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Serverless solutions

Leverage serverless architectures with AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud services for a solution that speeds delivery, revamps security, and automatically scales as you do.

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Get more with less

Looking to reduce maintenance costs so you can channel more resources into your product and marketing? Serverless solutions help trim your expenses, with pay-as-you-go billing models so you can invest in customer-facing functions that matter.

Save up to 70% with pay-per-use billing

No server maintenance

Faster time-to-market

More productive developers


The benefits of serverless solutions

At Vention, our specialized developers help implement serverless solutions that save your business time and money.


By paying only for the services you use, you can be sure your infrastructure always meets demand — at a reduced cost to your business.

Quick deployment and updates

With no need for backend configuration, Vention’s experts can deploy updates, patches, and new features quickly and seamlessly.

Improved geolocation and reduced latency

Don’t keep your users waiting. A serverless architecture delivers content more efficiently with minimized lag.

Zero administration

Focus on your targets, not your tech stack. With developers freed from allocating, managing, and provisioning infrastructure, you’ll increase the speed of application delivery.

Frameworks for every business

Serverless platforms offer unique benefits — and challenges. With expertise across frameworks, our developers will find the right fit for you: one that delivers from day one.

AWS Lambda

Amazon Web Services (AWS) boasts a mature serverless platform in AWS Lambda, offering a secure and resilient autoscaling architecture complete with ML-powered insights and data processing. We’ll leverage our expertise as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner to deliver you an awesome AWS framework.

Microsoft Azure

Looking for speed and security in your serverless framework? Microsoft Azure could be the answer. With continuous testing, deployment, and integration and robust data recovery systems, this framework is flexible, fast, and built to give you peace of mind.

Google Cloud Platform

A cost-effective serverless choice, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) works well if you’re already heavily invested in other Google services — or if you want to leverage Google’s repository of big data technology and seamless integrations.

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