’t done after you’ve found your footing as a business, not even after you’ve successfully launched your product. As you scale operations, the task of coordinating larger teams, expanding markets, and managing complex supply chains and technology architectures becomes crucial. What’s more, preserving the core culture that fueled your initial growth can be a challenge amidst rapid expansion. Infrastructure demands also escalate with increased business, posing the risk of outgrowing the technology that previously served you well.

Meanwhile, compliance with regulatory frameworks in new markets necessitates expert guidance. And as your customer base expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain personalized customer relationships and deliver high-quality service at scale. 

The road to success in the competitive market calls for continuous innovation and sustainable growth strategies.

That’s where we come in
01Vention engineering services provide solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's redesigning your infrastructure for enhanced capacity, ensuring regulatory compliance, or facilitating product diversification, we've got you covered.
02Vention offers highly competent professionals who blend seamlessly into your teams, fueling your projects without adding permanent overheads. Our software development services incorporate scalability from the ground up so you can grow without compromising quality.
03With Vention, the unique challenges of mature startups are transformed into opportunities for further advancement.

What we offer

Vention services are designed to be flexible and responsive to your specific needs. Whether it’s a sudden change in project scope or an urgent need for specialized skills, we adapt swiftly to ensure your growth trajectory remains unhindered. We see ourselves as more than just service providers: We’re your partners in growth.


Hire quickly without risk or hassle

Get candidate CVs within 48 hours and build a flexible team that fits your in-house culture.


Find the expertise you need

Outpace the competition with access to 3,000+ world-class engineers.


Make a team, not a transaction

Build solutions that take a long view. Our average engagement lasts 36 months.


Partner with tech titans

Leverage our industry partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Salesforce.


Stay focused on core business goals

We’ll handle the rest. Join a portfolio of clients we’ve helped scale through every growth stage, from MVP to IPO.

Our partnership models


Team augmentation

An engineering team of the right size — with the right skills — is critical to success in a competitive market. Our staff augmentation model reinforces your existing team with vetted, cross-functional specialists who will work alongside your in-house talent to build great products faster.

Ideal for:

  • Bolstering operations without adding unnecessary overhead
  • Time-sensitive projects that require flawless results on schedule and within budget
  • A seamless mesh with your in-house team and culture

Dedicated teams

Our dedicated teams help you launch services and products quickly, tap diverse expertise and points of view, and drive new growth — all while delivering cost savings and reducing time-to-market. Our dedicated teams are fully-autonomous units of engineers. They’ll remain by your side for the entire development lifecycle so you can continuously innovate and rapidly scale to meet market demand.

Ideal for:

  • Long-term projects that may expand and scale over time
  • Immediate access to diverse skill sets and engineering specialties
  • When hiring locally requires too much time and expense

Project-based delivery

Have a specific or auxiliary project in mind but lack the bandwidth to bring it to life? Looking to diversify product offerings but don’t have the teams to do it? We’ll cover every step of the development lifecycle, from roadmap to release and beyond, so that you can focus on mission-critical operations.

Ideal for:

  • When you’ve never worked with an external software vendor before
  • Product diversification that requires expertise beyond the scope of your in-house engineers
  • End-to-end development that allows your core team to stay focused on other priorities

We engineer client success

$600Kaverage client savings per year
$15B+raised in client acquisitions
20+client IPOs
10+client unicorns
Gabriel Michels
Gabriel Michels
Director of Engineering, Choco

“We were ramping up a new team and additionally needed quickly the support of more developers in specific functions like mobile and web. Our main criterion was speed.

We needed to staff up our teams quickly and were happy that Vention was just as fast in providing us with help without having to blow up our budget. We are impressed by the flexibility and the close collaboration we have had so far. Things can change rather quickly and Vention is a great sparring partner to have alongside a quick-growing, fast-paced business.”

Mary White
Mary White
Software Development Manager, Sungage Financial

“Sungage has been growing and the engineers that work for us from Vention have enabled us to quickly add the features we need to our product in order to achieve constant growth.

We have an amazing group of engineers from Vention working for us. They’re very knowledgeable and have an amazing work ethic. As we bring on new engineers, I’m committed to continuing using Vention due to the quality of work that our current engineers have demonstrated.”

Our capabilities

Product development

When it comes to software development for startups at your stage, success often hinges on diversified, flawless products. We build solutions quickly, on time and on budget, and rapidly test each iteration to ensure impeccable performance and ongoing optimization.

Strategy & roadmapping

Quality software solutions rely on sound development processes in addition to technical expertise. Our consultants leverage years of collective experience and tailor our processes to accommodate the specifications of your business and culture.

UX/UI design & redesign

Software solutions are often only as good as their UX: If users stumble while interacting with a product, then it’s not functioning optimally. That’s why we approach every project with a user-first mindset.

SaaS, desktop, & mobile product development

No matter the format or screen, our product development takes a holistic review to the entire development lifecycle — and offers you 360-degree transparency into our process.

QA & testing

Our dedicated QA teams rely on strategy to implement testing. From there, they report test results at every stage in order to improve the product’s performance.

Ongoing support

Our experts take the long view: Software development doesn’t stop as soon as the product launches. We regard monitoring, analysis, patching, and planning as our responsibility as your business evolves.

Our work

Fitness & wellness


We backed ClassPass from Series A to Series E and beyond, lifting the startup as it became not only an industry frontrunner and the world’s largest fitness network, but also the first unicorn of the decade to achieve a $1 billion valuation.

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