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What we do
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
We team up with the top in tech to deliver top-tier results.
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Custom CRM development services

Acquiring new clients is just the first step. To achieve consistent growth and sweat-free scalability, look no further than Vention’s custom CRM development solutions.

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When do you need custom CRM development services?

Once your business has matured into a more solid stage, with a consistent influx of new customers and a larger workforce, operations can sprawl out of control quickly.

Every new customer increases your demand for documentation, support, and the overall complexity of how the company operates. The more unique your product or client base is, the more urgent will be the need for a solution that can sort (and automate) your busywork, letting you focus on what matters the most — value generation.

Many custom CRM features to choose from

Versatility. That’s the true value embedded with custom CRMs. While out-of-the-box CRMs are popular and useful for a reason, only a custom CRM will adapt to every nook and cranny of your business, as unique as it is.

Some of the custom CRM features that might suit your needs include:

Workflow automation

CRM solutions streamline your business processes. From lead nurturing to order fulfillment, it lets you automate repetitive tasks to ensure efficiency and consistency in your workflows.

Document management

Organize, store, and retrieve documents seamlessly within the CRM. It facilitates collaborative document editing, version control, and secure access, enhancing team productivity and knowledge sharing.

Task management

Custom CRMs boost team productivity with intuitive task management features. You can assign, track, and prioritize tasks effortlessly, ensuring deadlines are met and projects progress smoothly within the CRM environment.

Analytics and reporting

Gain valuable insights into your business performance. Top-tier CRM solutions provide robust analytics and reporting tools, which helps you make data-driven decisions, monitor key metrics, and optimize strategies for growth.

Sales and lead management

The right CRM customization elevates your sales process and lead management functionalities. From lead capture to conversion tracking, it’s a surefire way to empower your sales team, drive revenue, and foster customer relationships.

Marketing automation

Execute and track marketing campaigns with custom automation features. That includes lead nurturing, personalized communication, and general marketing tasks, ensuring targeted and effective outreach.

Customer support and service

Tailor-made CRMs deliver exceptional customer service. Track customer interactions, resolve issues promptly, and enhance satisfaction through a centralized platform that facilitates agile communication and support ticket management.

Customer self-service

Empower your customers with self-service options. Our CRM solutions facilitate knowledge base creation and customer portals, allowing clients to find answers and resolve issues independently for a better user experience.

AI and machine learning

Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology. Our CRMs integrate AI and machine learning, offering predictive analytics, personalized recommendations, and automation, enabling you to anticipate customer needs and enhance decision-making.

Team collaboration

Foster collaboration within your team. Our CRMs provide a central hub for communication, file sharing, and project collaboration, enhancing teamwork and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Access control

Ensure data security and privacy. Our CRMs offer robust access control features, allowing you to define and manage user permissions, protecting sensitive information, and maintaining compliance.

Integration with other tools

Seamlessly connect your CRM with other essential tools. Enjoy a unified ecosystem where your CRM integrates with email, calendar, productivity tools, and more, ensuring a smooth and connected workflow.

Industries we cover

With over 20 years of experience in developing custom CRM solutions, our experts at Vention have designed CRMs for plenty of verticals. Their key takeaway? Every industry can benefit from custom CRM development.


Financial services

Optimize financial processes in banking, investment, and accounting. Enhance customer relationships, streamline transactions, and ensure compliance with robust tools tailored for the financial sector — and for you.


Improve patient care with our custom healthcare CRM. Streamline appointments, manage patient records securely, and enhance communication between healthcare providers. Ensure regulatory compliance and optimize healthcare operations for better outcomes.


Elevate your online business with our CRM solutions for e-commerce. Tune up your customer interactions, manage orders efficiently, and personalize marketing efforts to outdo the competition with boosted sales and customer loyalty.

Real estate

Leap ahead of traditional property management and discover new client interactions. Our CRM for real estate provides efficient lead management, document storage, and communication tools to elevate your property business.


Transform insurance operations with frictionless management of policies, claims, and client interactions. Improve customer satisfaction through personalized communication and efficient claims processing within a unified platform.


Modernize education management from student enrollment to alumni relations. Our CRM solutions for educational facilities simplify communication and data management no matter the institution, enhancing efficiency and collaboration between students, parents, schools, and faculties.


Enhance your production and supply chain processes to keep downtime to a minimum. From order management to inventory control, our solutions expedite communication (and collaboration) between every stakeholder in your production line, ensuring efficiency and agility in your manufacturing operations.

Energy & utilities

Streamline energy and utility management with our custom CRM solutions. Increase customer relationships, optimize service requests, and manage infrastructure as dynamically as your operations demand it to be.

Hospitality & tourism

Deliver exceptional guest experiences with our hospitality CRMs. Manage reservations, personalize guest interactions, and streamline communication across departments. Elevate both your service standards and guest satisfaction.


Reap taller agricultural operations with superior crop management, supplier-client relations, and more. Our agricultural CRM solutions prioritize stakeholder data management to ensure efficiency and sustainability from seed to harvest.

Transportation & logistics

Grease up your logistics and transportation processes with our custom CRM development products. Track orders, manage your fleet, and control the pipeline from start to finish with reliable, easy-to-operate software.


Attract extra hearts to your cause with our CRM for nonprofits. Streamline donor management, automate fundraising campaigns, and enhance overall volunteer coordination. Maximize your impact with efficient operations and personalized supporter engagement that add to your unwavering dedication.

Custom CRM deployment types

Cloud-based CRM

Opt for scalability and cost-effectiveness with a CRM solution hosted in the cloud. Cloud-based CRMs let you access it anywhere over the internet.

On-premises CRM

Get full control over your CRM’s infrastructure. On-premises CRMs have their software installed and operated on servers owned by your company.

Mobile CRM

Be extra flexible in your operations. Mobile CRMs enable sales and service teams to engage with customer information on the move, no matter the device.


The benefits of custom CRM software development

A custom CRM is the grease that keeps your machinery running. A well-planned and well-implemented custom CRM will have you benefit from shorter task completion times, smaller operational costs, and smoother scalability, to name a few.

Tailored to your business needs

Custom CRM adapts precisely to your unique requirements, so that all functionalities align with your business goals, workflows, and industry-specific demands for optimal performance.

Improved processes

Through a boost in operational efficiency, custom CRM streamlines processes, automates tasks, and enhances collaboration, enabling your team to focus on core activities and achieve higher productivity.

Competitive advantage

Tailor-made CRMs are a strategic edge to stand out, with customized features that cater to your specific business processes and give you a distinct advantage over competitors.

Cost efficiency

A tried and tested tool to maximize budgets, custom CRMs eliminate unnecessary features and focus on the essentials, allowing you to invest wisely in functionalities crucial to your success.

Ownership and control

Custom CRMs are designed to give you full control over your customer operations. You own the software, data, and future enhancements, ensuring autonomy and the ability to align the system with evolving business needs.


Custom CRMs let you adapt to changing demands and expand operations effortlessly. A scalable CRM solution evolves with your business, accommodating increased data, users, and functionalities without disruptions.

Curious about how these benefits apply to your business?

Our CRM experts are available to assist you with the bigger picture.

How we can cooperate

Fully outsourced CRM software development

We handle every aspect of your custom CRM development, from initial planning and design to coding, testing, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and support.

Augmented team

Our CRM engineers join your internal development teams and combine their knowledge to meet your project requirements, ensuring flexibility in your resource allocation.

Dedicated team

Our specialists are exclusively assigned to work on the software development of the CRM, allowing them to provide insights, recommendations, and best practices.

Custom CRM implementation step-by-step

No two businesses are made equal, and so the same applies for every custom CRM solution we make. To build the one that perfectly suits you, we go over a step-by-step that surfaces your pain points and critical concerns.



  • Identify the unique CRM requirements of your business

  • Understand your current business processes and workflows

  • Define specific objectives and goals for your custom CRM

  • Plan a detailed implementation with timelines and resource allocation


CRM system design

  • Create a high-level architectural design for the CRM system

  • Design an intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX

  • Organize the CRM database schema, including tables, relationships, and data structures

  • Define data storage, access, and retrieval mechanisms


Custom CRM development

  • Develop the core functionalities, modules, and features needed

  • Test the CRM system rigorously to identify and fix any bugs or issues

  • Gather feedback to address any usability concerns or issues identified during UAT

  • Integrate the CRM system with external ones such as email, accounting, or e-commerce platforms

  • Migrate existing customer data to the new CRM system

  • Deploy the CRM system to the production environment


Support and maintenance

  • Train end-users and administrators on how to use the CRM system

  • Transition your organization to the custom CRM system for live operations

  • Provide ongoing support to ensure the CRM system remains always operational and up-to-date

  • Implement updates and feature enhancements based on feedback and evolving business needs.

Development costs of a custom CRM solution

Ballparking costs for a CRM implementation is no easy feat. Luckily, we’ve done it dozens of times. Those are the most pressing characteristics to consider when planning your CRM development budget:

Project complexity and scope

How complex your CRM system needs to be, how many features and modules, and how large is the overall project scope all have a substantial impact on costs. Complex systems with extensive features demand substantially more development time and resources.

Integration needs

If your CRM system must integrate with other software systems such as accounting software, e-commerce platforms, or third-party APIs, this integration complexity can affect costs. It usually depends on the integration types.

Data and security

Large, legacy, or multinational customer datasets demand extra care by nature. If your industry or organization requires stringent security measures and compliance with regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA), implementing these measures can add custom CRM costs to the project.

Scalability requirements

Sloppy planning on a CRM system can influence costs in the future. If you anticipate increased growth rates, it’s better to build a custom CRM that can handle a larger user base and greater data volumes from the get-go than trying to pivot later on.

Support and maintenance

CRM solutions require the most resources during development, but they will still incur some ongoing costs post-delivery. Consider the costs associated with post-launch support and maintenance, including software updates, bug fixes, and system enhancements.

Additional costs

Depending on your CRM system's requirements, you may need to purchase licenses (in some cases, per person) for third-party tools, libraries, or software components, which can add to the project's budget.

Unsure of how much budget you should allocate?

Reach us out for a thorough project estimate.

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Why Vention?

A proven track record

  • 20+ years of experience as a CRM software development company

  • Partners with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

  • $600k average client savings

Talent every way you look

  • 3,000+ dedicated developers on tap

  • 71% of software developers are senior-level and team leads

  • 500+ award-winning clients served

As innovative as flexible

  • CVs within 48 hours

  • 2 weeks from contact to kickoff

  • Zero operational overhead


Don’t just take our word for it: Check out our feedback reviews and our 4.9 out of 5 average on Clutch.co.

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

“As the system grew in complexity, a business analyst was added to the team to help with the specification of new features. …We were able to put our MVP into production within 3 months of inception and continue to issue new releases on a regular basis. This has allowed us to capture new clients on an ongoing basis.”

Gordon Griffin
Gordon Griffin


“Vention's resources are of high quality and have integrated seamlessly and with short notice into the client's team, satisfying the client's needs. Vention is proactive at problem-solving, as well as supportive and highly responsive. Overall, the partnership with the client has worked very well.”

Our success stories



CRM and deal management unite with financial technology platform DealCloud. When on-the-go third-party data access and deal execution through web and mobile apps became a priority, the company turned to Vention. Multiple integrations and a multi-year engagement yielded a top-notch, must-have product for over 25,000 investment professionals.

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