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What we do
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Legacy application modernization services

For more than two decades, we have been assisting our clients in adapting to an ever-evolving digital landscape. Our legacy application modernization services empower businesses to overcome the obstacles posed by outdated technology and aging systems. Vention engineers revamp legacy code and integrate modern technologies to keep our customers ahead of the pack.

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Why you need a legacy app modernization

To remain competitive, businesses have to stay current with the latest industry trends and advancements. The application modernization services market is projected to reach $32.8B by 2027, with a CAGR of 16.7 percent from 2022 ($15.2B) with cloud app migration having the highest growth rate. The BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) sector is expected to dominate the market share due to financial innovations prompting banks to modernize applications for faster transactions.

From the technical point of view:

From the business perspective:

Discover the advantages of legacy app modernization from both technical and business standpoints.

From the technical point of view:

  • modern tools and practices

  • improved performance 

  • enhanced security 

  • integration capabilities

  • operational efficiency 

  • adherence to industry standards

  • improved UX

  • flexibility and agility

  • minimized technical debt

From the business perspective:

  • enhanced competitiveness

  • improved customer experience

  • better adaptation to market trends

  • long-term cost savings

  • increased productivity 

  • better scalability

  • compliance with industry regulations

  • robust data analytics and reporting

  • partnership and integration opportunities

Our legacy software modernization services

Code refactoring

Code refactoring is essential to enhance the quality of legacy code, eliminate technical debt, and align the application with current coding standards. Our software developers help clients improve code readability, maintainability, and efficiency so that their software remains adaptable to future changes and updates.

Typically, refactoring involves altering the backend and frontend components (API structure) while keeping the UI/UX functionalities unchanged — and bug-free.

App modernization consulting

We engage our app modernization consultants to provide expert guidance in evaluating, strategizing, and planning the transformation of your current software systems. Our experienced consultants analyze the current state of a legacy application, evaluate your business goals, and provide recommendations for a comprehensive legacy software modernization strategy.

This service helps organizations make informed decisions about the most suitable approaches and technologies for their unique goals and end expectations.

Cloud migration

Move your existing legacy applications and data from on-premises infrastructure to cloud or hybrid-cloud environments and take full advantage of the cloud — from improved accessibility to streamlined operations. As a result, it reduces infrastructure expenses, expedites time to market, enhances responsiveness, boosts scalability, and improves accessibility.

Rearchitecting and reengineering

Our skilled engineers can revamp your application's architecture to align with present requirements and harness cutting-edge technologies. This comprehensive process encompasses transitioning from monolithic to microservices architecture, optimizing scalability, and enhancing overall system performance.

In today's market, clients gain maximum value from service-oriented architectures (SOA), microservices, and serverless implementations. By modernizing your infrastructure, we foster agility and facilitate seamless communication across teams.

Rebuilding and replacing

When your current system fails to meet business requirements or when a more efficient and cost-effective solution exists, we can develop a new application or system from the ground up — or support the transition of your outdated legacy application to a new platform. This process may involve data migration and an easy transition from the old to new system.

Integration services for app modernization

The integration layer plays a vital role in connecting your applications. As a legacy software modernization company, our expertise extends to building APIs that enable seamless integration and expand capabilities, thus facilitating smooth interactions with other systems, databases, and third-party services.

Whether you need to incorporate AI, ML, SaaS solutions, or analytic tools, we are here to help you ensure smooth interoperability and data flow across different components of your application.

Who can we help with legacy app modernization?

Modernization of legacy systems is particularly relevant for businesses with long-standing market presence, including SMBs and enterprises. However, startups also benefit from modernizing their solutions to align with evolving customer expectations.

If you're seeking scalability, growth, technological advancements, improved user experiences, data analytics, and valuable insights, then we're here to assist you. We understand the challenges you face and are ready to lend a hand.

Hear from our expert

Hear from our expert

Anna Sorokina
Senior Software Engineer

“Based on my experience, each application comes with its set of challenges and technical debt. Handling legacy systems can be particularly difficult due to unclear requirements, unreadable code, and the fear of making mistakes. However, beyond the surface of the code lies a unique history, potential, and opportunities for transformation. I enjoy untangling this complexity and making the application more efficient and intelligent.

The process of modernizing old apps involves multiple steps. Initially, we invest time in understanding the inner workings of the app and delving into the code to identify areas that need improvement. Once the problems are identified, the team creates a roadmap. A crucial aspect of this plan is ensuring that the app remains stable during the enhancement process.

Finally, the implementation phase sets everything in motion. Witnessing our efforts simplify processes for the company and users is the most rewarding part of the entire process.”

We serve every industry

Our experts work across various domains to enhance their digital capabilities. We understand your unique business needs and craft a personalized strategy for aligning legacy applications with your needs today.


Outdated technologies in legacy systems impede innovation, while legacy software modernization empowers fintech companies to embrace advancements such as cloud computing, APIs and container implementations, and microservices. 

Robust security measures are paramount for safeguarding sensitive financial data, and compliance with ever-evolving regulations is imperative in the highly regulated fintech landscape.

The upgrade of outdated software solutions in healthcare is essential as it opens the door to continuous innovation and adoption of AI, ML, and IoT technologies. 

We can migrate your on-premise legacy healthcare systems to the cloud, establish a connected ecosystem, and deploy data analytics to enhance the speed and quality of patient care.


With a fragmented code structure caused by numerous silos, there can be inadequate support for managing clients' housing needs. 

Our approach involves analyzing the existing infrastructure, identifying gaps, and implementing code upgrades to establish a robust environment that supports all your real estate applications.


We understand that Adtech platforms face stringent constraints.

At Vention, our engineering teams strike a balance between the demands of high-speed data processing and diverse information streams, filtering your data to guarantee precise targeting actions.


Meeting the needs of students, educators, and administrators is a must for edtech apps. Our goal is to modernize your legacy app to empower users with actionable insights and personalized support. 

We can also deploy advanced analytics to enhance efficiency and quality of education delivery.


We’ve been working with innovative consumer brands to help them architect their ecommerce platforms, so we know how to help companies enhance customer experiences and gain operational efficiencies. 

Our team of engineers will expertly decompose your ecommerce website, seamlessly rebuild it with microservices, and ensure a smooth transition without any loss.


For us, game development is not just entertainment; it is an art. 

Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest gaming technology trends and will enhance your solution with exceptional visuals, captivating redesigns, and innovative gameplay mechanics. This will guarantee that your game stands out among the competition.

Looking to stay ahead in the app market and upgrade your legacy?Our developers will navigate the path ahead with precision and expertise for you.
Embark on your modernization journey now

The tech stack we use for app modernization

Our team of experts can help companies identify ways they can use modern technologies to increase their competitive advantage. For app modernization, we use leading technology stacks:

Programming languages










Frameworks and libraries

Spring (Java)

Spring Boot (Java)

Django (Python)

Flask (Python)


Ruby On Rails (Ruby)




Cloud services



Google Cloud Platform

Database systems







CI/CD tools


GitLab CI/CD

GitHub Actions

DevOps tools






Automated testing




Cypress BrowserStack

APIs tools





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Why work with Vention

Our rich expertise in legacy app modernization allows us to deliver top-notch solutions tailored to diverse industries — all within budget, time, and project scopes.

We are flexible

  • 2 weeks from contact to kickoff

  • CVs within 48 hours

  • Responsive models for engagement

  • Quick ramp up or down

We are experienced

  • 20+ years of experience

  • 3k+ world-class engineers

  • 30+ verticals and 25+ technologies

  • 500+ award-winning clients

We are transparent

  • Detailed updates on your solution

  • Agile methodologies

  • Automated time-tracking systems

  • Clear and open communication channels

We are recognized by the best

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Our approach to legacy app modernization

Any software modernization project at Vention is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of every client, delivered on time and within budget. We understand the importance of operational continuity, scalability, and cost-efficiency, which is why we take a collaborative approach in our engagements and always use:


We leverage automation to expedite and enhance the quality of application modernization, spanning the configuration and deployment of cloud-native services to automating legacy apps. Streamline workflows, boost efficiency and productivity, and keep your team focused on core business goals.

Code refactoring

Our team also employs code refactoring — the process of restructuring existing spaghetti code without changing its external behavior.

Included in our legacy app modernization services, refactoring can streamline the process of maintaining an up-to-date codebase by enhancing readability and aligning the code with best practices. This, in turn, facilitates the seamless integration of new technologies and upgrades. We also provide guidance on how to make code both maintainable and extensible.

DevOps approach to IT transformation

We use a DevOps approach to IT transformation, combining development and operations teams into a single, automated process. This allows us to rapidly deliver software solutions that meet user requirements with minimal disruption or downtime.


Our DevOps engineers work with containerization to ensure that our deployments are scalable, secure, and reliable. Containers provide an isolated environment for application components and allow us to quickly deploy applications anywhere with consistency and reliability.

We can also easily migrate applications from one host environment to another without any downtime or disruption. We take advantage of automation, continuous integration, and testing tools with the help of Kubernetes and Ansible to improve application performance.

Modern techniques and tools

We use modern techniques and tools to ensure that our IT transformation efforts are successful. This entails leveraging the capabilities of microservices architecture to achieve scalability, employing message brokers such as Kafka or RabbitMQ for smooth communication between components, and incorporating GraphQL for effective data querying and manipulation.

Agile methodology

We apply an agile methodology to ensure that our solutions meet needs and exceed expectations. With this approach, we can be sure that all stakeholders are on the same page when it comes to delivering value faster.

It allows all teams to gain greater clarity on what aspects of the system need modernization, thereby streamlining critical updates. What's more, it fosters a culture of continuous modernization, where improvements are consistently integrated into the workflow.


At Vention, we go beyond just modernizing your solutions; we cultivate strong and meaningful partnerships with our clients. Don't just take our word for it – check out the valuable feedback shared by our clients from Clutch.co.

Mario Behrendt
Mario Behrendt

Head of Engineering, Tails.com

“They deliver strong code quality, high test coverage, and brilliant architectural design. We did the project management ourselves, working directly with the engineers. All of them were strong communicators, always available, and reacted quickly to changes in scope and priorities.”

Geoffrey Teale
Geoffrey Teale

Head of Developer Experience, Upvest

“Together with Vention employees, we’ve built and are supporting 19 microservices. In our test environment, we’ve successfully onboarded more than 500,000 users. The most impressive thing is the way we work together. Vention engineers are fully integrated within Upvest and contribute to many aspects of our product.”

Martin Forest
Martin Forest

“They’ve been able to deliver well-coded working solutions fast. I’ve reviewed the code often, and it’s very well done… I appreciated the way in which the management team understood what we needed and their ability to put us in touch with the right engineer inside the organization. It was a shoe-in fit for us.”

Legacy app modernization FAQs

Have inquiries about our legacy application modernization services? 

Chances are other business leaders have asked us the same ones, so read on.

What are the key cost factors that impact the pricing of legacy app modernization services?

The cost of application modernization projects can vary, usually falling within the range of $40K to $150K or higher. The ultimate price is influenced by factors like the application's size and complexity, the team's required skill level, desired additional features, and the preferred completion timeframe. For a more accurate estimate, our experts are prepared to assist you within 24 hours.

When is the right time to modernize my legacy app?

Here are some situations where a legacy application modernization makes sense:

  • Your legacy system hinders business growth due to scalability constraints

  • It experiences slow performance or accumulates technical debt

  • Security risks can emerge due to outdated hardware or software leading to potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed

  • The technology is outdated and limits integration possibilities

  • Lack of maintenance support makes it challenging to address issues

  • The modernization aligns with your long-term business goals and strategy

Does Vention ensure that modernizing legacy applications won't result in operational downtime?

We adopt a systematic and agile approach to application modernization, prioritizing minimal disruption. Our comprehensive suite of services includes architecture assessment, design and code review, automated testing for improved quality assurance, DevOps support, and infrastructure optimization.

Moreover, our team of experienced professionals recognizes the significance of managing technical debt to ensure a seamless migration process with zero risks or disruptions. With our experience in cutting-edge technology stack and solutions, we can modernize your applications swiftly and cost-effectively.

Out with the old, in with Vention


Years of experience in software modernization


Happy clients and thousands of completed projects

Delivery on time, on budget, and on scope


Guidance on selecting stacks that reduce both initial and ongoing maintenance costs


Business industries served

Compliance with international regulations and security standards

Expertise in all stacks used today, as well as innovative techs such as AI, VR, IoT, and blockchain

An ISO 27001-certified company

Legacy application modernization services-01

Our work




StoneX, a leading provider of online trading services in the US, partnered with our team to modernize its IT system. Prioritizing innovation and digitization, our team of mobile engineers crafted native iOS and Android applications for StoneX's Forex.com brand. The impressive results led StoneX to extend our collaboration, tasking us with overhauling its web solution. The revamped system not only achieved high-speed functionality but also seamlessly handled up to 20 million inquiries on a daily basis.


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