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Verfacto: Monetizing customer data you didn’t know you had

Verfacto is a customer journey analytics tool that tracks user behavior patterns, allowing businesses to identify and act on what turns visitors into long-term buyers.



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increased stability with fewer resources

Project description

The ultimate goal of Verfacto, an advanced customer experience analytics platform, is to make data analytics work for a user — and not the other way round. By offering much more than just charts and graphs, the company helps businesses chart a winning marketing strategy through daily reports, real-time customer profiling, and AI-powered behavior predictions.

Though already successful in their field, Verfacto partnered with us to expand their solution’s functionality and maximize performance. Our major goal was to help the company handle millions of concurrent workflows more seamlessly and with less resources, which was possible thanks to leveraging the Cadence code platform.

What’s more, Vention engineers optimized data processing with the help of HyperLogLog to enable Verfacto to count unique users faster and in real time. Among the new capabilities introduced were also analyzing and aggregating customer-related data so online shops could improve customer segmentation and speed up the system’s response times.

Last but not least, we added reporting functionality based on aggregated data; this empowered Verfacto’s clients to quickly get visibility into what customer groups buy what and when — and adjust their strategic vision accordingly.

The result

Thanks to Vention’s deliverables, Verfacto is now able to ensure operational continuity during both planned and unexpected surges in demand — making sure their clients drive exponential increases in customer retention, revenue, and budget savings no matter the challenges their industries face.

Our next step? We plan to implement alerting and monitoring features that will allow for faster logging and incident management.


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