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Fintech consulting

We partner with financial technology companies to lay the foundation for high-performance, efficient, and secure software designed for winning in today's digital economy — and tomorrow’s.

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Selected capabilities across fintech consulting

Wondering what the competition offers that you can do better? Have an idea but you’re not sure of next steps in terms of architecture or design? Finished the product design but need the specifications nailed down? Facing a big decision about buying versus building a fintech app? Share your vision with our advisors and we’ll help get you where you want to go.

Technology selection and advisory

Our fintech experts can help you adjust your existing tech stack or create one from scratch. Either way, we’ll optimize for both your product and your industry.

MVP development

With Vention, you can expect the delivery of a minimum viable product that’s future-ready and drives growth from the earliest stages.

Software architecture design

We design agile, adaptable IT systems that are easy to manage in the fast-paced financial technology world.

API and integrations

Our team designs and implements APIs and integrations that expand your digital capabilities and diversify customer experience.

Quality assurance

Vention offers a complete range of QA services to ensure your product works optimally and delivers tangible results.

Software modernization

We can transform and update your existing solutions so that they wind up costing less while offering more flexibility. That way you can unlock the value trapped in legacy IT and accelerate digital transformation.

Create lasting value across your domain

With experience across more than thirty domains, our advisors elevate financial software solutions that users love and bring them to market with efficiency and agility.

Digital banking

Online payments

Trading platforms

NFT-based investment management solutions

Online lending platforms

Data analytics platforms

Finance planning and management software

How we can help

With decades of experience in the financial sector, our fintech consulting professionals will tailor a strategy to fit your end goals, surfacing the right tech solution for your toughest business problems.

Simplified digital payments

Vention assists fintech companies in selecting and deploying digital payment system vendors, guaranteeing that cash flows seamlessly through clicks, taps, and touches.

Improved asset management

If you need UI/UX redesigns, data optimization, or value-adding integrations, our engineers can fine-tune your wealth and asset management platforms, focusing on data analytics and automation.

Personalized experiences

By utilizing data-driven insights and intelligent ML tools, we deliver world-class omnichannel products that serve every user.

Blockchain enhancement

We’ll help you leverage blockchain-enabled products that feature secure data accessibility and digital identity verification — all while bolstering the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Open banking

We advise traditional enterprises on adopting new banking technologies that streamline efficiencies and bring greater profitability.

We build. You benefit.

With a global team of experts in consulting, strategy, engineering, and operations in place, we’re poised to partner in ambitious and sophisticated ways to craft solutions with your specific metrics and ROI in mind.

Comprehensive compliance

Our solutions address all fintech compliance requirements trends and industry-specific regulatory requirements.

3rd-party integrations

We integrate trusted third-party tools to enrich and improve the experience of both your clients and employees.

UI/UX-focused approach

Going beyond intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, our UI/UX engineers design for deep customer engagement.

Fraud protection and security

We employ meticulous identity and access management, penetration testing tools, and SIEM, granting you peace of mind around data privacy and security.

Double-down on innovation

Our developers leverage the latest technologies to deliver complex and cutting-edge solutions to our clients.


Cloud computing

Make your journey to the cloud smoother and easier with solutions designed for any platform, use case, or industry.

Internet of Things

We create IoT applications, APIs, and 3rd-party integrations for dozens of IoT devices, including wearables, for enterprises and consumers alike.

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing are squarely in our wheelhouse. We unleash AI for tangible business results, providing fintech solutions way beyond advisory services.


Count on outstanding AR app development, VR software, and 3D rendering services for best-in-class content that takes your project into new dimensions.

Big data

Our tailor-made big data development and consulting services ensure that companies are equipped with precise tools to analyze, manage, and ultimately leverage their entire data systems. Actionable insights are the outcome.


Intelligent automation and self-learning processes improve auditing, delivery, and operational resilience while reducing costs.

Curious how you can leverage advances in fintech to improve your bottom line?

Our process



Our fintech consultants dive into your project specifics. From there, we identify desired outcomes — and the support and stacks it will take to get there.



Vention specialists comprehensively analyze your current ecosystem and processes. That analysis includes key takeaways and actionable next steps


Recommendation and plans

We offer a realistic roadmap in line with your objectives, timelines, and key metrics.


Project kick-off

If you decide to take further steps, we can assemble a dedicated development team to bring your vision to life. We work as partners every step of the way — from design through release and refinement.

Andrew Haines
Andrew Haines
Head of Fintech
“While we know what’s possible in terms of fintech software solutions, we start every advisory engagement with a free-ranging discussion about your business and product goals.
Looking at a range of inputs and potential growth plans, our fintech consulting can help you identify what technologies can support efficient processes and be easily adapted as your business needs change.
Whether or not you’re aiming for full-on industry disruption or an innovative overhaul to an existing business process, we bring industry expertise, fintech savvy, and critical thinking to the table.”

Our work


Sungage Financial

Sungage Financial empowers solar power installers to make “going solar” more affordable to homeowners. Three Vention engineers joined forces with Sungage’s developers to build an infrastructure to support loans for solar storage batteries, resulting in a technology solution that fused financial services with CRM — and made Sungage’s CRM 30% more effective.

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