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What we do
Software development
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Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
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Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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What we do
Software development
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Software development consulting services

Vention is a premier software development consulting company that helps you achieve exceptional business value through technology, boosting efficiency and amplifying your ROI — with speed, precision, and confidence.

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Software development consulting services

Software development consulting services we offer

If you are seeking software modernization or need help defining critical software requirements, our software engineering consultants can provide unparalleled guidance to align your application development with core business objectives.

Software development project discovery

In the discovery phase, we concentrate on strategic planning for the application development phase. Our proprietary approach includes outlining monetization strategies, thoroughly evaluating data storage options, assessing design specifications, and identifying your competitors.

This comprehensive process also entails thoroughly analyzing both business and technical needs, conducting risk assessments, planning third-party integrations, and formulating a software development roadmap.

Technology consulting and advisory

Vention provides expert guidance on selecting the right technology, including architecture and coding languages. We offer tech stack recommendations for both new solution development and revamping existing ones.

Our engineers also help you choose and implement cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, and VR/AR. As a result, you get a product foundation that is scalable, adaptable, and easy to maintain and integrate with third-party systems.

Software UI/UX design consulting

Our deep industry knowledge enables us to pinpoint crucial design elements that make user experiences impactful and relevant.

With decades of UI/UX experience under our belt, we begin with wireframes to establish a basic layout and then progress to interactive prototypes, which are key in streamlining development efforts and crafting interfaces that are unique and aligned with your brand.

Regulatory compliance consultancy

We have expertise in domain-specific regulations to make your software solutions secure and compliant with regulations in your region.

Our consultants specialize in various compliance standards across industries, including healthtech (HL7, HIPAA, GDPR, FDA/CE, and EMA/DiGa), fintech (CCAR, DFAST, PCI-DSS), edtech (FERPA, COPPA, WCAG), and ecommerce (GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, WCAG).

Secure software development advisory

Our approach to custom software development is rooted in a deep commitment to security. We craft a detailed and customized plan that embeds top-notch security practices into each phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

This comprehensive plan is more than a list of measures and rules; it's a roadmap offering specific insights and actionable strategies to effectively respond to the evolving threat landscape, continuously fortifying the security of your software.

Software quality assurance and control consulting

We collaborate with you to outline the scope, techniques, and resources crucial for your quality assurance process, creating a QA plan in sync with your project targets. Our software testing strategy provides a roadmap with planned steps, their execution timeline, and resource requirements.

Regardless of the industry, our team of QA experts is ready to help you adopt the highest quality assurance standards, refine documentation, and integrate quality smoothly into your development workflow.

Our deliverables

We provide a variety of consulting deliverables, each carefully customized to align with your project's distinct requirements:


Discovery phase

  • Project charter and vision, including risk assessment and mitigation

  • Detailed business requirements

  • Team composition suggestions based on the proposed tech stack and architecture

  • Project timeline and budget forecast


Technology consulting

  • Technology and architecture roadmap

  • Project technical description


Quality assurance

  • Quality assurance guidelines tailored to your project specifications

  • Detailed test plans with defined scope, objectives, and strategy

  • Automation testing scripts to ensure repeatable results

  • Regression and performance tests

  • Reports on current project status related to quality assurance activities



  • Persona building and user scenarios

  • Wireframing, UI screens, interactive prototypes



  • SDLC policy/strategy with security best practices for every stage


Vention goes beyond providing top-tier software development consulting services; we're committed to creating strong, lasting partnerships with our clients. To see the difference we make, take a look at the valuable feedback from our clients on Clutch.co.

Lee Tupper
Lee Tupper

CTO, Remotiv

“We were initially enamored with the design work on some projects we reviewed. They provided a thorough project proposal after reviewing our specifications and we were happy with the proposed tech stack, resource plan, and estimated cost for the project. We were very happy with the initial specification, the design prototypes, and the accuracy of time estimates on the sprints.”

Geoffrey Teale
Geoffrey Teale

Head of Developer Experience, Upvest

“The most impressive thing is the way we work together. Vention engineers are fully integrated within Upvest and contribute to many aspects of our product. Vention engineers have challenged ideas and demonstrated a product mindset. Not only have they executed the tasks given, but they've also shown an understanding of the product's impact and developed the functionality taking into account the domain requirements and user experience.”

“We hired Vention to provide us with engineering and consulting services…Vention has saved us time and money. The quality of their work has been fantastic, and they work together as a great team. Their organization is far better than the other organizations I’ve worked with before.”

Vention’s software development consulting turns challenges into opportunities

Boasting more than twenty years in the field, we’ve gained deep insights into the specific challenges faced by different business types, from startups and SMBs to large enterprises.


How we can help

Pre-launch challenges


Before embarking on your startup journey, it's natural to seek validation for your idea and reassurance that you're on the right path. Feeling uncertain about the technicalities of implementing your idea is also often part of the process.

How we can help

With our software development consultancy, you can pave the way for a thriving software business. Together, we will craft a plan tailored to your goals, outline and prioritize engineering efforts, suggest a suitable technology stack, and provide a prototype of your software product.

Modernization challenges


In the face of automation and digitization, enterprises grapple with system integration and scalability challenges. The crucial goal is to develop solutions that bolster operational efficiency and competitiveness, ensuring cost-efficiency and agility to keep up with the ever-evolving market.

How we can help

Our software development consultants thoroughly analyze your business goals to optimize and automate your processes. By utilizing our industry-specific professionals in fintech, healthtech, and edtech, you’ll benefit from their specialized knowledge and insights, ensuring your solutions meet market trends and consumer needs.

Advanced technology implementation challenges


With the rising demand for cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain, a common challenge is the need for specialized knowledge for effective deployment. This gap has fueled the need for software engineering consulting services vital for businesses aiming to harness innovation to reinvent their business.

How we can help

We will analyze your goals for implementing new technologies, ensuring they maximize value and minimize risk. Our approach covers tech stack refinement, strategic launch planning, and evaluating how these advanced technologies will affect your business.

Security challenges


The global rise in cloud computing, ecommerce, and social networking, coupled with escalating cyber threats, has increased the need for software security consulting services.   Major enterprises dealing with substantial data volumes are turning to software security solutions to manage, monitor, and safeguard their data effectively.

How we can help

Drawing on our expertise in comprehensive assessments, threat identification, and risk mitigation, our advisors offer valuable advice on tailoring your cybersecurity approach to align with your business goals.

Tech challenges slowing you down?Rely on our 20+ years of experience across pre-launch, modernization, implementation, and software security to find a winning software solution.
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Consulting services tailored to any needs

CTO as a service


Hiring an in-house chief technology typically takes more than six months. Our external CTO services provide immediate support to businesses in various growth phases, an optimal choice in scenarios where time and budget are limited.

Launching new products or starting new business lines often comes with challenging decisions.  We provide crucial advice, enabling you to navigate this journey rapidly and confidently, arming your company with agility, confidence, and a distinctive position in the market.

Some legacies are best left behind. Our experts will assess your infrastructure and codebase, crafting a bespoke improvement plan that ensures optimal ROI. We'll steer you toward the most effective modernization strategy, taking a holistic view of technology, architecture, functionality, cost, and risk factors.

Our team guides you in selecting the right cloud architectures and services that enhance development and innovation. Our team designs and implements robust and scalable cloud infrastructures, ensuring your apps transition smoothly to the cloud and maintain optimal performance with minimal disruption.

Our big data consulting services are designed to transform your decision-making process, catalyze innovation, enhance customer engagement, and boost operational efficiency. Vention assists in selecting the best-fit big data solutions, enabling your business to harness the power of real-time, data-driven decision-making for added value.

Our work



In just nine months, we helped Boomin, a real estate firm, bring their product to fruition. The collaboration covered the entire process, from business plan creation to web development. Post-launch, we continued our partnership with Boomin, dedicating over two years to further enhance the customer experience.

All cases


Why choose our software development consulting

Client-oriented approach

We cultivate deep connections with our clients, leading to software solutions that are not just advanced, but also incorporate client feedback and industry insights for a truly customized experience.

Comprehensive expertise

We have 3K+ experienced software developers and consultants with a deep knowledge of diverse programming languages and frameworks required to build software that pushes the boundaries of technology.

Recognition by the best in the industry

The industry’s most respected institutions, like Inc. 5000, IAOP 100, and the Financial Times, have named Vention among best-in-class companies for years. Still, we continue to routinely surpass growth targets and work hard to solidify our standing for delivering superior services.

ISO 27001 certification
Our ISO 27001 certification reflects our unwavering commitment to top-tier information security management. Trust in our proven framework to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Software development consulting for any industry

Our software developers, skilled in over 30 industry verticals and 25+ technologies, excel at building next-gen applications that enable greater differentiation and competitiveness in your industry. We’re well-versed in the following domains:



Real estate

AdTech and marketing



Game dev

Enterprise IT



Food and beverage

Transportation and logistics

Fitness and wellness

Retail and consumer


Our work approach

Transparency and clear communication

We believe in open and honest communication. This is why we provide regular updates through dashboards, video calls, emails, and other project management tools to ensure full transparency between our teams throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Flexible engagement models

One of the reasons for our success is our flexible engagement models, which allow us to work in line with your needs and budget. We offer IT staff augmentation, a dedicated development teams model, CTO as a Service, and project-based engagement.

Constant upskilling

Dedicated to ongoing learning, our experts keep pace with all the latest trends, including AI, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain technologies, to help you capture first-mover advantage and drive your industry forward.

Agile methodology

By implementing Agile methodology, we ensure our products are delivered both quickly and with high quality. We prioritize consistent feedback loops and actively involve our clients in decision-making, ensuring their perspectives are integrated at every stage.

Our technology stack

At Vention, we blend time-tested tools with revolutionary innovations to develop a robust technological infrastructure.

Frontend development





React Native



Backend development









Cloud development


Google Cloud


Oracle Cloud



Mobile: native and cross-platform



React Native




QA tools













NumPy, Open NLP

Azure Cognitive Services

Google Cloud AutoML Vision

IBM Watson


Data science


Apache Spark
















Third-party integrations

Multimedia APIs

Google Maps

Social media

Payment gateways

Booking APIs

Game dev technologies


Unreal Engine


Defold Engine

View all
Our partnerships
Through collaborations with the most influential companies in the tech industry, we equip you with cutting-edge solutions that enable you to operate at the pace of technological change and thrive in a time of unprecedented disruption.

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