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Hire cloud engineers

Unlocking the full value of the cloud requires more than technology; you need a partner who can plan your journey towards greater efficiency, sustainable innovation, and unprecedented performance.

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Take your business to new heights with the cloud

Cloud platforms are a must-have when it comes to enabling maximum business value. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure have all made cloud computing environments more stable than ever — with bonus points for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

For established enterprises and startups alike, identifying and unleashing the right cloud infrastructure is key to staying competitive, enabling new operational models, and increasing revenue.

But in inexperienced hands, implementing a new cloud-based application — or merely migrating an existing one — can quickly go sideways. Most companies require a team of specialized cloud professionals, and for that, look no further than Vention.

Two ways to harness the power of cloud

Cloud-native infrastructure

The best way to future-proof your system’s infrastructural backbone is to design your application for the cloud from the get-go. Cloud-native infrastructures such as containers and microservices are key to the structural flexibility you need.

Application migration

Once your company’s growth picks up steam, on-premises data centers can quickly become a bottleneck. Migrating your application to the cloud is paramount to ensure scalability, improve security, and reduce operational costs.

Benefits of cloud computing

Scale-up on the fly

Scalability and elasticity are the bedrock of cloud computing. When your business heats up, the cloud enables you to allocate resources in line with demand . . . and then dial them back as your load diminishes.

Save resources

Maintaining servers (and the physical space they require) is expensive. Cloud platforms reduce infrastructure costs while enabling your company to pay as you go — just for the services you use and the space you need.

Go to market faster

The cloud saves time because it makes managing infrastructure less burdensome. That means you can get your application to market faster.

Our services

Backed by a deep understanding of business and outstanding cloud expertise, we work with you to build value across every dimension of engineering — from modernizing cloud infrastructure to mobile development to API management.

Custom development

Our cloud engineers use microservices, containers, Kubernetes, and an array of APIs to create robust products that meet your specific business, industry, and security needs.

Cloud migration

We perform cloud migrations from monolithic, waterfall legacy applications so your system becomes faster and less expensive.

Support and maintenance

Even after your app is up and running, we’ll continuously perform updates and maintenance to fortify your system’s security and minimize downtime.

Platforms we support

Our cloud engineers have an expert understanding of the three leading cloud platforms, so they’re poised to create your ideal cloud solution.

Amazon Web Services

As the leader in the public cloud platform market, AWS provides the widest range of services across cloud deployment, management, and analytics. AWS is remarkably flexible and can be tailored for virtually any business.

Google Cloud

The Google Cloud platform taps into its parent company’s data leverage and open-source development tradition to help businesses capitalize on easy-to-use AI, advanced analytics, and baked-in security.

Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft Azure, you benefit from unlimited capabilities in app development, IoT, DevSecOps, and serverless computing — all with key financial and technical guidance from the platform itself.

Expand your talent ecosystem

For us, hiring the best and brightest developers is just the beginning. We foster a growth mindset and a culture of innovative thinking in our teams. The result: Our customers not only tap the most diverse skill sets but enjoy a nimble approach that stays in step with their emerging needs.



Our specialists analyze your current and future needs to design a flexible, user-centric cloud solution that makes the most of automation, analytics, and nascent technologies.


A cloud adoption roadmap, app design, analytics, management, and support, all delivered by our cloud architects. Rely on them to clear the shortest path to your implementation of cloud infrastructure.


Vention’s engineers are equal to any challenge you might face in your cloud journey, whether it’s scaling your infrastructure, designing an appealing frontend interface, or migrating databases.


Everything that can be improved should be improved — that’s the mantra of our DevOps engineers. They scrutinize every feature of your platform to identify opportunities across the value chain and deliver exactly what your users want and need.

How we work


Gathering requirements

First, our consultants explore the full scope of your needs. Then we plan a project roadmap and decide which cloud services can provide you with maximum value.



Once we have a full understanding of your requirements, we handpick cloud engineers best-suited to your particular project.


Building your solution

With planning done, we start developing your solution — complete with all identified features, third-party integrations, and security protocols in place.


Ensuring quality

Before releasing your cloud solution, our QA teams scour it for vulnerabilities and simulate real-world traffic and load to confirm that the solution is secure and stable.


Further scaling

Even after the solution goes live, count on us to further enhance your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud expertise



Cloud application development


Our dedicated teams have the knowledge and expertise to help your company seamlessly migrate its digital assets, resources, apps, services, and databases to the cloud — or create a new, robust cloud-based solution that solves your toughest business problems.

AWS cloud consulting: optimize your cloud platform


AWS offers the most extensive suite of tools and services available on the market. We don't say that lightly: As an Advanced Tier Partner in the AWS Partner Network, our advisory practice offers in-depth expertise in coordinating outstanding solutions built on AWS with consistent, high-performing results for our clients.

Azure cloud consulting


Azure offers the most extensive suite of cloud-enabled tools and services available on the market. We don’t say that lightly: As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our advisory practice provides in-depth expertise to coordinate and execute high-performing Azure solutions for our clients.

Google Cloud Platform consulting


We offer Google Cloud Platform (GCP) consulting services to help you optimize your cloud solution. Because we already have years of experience working in a wide variety of industries across the tech sector, our team can provide you with diverse expertise to inform your way forward with GCP.

Last updated: Jun 7, 2022

Benefits of cloud computing in financial services

Why Vention for cloud development

Top-tier talent

  • 71% of our developers are senior engineers and team leads
  • Expertise in solutions in 30+ verticals including healthcare, ecommerce, fintech, and real estate
  • Routine, robust training at all levels
  • Specialized certifications in Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud

Exceptional flexibility

  • Seamless integration with your workflow
  • 2 weeks from contact to kick-off
  • Zero operational overhead
  • Full-cycle software teams sync across time zones

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