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Last updated: Jun 8, 2022

The launch of our fintech services practice

Author: Thomas Morgenroth
Last updated: Jun 8, 2022
What's inside

Last year, $621 billion in venture capital went to startups globally, and as we shared in a recent report on the startup landscape, one out of every five dollars invested by VCs went to US-based fintechs. Suffice to say: Fintech plays a massive role in the tech sector, and it's only going to get bigger and better.

That's where we come in.

Today, we're officially announcing the launch of our fintech practice, which is designed to offer promising fintechs a range of services at every stage of their growth, from building a case for fundraising to designing and implementing solutions that propel the entire industry forward. Headed by financial technology veterans Andrew Haines, our global head of fintech and Andrew Madigan, head of fintech sales. Vention's fintech practice is rooted in nearly two decades helping diverse tech companies design and build scalable software solutions.

Andrew Haines, Global Head of Fintech of Vention"We're just hitting the tip of the iceberg in what's possible in the fintech arena. Working with Vention's existing roster of high-caliber fintech clients and bringing in new, disruptive companies, we will architect and deliver innovative solutions to address complex situations that will shape the future of fintech."

Our fintech practice aims to partner with companies at any maturation stage and in every industry; we already have years of experience working with a host of fintechs in sectors ranging from personal finance to real estate (e.g., MeetElise) to CRM (e.g., DealCloud).

Andrew was previously a Vention client, he brings decades of experience to the table, pairing technical expertise with the business acumen that underpins groundbreaking technologies that distinguish both mature and startup organizations. Going forward, our practice will serve sectors including analytics and big data, personal finance, consumer and business lending, real estate and mortgage, as well as wealth management and capital markets.

As part of the initiative, we're also launching the Fintech Center of Excellence, a new office based in Poland that will work in conjunction with our fintech practice. Poland is recognized as one of the top three financial leaders in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, so the Center will serve as an ideal hub to coordinate our fintech specialist teams around the world.

Here's a sampling of the expertise you can tap:


As a wise webpage once said: "Sometimes you need advice." Our team of financial industry veterans are here to provide the seasoned guidance and support that can optimize an operation, leverage a product's full potential, and avert obstacles before they become problems.

High-level strategy

With a deep understanding of how to deploy an array of technologies in fintech as well as of markets, we can craft high-level strategy in security, data analytics, AI, encryption, and blockchain deployments.

Business growth & expansion

Sometimes what holds a business back isn't failing to achieve its goals — it's missing out on opportunities. With a comprehensive analysis of your business operations, we can identify areas of opportunity or underutilized assets, including devising additional products that meet customer needs.

Process & operations

By mapping existing processes as well as pinpointing opportunities and analyzing input/output flows to increase value, our fintech experts can identify how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your company and increase profits.

Infrastructure & cloud migration

Sometimes it takes an extra pair of (practiced) eyes to help find what needs changing in your infrastructure to facilitate modernization and scaling. If you have existing on-premises infrastructure, we can assist in assessing cloud providers. Especially in fintech, we have plenty to say about the necessity of cloud migration and optimization.



Maybe you've got an idea but you're not sure about next steps or actualizing it in terms of architecture or design. Or you could have a product designed, but want to make sure the specifications are air-tight. There are a million ways that a product or idea needs an extra push to make it its very best. Whatever the case and no matter where you are in your trajectory, we build financial solutions that deliver transformative results. You bring the vision and our team of experts will help make it a reality.

Requirements definition

We'll sit down with you and review your financial technology product, taking care to learn the intended scope and timeline as well as assessing cost.

Functional and technical design support

With the business needs of the product in hand, we can design a best-in-class solution that demonstrates both how your fintech product will work as well as the technical necessities of implementation.

Business specifications

With the functional and technical designs and the requirements definitions in place, we can determine the exact processes and calculations that underlie your successful fintech product build.

Requests for proposals

It's not uncommon to feel daunted by the prospect of creating an RFP. Our team has had years of experience in this regard and can create a robust and comprehensive RFP that you can share with prospective vendors.


Our team has delivered thousands of best-in-class development solutions for both startups and established titans of the tech industry. We start by zeroing in on the challenges you're facing and then we give honest advice and options for taking on those challenges. Then we'll work with you to handpick the perfect Vention engineers for the build:

Top-tier talent

With over 3,000 engineers in our pool of industry talent, you'll have your choice of individuals with the technical expertise, industry knowledge, and soft skills to provide an exemplary experience while working seamlessly with your in-house engineers.

Short- and long-term availability

Sometimes our clients determine that our team is integral to their operation's success. What can we say? We're nice to have around. Long-term engagements for software development services are always an option.

Extensive proficiency, diverse abilities

Every project starts with thinking critically, both to identify challenges and to keep an eye out for opportunities. We look for talent that thrives in a culture of sophisticated proactivity and offers a deep understanding of web, mobile, big data, DevOps, QA and testing processes specific to fintech.

Team-centric communicators

When our teams engage with yours, communication and transparency are paramount. Our standard doesn't stop at world-class talent; it includes cultivating strong communication skills for an unparalleled integration process.

Sergei Kovalenko, co-founder and CEO of Vention"Financial technology demands are surging and becoming more complex from a wider range of companies regarding maturation and sectors. With these demands, I’m confident that Andrew will spearhead our new fintech practice to bring domain-specific strategic business advisory, coupled with the engineering power of our fintech specialists within our Fintech Center of Excellence."

Our work

You've been hearing about our clients and our previous work, we're guessing you'd actually like to see some of it, too. Take a look at our fintech portfolio to see some of the work we've done for clients like Barchart, DealCloud and Vestwell.

Get started today

The industry has entered an exciting time of opportunity, both for growth and for unparalleled innovation. We aim to equip companies with the resources they need to stay ahead of the fintech curve and be true leaders in the industry. Whether the avenue to doing so is through consultancy, fintech solutions, or development, we're always looking forward to turning an entrepreneurial vision into a game-changing reality.

Connect with a fintech expert

Andrew C. Madigan
Andrew C. Madigan
Head of Fintech Sales
Andrew brings nearly a decade of financial and technology business development experiences to his role. Based in New York with a background as a tech founder and in strategic advisory, Andrew helps companies leverage emerging tech solutions, including blockchain, mobile applications, cloud adoption, and custom software, to tackle business-critical issues.
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