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Custom software development, startup success stories, and insights into groundbreaking tech.

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Why big companies buy small companies and startupsHere are 5 main reasons (other than revenue) that big companies buy small companies.Jan 24, 2022
#Data Science
How do chatbots work? Often with a little help from AIEver wondered how chatbots work and why it seems that everyone is using them? We answer these questions in our latest blog post.Mar 22, 2022
The pros and cons of single page applications (SPAs)There are common major approaches to building web applications today – SPA and MPA. To choose the right type for your site – look at the benefits and pitfalls SPAs have today.May 10, 2022
How to choose the best tech stack for your startupStartups should consider scalability, maintenance, dev costs, and exit strategy when choosing a tech stack and look at examples of successful projects.May 13, 2022
Everything to know when choosing CRM for startupsIf you're just starting and doubting whether you need CRM software for your business or not, scroll no more and learn about all the intricacies of this tool.May 31, 2022
Benefits of cloud computing in financial servicesCloud computing in financial services is driving industry change faster than ever. It opens up the playing field, democratizes powerful solutions, and accelerates innovation in a positive feedback loop.Jun 7, 2022
The pros and cons of the Unity game engineDespite its limitations, Unity is crucial for modern game development. Here's how great titles play on the engine's benefits to make the most out of it.Jun 14, 2022
#Data Science#Fintech
Natural language processing in financeNatural language processing software is destined to be the most powerful new technology for the financial industry in decades.Jun 22, 2022
The Internet of Medical Things: A quick start guideFrom pacemakers to smart watches to MRI machines, healthtech is getting connected and delivering results.Jun 28, 2022
Why AWS is a good platform for startupsFor startups looking for room to grow, AWS fits the bill, plus it's cost-effective and equipped with features you can leverage as your needs evolve.Jul 1, 2022
#Healthtech#Data Science
How big data is transforming healthcareBig Data analytics have never been better at collecting and processing our vital signs. The industry's main challenge now, however, is to safeguard our privacy while supporting our health.Jul 14, 2022
How to write a software RFP that sets you up for successA well-crafted RFP takes time to produce, but it will help you think through your needs and process, narrow the field to the most qualified development vendors, and save valuable time in the end.Jul 19, 2022
How to choose the right CRM for your nonprofitDonor retention is always a challenge, so look for a CRM that can be integrated with social media, payment platforms, and peer-to-peer fundraising software.Jul 29, 2022
Investment in climate change technology spurs innovationEnvironmental crisis necessitates solutions on an industrial scale, and tech innovators are heeding the call with bold, sustainable, and profitable initiatives.Aug 12, 2022
Qualifications for fintech engineersBesides being outstanding coders, fintech devs must know the products, regulatory concerns, and security risks the financial world deals with every day.Aug 17, 2022
Femtech startups are transforming women's healthcareInnovative yet affordable solutions from groundbreaking companies help women navigate puberty to old age.Oct 13, 2022

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