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DevOps consulting services

Vention’s decades of DevOps consulting expertise help you turn ambition into action and action into results. Transform the way your company operates and delivers with an agile mindset — and get results that take it to the next level.

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When is the right time for DevOps? Right now.

The one business constant is change. Tap into our expert DevOps consultancy to reap the benefits of continuous integration, development, and innovation.

Technical improvements

Scale up your DevOps strategy and put automated task execution to work for your operations. Enjoy faster, better task execution, a leaner software development cycle, and higher-quality deliverables.

Business boosts

We develop and deploy software in tandem, so your teams can better predict KPI shortfalls and course-correct accordingly — a notoriously difficult challenge with waterfall-like models.

Culture shifts

When your company’s departments depend on each other to do their jobs, it’s flourish or flounder. Our DevOps implementations unite teams and encourage adoption of your new agile environment across your entire staff, resulting in airtight collaboration between coworkers without the need for micromanagement.

Our DevOps consulting services


Our pro DevOps consultants collaborate with you to determine the DevOps strategy, roadmap, and services that will help you run your IT more efficiently and nimbly, with stable and predictable outcomes.


We take an uncompromising look at the resilience and maturity of your operations to identify key areas for improvement, paving the way for immediate gains and sustained growth.

Tooling and automation

Our DevOps engineers integrate the latest open-source and third-party tools and services across your entire workflow — including a DevOps CI/CD pipeline with one-click automation.

Process transformation

Our holistic DevOps consulting approach brings people, processes, and technologies together to drive organizational transformations that yield more intelligent and profitable operations.

Cross-functional collaboration

To ensure DevOps adoption across departments, we guide your teams through DevOps culture and best practices, demonstrating for stakeholders how to stay on course to achieve your collective goals.

Manage the change with DevOps

As a DevOps company ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits it can bestow. Some of the areas where our DevOps consulting services truly shine include:


IT operations strategies

Every beneficial change begins with great planning. We shape cloud roadmaps that foster the organizational agility and resiliency required to meet the challenges of ever-changing markets and consumer behaviors.

Release orchestration

From planning and development to continuous testing and deployment, our teams manage the entire lifecycle of projects, overseeing build releases while preserving a stable workflow.


We bake in security at every phase of software development and deployment to fortify your company against the most sophisticated security threats.

Infrastructure management

Our engineers check every nook and cranny of your legacy infrastructure to guarantee it’s stable, secure, and ready to receive the extra workload a DevOps environment generates.

Resource availability

We automate all DevOps-specific redundancies to maximize database uptime, minimize server disruption and let your teams work sweat-free.

Capacity management

DevOps ups your output post-implementation — meaning failed releases must be headed off before they happen. We ensure your services and infrastructure possess required capacity so they can perform at all times and under all conditions.

Talk to our DevOps consultants

As DevOps enthusiasts, we’re always ready to dive into your current workflow and lend our expertise to bring new dynamics to your business. Let our consultants show you how.

Our DevOps consulting services

In DevOps, we abide by an iterative workflow approach, faster adoption and response to changes, seamless testing automation, and the latest cloud tools and methods.

CI/CD pipeline

Our continuous integration practices merge code changes into the continuous testing and production environments, allowing for uninterrupted development and a higher software delivery rate.


Think about microservices as the building blocks for your success in the digital-first world. We build containerized apps that support auto-scaling and let you focus on growing your business without worrying about under-the-hood issues.


We use version control and continuous integration to automatically set up and configure infrastructure elements such as OS, host, and operational tasks, reducing the time you spend on repeated manual operations.

Code-embedded policies

Our DevOps consulting teams proactively track metrics and logs, monitoring how your infrastructure affects the end-user experience.

More than the sum of our parts

Strategic partnerships with software industry leaders mean more brain power is channeled toward solving our clients’ pain points. In fact, partnerships have produced some of our most innovative solutions to date.



Amazon’s cloud platform keeps you a step ahead with its 200+ services that include app integration, database management and monitoring, analytics, game tech, and blockchain.



Microsoft’s cloud platform is best suited for big enterprises looking to standardize operations across multiple languages and time zones (especially for those that already rely on other Microsoft products).


Google Cloud

Whether you’re modernizing infrastructure or developing a cloud-native app, Google Cloud helps you rapidly leverage the cloud, while adjusting to your growth plans, workloads, and systems.

Go beyond with Vention

Top-tier talent

  • CVs within 48 hours
  • 71% of our developers are senior engineers and team leads
  • Full-cycle software teams sync across time zones

Reduced overhead

  • 51% less expensive than onsite engineers
  • We cover office space and benefits expenses so you don’t have to
  • Save up to $500K/year

A proven track record

  • Dedicated DevOps consulting team
  • 500+ startups and digital enterprises served to date
  • Dialogue, Keeps, and ClassPass are among our top startup clients

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