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What we do
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Enterprise application integration services

Tired of playing hide-and-seek with your enterprise data? Vention is here to help you tackle enterprise application integration challenges and streamline core business operations by unlocking free data flows between applications. As a result, you eliminate data redundancies, enhance real-time decision-making capabilities, and ensure scalability and flexibility for future growth.

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What is enterprise application integration (EAI)?

In non-data-driven organizations, crucial enterprise data is often siloed across departments and scattered along the value chain, limiting its potential for facilitating ongoing improvement. This restricts the collective ability of departments to utilize the organization's full data potential effectively.

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is a set of processes, technologies, and services that enable different software applications within an organization to interact and share data. Along with real-time data access, EAI increases the efficiency of your operations, promotes informed decision-making, and maximizes the value of your current systems with no additional costs. Enhanced business agility is part of the package, too.

Our enterprise application integration services

Consulting and assessment

Our experts audit the existing IT landscape, business processes, and integration requirements to spot the gaps and challenges in the current system architecture and document integration requirements from various stakeholders.

EAI strategy and architecture design

Vention team identifies an optimal integration approach that considers your security requirements and existing limitations. Plus, we develop a roadmap for phased integration and select the right integration middleware to facilitate data exchange.

Data integration

We define the relationships between data elements in different systems to make sure they are harmonized during integration. Our developers also introduce measures to ensure the usability and reliability of integrated data.

Application integration

Our developers design and implement business workflows to bridge between your applications and systems. Using APIs as foundational building blocks, we help your applications communicate with each other and leave no room for disconnects.

Middleware configuration

Our development team implements message-oriented middleware for effective application communication and builds connectors and adapters for middleware connectivity if needed.

Security and compliance

From data encryption to granular access controls, our team puts the necessary security measures in place to ensure watertight security. As an ISO 27001-certified company, we also take care of your regulatory compliance requirements.

Advantages of enterprise application integration

Streamlined processes

Forget about data errors or workflow lags. Our enterprise application integration solutions streamline your organization by automating inefficiencies and ensuring continuous data exchange among key applications.

Resource optimization

Lift a load of manual data entry from your team, empowering them to concentrate on tasks that directly impact your company's growth and drive progress. Our EAI solutions optimize resource allocation, which, in turn, results in a stronger bottom line.

Strategic decision-making

Integrated data is the bedrock of sound decision-making. Our EAI services help you get a holistic view of your organization’s data and use it as a core enabler of your strategic priorities.

Real-time data sharing

Our enterprise application integration solutions democratize access to real-time data within your organization. This instant access to the latest data helps your teams internalize the vision and act in sync.

Scalability by design

We prioritize the scalability of your EAI solutions, enabling your systems to handle increasing volumes of data with no hiccups. Our EAI solutions also allow for easy integration of new applications.

Cross-functional collaboration

Our integrated systems are designed to streamline communication, facilitate knowledge sharing, and break down silos between departments, fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork within the organization.

Industry knowledge you can trust

By adeptly blending state-of-the-art innovation with the standards of your industry, we build enterprise application integration systems that enable enterprises to merge their disparate data into a comprehensive framework, which becomes the cornerstone for thorough analysis and targeted optimization.



We help your SCM, ERP, CRM, and other applications find a common language so you can efficiently oversee your manufacturing operations and maintain strong relationships with both suppliers and customers.


We integrate your marketing, POS, and ERP systems to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer. Integrated retail systems promote a unified shopping experience across channels and optimized supply chains.


Following standards like HL7, DICOM, and CPT, Vention helps healthcare providers build secure integrations between EHRs/EMRs, HIE systems, and other healthcare applications to facilitate seamless data sharing among departments and healthcare providers.

Finance and banking

Our EAI solutions merge core banking systems, CRMs, compliance tracking, and risk management applications to give you visibility into customer data, improve compliance, and unlock a broader view of operational performance.

Logistics and transportation

Our team enables 3PLs, 4PLs, and companies in rail and road transportation to refine their business management and facilitate asset monitoring by integrating order processing, inventory management, and shipping systems.


Rely on Vention’s EAI services to streamline teaching processes, enhance communication between students and educators, and facilitate educational administration. Our integration solutions also upgrade your course management and resource allocation.


Industry leaders leverage our enterprise application integration systems to deliver exceptional customer service and transform hotel operations. We integrate reservation, CRMs, and POS systems, helping you pave the way for standout guest experiences.

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The EAI architecture we employ

Point-to-Point (P2P)

Within the P2P approach, we establish direct links between each pair of applications that need to communicate. Vention developers made it possible through APIs, webhooks, or custom code.

  • Ideal for smaller systems with a limited number of applications.

  • Satisfies basic and uncomplicated integration requirements.

  • Facilitates an immediate and precise connection between two systems.

Hub-and-Spoke (middleware)

The middleware architecture introduces a central hub for integration, which acts as the primary distribution point for data across connected applications. This setup minimizes the complexity by reducing the total number of direct connections.

  • Offers better scalability compared to P2P.

  • Best for organizations with a growing number of systems.

  • Go-to integration approach for heavily  regulated industries with increased security risks.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

The ESB approach provides a centralized bus for applications to communicate, simplifying the integration of diverse systems and supporting data transformation.

  • Great for handling complex integrations among various systems.

  • Ensures message routing flexibility.

  • Best suited for comprehensive orchestration and integration functionalities.

Our enterprise application integration strategy


Requirements gathering and analysis

  • Clarification of the goals, objectives, and business metrics for your EAI strategy

  • Identification of processes, applications for integration, and data-sharing parameters

  • Requirements elicitation and determining the scope of integration


Integration planning

  • IT infrastructure audit to assess current capabilities

  • Identification of potential integration points and evaluation of compatibility requirements

  • Security and compliance requirement specification


Integration approach selection

  • Selection of an optimal integration tech stack and integration model based on your requirements

  • Choosing middleware, APIs, and message brokers for communication

  • Time and budget estimation for the project


Data integration execution

  • Development of a data integration strategy that outlines core ​​data management, data governance, and data architecture components

  • Specification of data formats, protocols, and exchange standards

  • Planning for data validation and transformation as needed

  • Implementation of necessary data security and compliance measures


EAI architecture design

  • Development of scalable EAI architecture for increased load handling

  • Performance optimization for reduced latency and efficient data transfer

  • Load balancing and resource scaling implementation for enhanced system scalability and performance


Deployment planning

  • Implementation of robust monitoring tools to help you get real-time insights into system performance

  • Alert system setup for immediate issue notifications

  • Establishing protocols for system management and troubleshooting


Testing and deployment

  • Introduction of thorough testing procedures for all integration aspects

  • Conducting unit, integration, and end-to-end testing

  • Pre and post-deployment issue identification and resolution

  • EAI tool deployment in the production environment

Optimal architectures, future-proof technical stacks

We're injecting your enterprise application integration system with a powerful mix of adaptable, scalable, and secure technologies. This means you can wave goodbye to costly overhauls down the road.


MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

IBM Integration Bus


Apache ServiceMix

Apache Kafka


Integration platforms



AWS App Runner

IBM App Connect


Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

Application programming interfaces



Java Message Service




Databases and connectors


MySQL Connector

Oracle JDBC Driver


Business process management platforms



Pega Platform



Oracle BPM Suite

Enterprise Application Integration Services_00_cta

Need help defining the right set of technologies for your integration project?

Types of enterprise integrations we perform

No matter the complexity, data source, or application architecture, our developers have the expertise and skills to deliver an integrated environment for your enterprise data.


Cloud integration

We build integrated cloud-enabled environments by connecting applications and data across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

  • API gateways development

  • Identity and access Management (IAM)

  • Cloud-based message queuing and brokers

  • Event-driven architectures

  • DevOps and CI/CD


IoT integration

We bridge the gap between your backend platforms and IoT applications to enable secure data transfer and open up opportunities for smart automation.

  • IoT gateway development

  • Integration middleware for IoT

  • Edge computing

  • IoT security and connectivity management


Microservices integration

Our developers break down your monolithic applications into a suite of independent services — with no added data complexity or operational overhead.

  • Service mesh creation

  • Message brokers development

  • Circuit breakers and resilience patterns

  • Distributed tracing

  • Gateway aggregation

  • CI/CD pipeline automation


Custom middleware development

Following your specific integration requirements, we develop tailored middleware solutions to glue your disparate software components and enable real-time connectivity.

  • Message-oriented Middleware 

  • Object-oriented Middleware

  • Embedded middleware

  • Device drivers and communication protocols


Integration optimization

We draw on enterprise application integration best practices to improve the performance of your integrated systems and enhance system interoperability.

  • Speed and responsiveness tuning

  • Smart caching and prefetching

  • Compression and data minimization

  • Asynchronous and parallel processing

  • Load balancing

  • Fault tolerance and resilience

Our experts say
Anton Nekrasov
Pavel Nekrasov
Engineering Manager at Vention
Our experts say

Vention excels in seamlessly blending various components and systems, from modules and databases to CRMs and analytical tools.

We understand the unique hurdles enterprises face — think integrating real-time data streams, connecting SaaS platforms, or ensuring interoperability between legacy and modern cloud solutions — which allows us to offer enterprise application integration services that comprehensively meet their specific tech needs.”


Why choose Vention


Unrivaled EAI expertise honed by 20 years of hands-on experience


Solutions compliant with HL7, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC2, and ISO 27001


Future-proof and scalable architectures


Delivery on time, on budget, and on scope

Case studies



We helped New York-based fintech Vestwell merge its infrastructure with external HR and payroll systems. What’s more, we integrated the system with the Voya and Franklin financial platforms, enabling the company to improve user engagement and elevate its revenue streams.

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