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Personal finance technology

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The rise of personal finance solutions has created an unprecedented surge in financial literacy, and consumers now have immediate access to information that they can digest at a glance and act on in a moment.

Smart money management apps support the customer journey toward greater financial security and build brand loyalty and retention.

Personal account management

With powerful fintech software, personal finance management becomes a cinch for consumers.

Many of the components of money management and personal financial services, like budgeting and monitoring spending habits, subscription find/cancel, banking, and transaction summaries help consumers come up with a spending plan and save.

Likewise, a consumer’s understanding of their credit profile — of how the financial world assesses individuals with respect to risk — facilitates smart financial decisions and protects against fraud and identity theft.

Tech consulting for personal finance

Not sure where to start with your next fintech project? Looking for advisory support in choosing the right stack, scaling with the right number of engineers, or nailing your go-to-market plans? With experienced consultants and financial technology advisors, we can help you roadmap a development strategy that paves the way to digital success.

Credit cards

Today’s consumers choose their credit cards carefully based on their needs and habits, and credit exposure can be high.

A well-designed, user-friendly fintech product can help them keep an eye on their spending and overall credit exposure.

Net worth management

A 360-degree view of all aspects of an individual’s net worth can be accurately captured in a fintech app, so they can quickly see the values of their assets (e.g., home, car, jewelry, cash, stocks) against their liabilities (e.g., credit cards, mortgages, and personal loans).

With that financial data in hand, the consumer can make savvy spending and investment decisions.

Tax preparation

Individual tax preparation is a breeze with personal fintech products; companies can also use fintech software solutions to generate tax related documents such as 1099s and W-2s.

Personal finance FAQs

What differentiates Vention’s approach to financial technology?

When looking at your fintech opportunities, Vention experts examine your business model and offerings holistically. We always start by evaluating your current business product against your plans and targets; together we arrive at business specs, technology and infrastructure choices, and design before building the solution.

How do you ensure regulatory compliance in your custom personal finance software?

We’re keenly aware of just how hard it is to quantify and address regulatory requirements, particularly when the rules can vary so dramatically depending on the country or region. We help you organize your personal financial planning solution so both you and your customers rest assured that every box has been ticked — and that security and transparency are equally addressed.

What kind of expertise in personal finance do your fintech specialists have?

Our fintech experts have worked across sectors in finance and banking and have had significant exposure to end-user products. Together with firms of varying sizes, we’ve created diverse products that help users build their financial literacy and manage their money; financial data aggregation, credit card management, and investment portfolio and bank balance access are all within our realm of expertise.

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As creator of a fintech product that consolidates credit, debit, and loyalty cards, Curve turned to Vention developers when it needed to streamline its core payment systems. When the company received $95M in Series C, our engineers upgraded its backend system and bolstered the platform to meet future demand.

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