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Our fintech expertise
Fintech consulting
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
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Trading platform development services

Between high-speed algorithms, resilient infrastructures, and dashboards that save time, our custom trading platform development services are primed to increase your revenue.

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Trading platform development services

Our services

What can be more valuable in today's fast-paced trading environment than flexibility? At Vention, we provide versatile services tailored to either refine your current trading software or create a custom solution from scratch. Here’s what to expect: data-based insights and strategic guidance, cutting-edge technologies, and robust security standards. We infuse those qualities into every solution we build, regardless of complexity, timeline, or budget. Rest assured that no matter your needs, we have the expertise to engage with custom trading app development to create solutions that are integrated with your business goals.

Consulting and advisory services

Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to analyze your specific needs, market trends, and regulatory requirements, ensuring that your trading platform is not just a product but a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of finance.

Custom trading platform development

Whether it's algorithmic trading, risk management, or data analytics, we excel in building platforms that are not only feature-rich but also agile, scalable, and as dynamic as the fintech industry itself.

Trading app development

Through user-friendly interfaces and real-time data feeds, our developers ensure that your app is secure and optimized for peak performance on both web and mobile, empowering your clients to make seamless trades, anytime, anywhere.

Integration services

Easily adapt your trading platform to changing market conditions and regulatory requirements. We relish creating API-driven architectures, payment systems, analytical tools (including AI and machine learning-powered ones) that facilitate smooth data flow and interoperability.

Cybersecurity audit testing services

Our rigorous testing procedures identify vulnerabilities and ensure your platform meets the highest industry standards for security and compliance. That includes thorough risk assessments and stress tests to guarantee that your trading platform remains resilient against cyber threats and data breaches.

Trading platforms capitalize on benefits

Of all the fintech verticals, trading has experienced some of the most significant transformation. From crypto-focused startups to global enterprises, companies have raced to develop their own trading platforms — and created entire consumer markets and niches in the process.

And with good reason. Traders and investors benefit from a whole cadre of systems designed to make trading as frictionless as possible, while the platform owners may conduct business properly with products that are secure, efficient, and drive data-based insights.

Efficient deal management

  • Monitor trade executions in real time

  • Tailor alerts and notifications for market events

  • Execute faster with robust routing capabilities

Improved operational efficiency

  • Automate routine tasks and trade confirmations

  • Reduce manual errors and other operational hindrances

  • Integrate with existing systems for seamless workflow

Accurate risk management

  • Rest easy with advanced risk modeling and simulation tools

  • Instantly identify portfolio exposure and limits

  • Customize dashboards and risk reporting

Increased data processing speed

  • Gain real-time analysis and high-speed feeds

  • Efficiently handle large datasets and historical data

  • Reduce latency in trade execution

Greater backtesting reliability

  • Strategize smarter with data-backed analysis and performance assessments

  • Validate your strategy with reliable backtesting capabilities

  • Easily modify and optimize trading algorithms

Enhanced collaboration between stakeholders

  • Centralize your trading, reporting, and communication on a single platform

  • Grant secure access for traders, risk managers, and compliance teams

  • Streamline communication and make decisions faster

Core features that drive trading platform engagement

After the past few years of trading platforms rapidly evolving to increase the scope of their offers, customers naturally became used to their many shiny new features, like customizable charts and AI integration. A simply ‘good’ solution won’t cut it anymore. Engineers at Vention have decades of top-level experience in custom trading software development services. We’re beyond well-equipped to add to your custom trading platform any features you need — or suggest some innovative ones you might not have considered.

Order placement and management

With a few clicks or taps, traders can effortlessly place and manage a wide range of orders, including limits to stop-loss and take-profit orders, to ensure precise execution and control over their trades.

Automated trading algorithms

Automated trading algorithms allow investors to program their preferences and execute predefined strategies with precision, capitalizing on opportunities in the market even when they’re away from the platform.

Interactive charts and dashboards

UX-optimized interactive charts enable in-depth technical analysis and quick decision-making, which can be even more enhanced by modular dashboards that unlock unparalleled customization to trading experiences.

AI-powered data analytics

Smart analytics are at the core of unprecedented value generation in trading as they drive insights from large datasets, identify trends and patterns indiscernible to humans, and suggest informed trading decisions based on predictive analysis.

Real-time notifications and alerts

Beyond helping traders stay ahead of market movements, modern notification systems also add a layer of customization to the platform, letting users set their preferences to trade in their unique way while ensuring they never miss a crucial trading opportunity or risk event.

Profile management and authorization

Robust security and identity controls, such as enterprise-level encryption and multifactor authentication, are key for traders to efficiently manage their trading profile, customize settings, and command a secure and personalized trading experience tailored to their needs.

The distinguished profiles of trading platforms

While one-size-fits-all trading platforms exist and thrive, the investment market has become so diversified that there’s enough space for specialized solutions to coexist and carve out their dedicated audience.

Depending on your target audience, your platform should have slightly different development and feature priorities based on what your clients need the most. From startups to enterprises, we work with different types of businesses to develop solutions:

For traders:

For investors:

For financial institutions:

  • Access to real-time market data and charts so they can make informed decisions swiftly

  • Advanced order execution capabilities for traders to quickly seize opportunities

  • Customizable trading interfaces and intuitive tools that cater to individual strategies, be it day trading, swing trading, or algorithmic trading

  • Risk management features that provide essential safeguards for traders to protect their capital and navigate the markets with confidence

  • A diverse range of investment options from stocks and bonds to crypto and derivatives

  • Historical data and research tools for thorough analysis before investment decisions

  • Real-time tracking of investments and performance metrics to empower investors with accurate predictions of their financial future

  • Automated portfolio rebalancing to ensure that investments stay aligned with long-term goals

  • A centralized hub for managing client accounts and executing trades efficiently

  • Integration with back-office systems to streamline operations, costs, and error mitigation

  • Risk assessment and compliance tools to meet regulatory requirements for a secure trading environment

  • The ability to offer a broader range of financial products to enhance their clients’ competitive edge in the market

Unsure which features to prioritize in your trading platform?Our fintech specialists are experts at tracing the way forward.
Let’s do it

A certified way to develop custom trading platforms

Our trading platform development services are designed to fully support you, full stop. This means end-to-end project assessment, feature planning, coding, and post-launch maintenance and support. Through this comprehensive approach, you can expect that every aspect of your trading solution — technical, financial, regulatory — is in line with our premier trading software development practices.


Analysis and road-mapping

We start by listening. Based on your unique requirements, pain points, and business goals, we’ll collaborate with you to develop a detailed outline of your project’s scope, including its main features and milestones.


Design and development

We know that a good app is easy to use. Our engineers and designers prioritize user experience and functionality, working hand in hand to craft a user-centric trading platform tailored to your specifications. Plus, our communication channels are always open, so you’ll always be on par with the progress for any necessary course correction according to your vision.


Iterative testing

Our trading platform developers conduct meticulous, comprehensive testing. We put your platform through rigorous functional testing, security audits, and performance checks to make sure it meets the industry’s highest standards — and your own.


Stable release

Our trading software developers deploy your platform to a secure and scalable environment made possible by the same attention to detail applied during development. We check and recheck it until there’s no doubt that everything is in place for a smooth release, monitoring the metrics, loads, and first live impressions of your newest product.


Continuous support

Bump-free delivery is only the beginning of a successful partnership, so we’re ready to provide ongoing assistance whenever you need it. Major platform updates, regular maintenance, or even the slightest tweaks? We’re just a call or message away.

We know compliance, inside and out

Any fintech app is only as good as its compliance and security. As a trading software development company, our teams at Vention understand how critical it is that trading platforms be (and feel) secure to use, insulated against malfeasance, and abiding by the law of any territory they operate in. 

As a result, we pay painstaking attention to the latest safety standards to guarantee that your solution is unassailable.

Trading platform development services

Our partnership models

No matter your project’s stage, or how many people you need to complete it, we’ve got your back. Our specialists can recommend multiple professionals for any role to meet your deadlines, but the final decision is always yours, down to the individual level.

Augmenting your in-house team is best for:

  • Temporary or auxiliary projects where traditional onboarding isn’t a good fit

  • Specialized and hard-to-source skill sets that complement your in-house talent

  • That extra bit of muscle for the extra-heavy lifts

Building a dedicated team for you is great for:

  • Long-term projects that require a stable and trustworthy team

  • Your idea demands a diverse set of skills beyond programming

  • You need hard-to-find expertise that will be troublesome to replace

Outsourcing your entire project is popular when you’re:

  • A company without a tech-based core offering

  • An enterprise looking to modernize but lacking the technical expertise to do so

  • A business that needs support through a low-risk engagement

The power tech behind modern trading software development services

The sophistication that recent technologies brought to trading platforms came accompanied by expanded, democratized access to financial markets. Whereas in the past investing activities were restricted to finance professionals, the trading solutions that anyone can carry in their pockets today have opened new opportunities for traders, investors, and financial institutions. Those opportunities, in turn, are also safer and more efficient than at any other point in history.


AI and ML

AI has revolutionized trading platforms by enabling predictive analytics, real-time market analysis, and algorithmic trading strategies that adapt to changing market conditions on the fly. 

Add machine learning to the mix, fueled with vast datasets of current and historical data, and a trading solution can recognize investment patterns and anomalies, as well as potential risks and pitfalls.

The crypto side of blockchain technology is well-known by trading platform aficionados, but it doesn’t stop there. Blockchain enables tamper-proof and immutable transaction records, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring data integrity. 

Moreover, the smart contracts underpinning blockchain transactions automate trade settlement processes, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing settlement times.


It’s impossible to harness modern data analytics without big data. Trading platforms of all kinds have been transformed by how big data handles and analyzes copious amounts of market indicators, allowing for real-time data processing that traders can use to react swiftly to any market changes. 

Further, the latest data analytics visualization tools also enhance the customer experience by presenting complex information in an easily digestible format.


Beloved customer testimonials

Throughout over two decades as a trading platform development company, we’ve managed to accrue a respectable level of street credit, wall and main. Check out what our clients had to say about our fintech partnerships on Clutch.co.

Geoffrey Teale
Geoffrey Teale

Head of Developer Experience, Upvest

“Vention employees contribute to every part of the development lifecycle including product design, product development and release as well as product maintenance. But they've also shown an understanding of the product's impact and developed the functionality taking into account the domain requirements and user experience.”

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

CTO, Union54

“We were able to put our MVP into production within 3 months of inception and continue to issue new releases on a regular basis. This has allowed us to capture new clients on an ongoing basis. The breadth and depth of talent that they have on tap is impressive, account management is also excellent — if any issues arose, they were swiftly dealt with in a positive manner.”

Robert Knight
Robert Knight

CPTO, DirectID

“We are a company working in Open Banking and powering the systems that enable real-time credit and risk decisions. We needed to accelerate a series of our projects in different areas. We engaged Vention to provide 4 individuals who could augment 2 of our teams. We achieved the timelines we needed. This process would not have been a success without Vention.”

Why Vention?

A proven track record

  • 20+ years of experience developing custom solutions

  • Partners with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Salesforce

  • 500+ award-winning clients served

Talent by the thousands

  • Access to 3,000+ dedicated developers

  • 71% of software developers are senior-level and team leads

  • 36-month average engagement

As flexible as you need

  • CVs within 48 hours

  • 2 weeks from contact to kickoff

  • Quickly scale teams up or down in line with your vision

ISO 27001 certification
Our ISO 27001 certification reflects our unwavering commitment to top-tier information security management. Trust in our proven framework to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Our success stories

Case study



The successful online trading services leader came to us in need of a modern revamp of their systems for flexibility and scaling. We allotted some of our most experienced engineers in trading platforms to augment their in-house team to develop native iOS and Android apps on top of optimizing Salesforce, and the results appeared fast: 20 million trading inquiries every day, flawlessly.

  • 2 years of active engagement 
  • 70 Vention team members 
  • 4 distinct project scopes



The German API provider sensed that their platform was losing its market edge despite their business success. With no time to lose, they entrusted us to help rebuild their existing solution to account for extra scalability. The quality of our delivery had them quickly double the team’s size, making way for a revamped platform with improved infrastructure, accelerated feature deployment, and elevated customer experience.

  • 2 years of active engagement
  • 2x team growth within the first two months  
  • $18M Series A raised with our platform



The New York-based API developer known for its workplace investing solutions was well aware of its growth potential when it reached out to us. After a planning section, our experts refactored code, engineered recordkeeping modules, and integrated their existing infrastructure with third-party solutions. In the end, their growth surpassed 200% overall, nailing them a $70M Series C.

  • 6 years of active engagement to date

  • 13 Vention team members

  • Partnership from Series A to C

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