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Boost your career, boost global innovation
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We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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What we do
Software development
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Hire React Native developers for your project

If you’re looking to hire React Native developers with proven experience to expand your existing team or build a fully functional mobile app from scratch, a partnership with our software engineers might be the answer.

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Active in React Native

Along with clean cross-platform code that runs on both Android and iOS, our team offers a range of React Native services that you can tap at any stage in your app’s development cycle.

Custom React Native development

Every business application is unique. Our job is to understand what makes it unique and sync with you to build a powerful custom cross-platform app from there. 

Migration services

Our software engineers can smoothly and seamlessly migrate your code to React Native to optimize the user experience across platforms.

Third-party integrations

If you need data storage solutions, analytic tools, or email software right inside your app, the Vention team can integrate a host of third-party tools and adapt them to meet your needs.

App consulting

Not sure if your app’s working as well as it could be? Our React Native consultants can audit your app, provide you with a report, fix any bugs, and update it to elevate both the user experience and your business results.

The power of React Native

Here’s what you can expect from the React framework

Do more with less

When only one set of code is written, your costs are cut in half and you’re twice as productive on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Go to market faster

With React Native on-air changes, you can submit to app stores faster. Even if your app requires constant updates, users won’t be affected. 

Benefit from an open source community

Since React Native’s inception, a community of tech talent has been hard at work, helping it mature and propelling it forward. That means React Native developers are highly qualified and always upping their game. 

Why innovative companies choose Vention

We are chosen and trusted by enterprises ranging from innovative startups to Fortune 500s. Our mobile clients know that with the cross-platform apps we build with React Native, they’ll see an expanded customer base and improved business outcomes.


Create and run your own team

  • A complete dedicated team two weeks or less
  • Adjust your team as needed within two days
  • Flexible options with cooperation models

Deep experience with React Native

  • 70+ React Native apps developed
  • 50+ senior React Native developers
  • 10+ years of experience in React Native

Education and development are our cornerstones

  • Long-term partnerships with universities
  • Regular and robust training opportunities
  • Knowledge-sharing meetups

Technologically advanced

  • Industry-leading quality assurance practices
  • Up-to-the-minute security, compliance, and risk management 
  • Workflow aligned with your tools, processes, and mindset

The hiring process

With Vention, the process of hiring React Native developers — some of the best in the business — is quick and smooth. In the US, it takes an average of six to eight months to hire a team of four developers. We can get a top-notch team working for you within two weeks or less. 

Imagine for a moment what that speed could do for getting your product to market — and what it could do for your bottom line.  

Here’s what to expect of the Vention hiring process:


Find the right fit

Our experienced team leads and senior React Native engineers carefully scan the CVs of our developers to hire; they’re laser-focused on each candidate’s practical experience as well as evidence of must-have soft skills, like workplace communication skills. 

We also look for experience in your industry. If you need a mobile app and you work in the fintech industry, for example, we’ll have devs ready who are intimate with both React and fintech.


Verify expertise

If a candidate has relevant experience in your industry, we conduct tests to confirm their practical expertise. If the candidate passes, our team leads and project managers interview them to confirm that they’re the right match for your company and its priorities. 


Schedule interviews

After completing internal tasks and interviews, it’s your turn to interview candidates we’ve identified as the best fit for your mobile app needs. If along the way you want to see more candidates with different qualifications, we can do that quickly, too.

Our cooperation models

Flexibility when it comes to cooperation models is a key advantage to working with Vention. You can hire a few developers to blast through a particular project or meet a critical deadline, hire a few to augment your existing team with particular skills, or bring on an entire specialized team — and then switch from one model to another as you scale.

Dedicated Team

If you need a dedicated team with highly specialized talent, but hiring local React Native engineers is too time-consuming and expensive, a team of our React Native engineers might be just the ticket.

Team augmentation

Have your own great team in place, but you need to infuse it with slightly different knowledge and experience? That’s where our React Native engineers can join forces with your team to build top-notch software.

Project-based cooperation

Sometimes clients need relatively short-term help on a particular mobile app. If that’s the case, our React Native engineers can build an app from scratch with an efficient “in and out” strategy that still results in a robust and competitive app for both Android and iOS systems.

Need React Native Developers?

Reach out and you’ll have CVs in your inbox in 24 hours or less.

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Our React Native expertise

Our React Native developers have up-to-date tools and technologies in their arsenal so your mobile app will be fully optimized before it’s launched.


JavaScriptObjective CTypeScriptSwift

React Native Developer Tools



ReduxReact NavigationReact CosmosRedux PersistReduxsauceApisauceRedux ToolkitReactotronRedux Sagareact-native-l18nNative Base


React Native Testing LibraryCodecovJest



Other Tools


Sample CV of a Vention React Native developer

Every Vention engineer is unique: They’ve followed different paths in terms of what companies and startups they’ve worked with (including unicorns) and industries they’ve been exposed to. Still, with each of our  React Native developers, you’ll tap a full suite of hard and soft skills.

Core competencies:

  • 7+ years of experience in React Native (Android and iOS platforms)
  • Involvement in the design and implementation of a variety of web and mobile applications in various domains
  • 5-7 React Native projects with startups
  • Extensive expertise in individual or team software development processes
  • Strong knowledge of a variety of technologies including JavaScript, ReactJS, React Native, Node.js, HTML, and CSS
  • A team player attitude 
  • Dedication, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask

FAQs: The Vention hiring process

Wondering just how the hiring of Vention React Native Developers unfolds? Read on.

Who does a typical React Native team include?

Our clients typically hire a React Native team that consists of three or four engineers, including a tech lead and one or two QA engineers. Sometimes the partnership demands an additional iOS or Android developer for extra support.

How do your React Native developers work remotely as part of a distributed team?

Our engineers aren’t just experts in software development — they’re experts when it comes to being highly productive across time zones. Find more details on how we work and explore best practices for onboarding remote devs.

Is it possible to change React Native developers in the middle of the project?

Yep! Our engineers can switch in and out as needed, within a couple of days and without you losing any time. That agility is baked into our processes.

How do I know I need a team of React Native developers?

Sometimes clients aren’t quite sure what expertise and technology they need. If that’s the case for you, you might take a look at our CTO as a Service offering. One of our CTOs can guide you so you land on the best strategy to move forward.

Our work



Together with Dialogue, a healthcare and wellness company that makes telemedicine and virtual care treatment accessible, we built an iOS app based on React Native so that patients can consult with their doctors on mobile devices.
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