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Our Salesforce expertise
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
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Salesforce for insurance companies

Optimize your sales and improve customer relationships with Salesforce solutions for the insurance industry.

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Number one CRM for the insurance industry

Optimized sales

Thanks to customer self-service options, automated quoting and detailed analytics, Salesforce makes it easier for insurance agents to improve their quote-to-bind ratios. After that, the system allows the entire policy cycle to be monitored, which increases the opportunity for repeat business.

Strengthened customer relations

Salesforce makes even the notoriously underinsured millennials happy to work with you. It provides an entirely digital, mobile-first issuing and claims processing experience. It analyzes customer data to help insurance agencies offer relevant policies and personalize discussions with prospects. Finally, the Salesforce platform automates many repetitive tasks, dramatically reducing claim handling time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Key points

All insurance processes are managed in one place

The product works out of the box and can be customized

Detailed customer analytics is provided

Automated reporting saves time on administrative tasks

Self-service features let customers buy policies online

Insurance solutions that agencies love

There are numerous reasons for Salesforce continuously earning the top spots in the insurance CRM ratings. Thanks to its advanced features and flexibility, it brings many benefits to the table.

Maximum automation

  • Salesforce takes over routine tasks, leaving employees time to work on more important ones.
  • It covers all the insurance processes, from estimation to reporting.
  • Setting up and tweaking automation doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Low maintenance

  • Salesforce requires a low initial investment compared to a custom CRM.
  • No special hardware is needed, and it is accessible via browsers and mobile apps.
  • The IT department workload is low.

Comprehensive solution

  • Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of policyholders, from an opportunity stage and throughout the entire contract duration.
  • It provides a single knowledge base so your customers can learn about your products in one place and at their own pace.
  • It can be easily integrated with other systems to access all the information from a single point.

Great analytics

  • Salesforce provides detailed data on customers so you can offer relevant products.
  • It enables forecasting mechanisms to help you predict trends.
  • It offers visualized, easy-to-understand reports.

A solid response to insurance industry challenges

Salesforce contains solutions to the challenges that the insurance industry faces daily. At times when the speed and quality of customer service are more important than ever, it offers tools to meet the demands of the modern policyholder.



Customers and agents can access the relevant features of the system from anywhere and at any time.


Self-service, flexible templates, and straightforward analytics make working with or for your company much easier.

Better relationships

Through automatic notifications, referral management, and insurable asset data you will be an important partner for every policyholder.

Improved cooperation

By bringing the data from different departments together and integrating partners and independent agents, you will be able to sell more and better.

Talent retention

An intuitive UI and automation of daunting tasks mean that A-class employees feel more productive and willing to stay with you for longer.

Overview of Salesforce products for insurance companies

Salesforce provides several useful products for insurance agencies. Each of them focuses on a different business area, so they can be used separately or together. This is how you can benefit from each of them.

Recommended for

Guaranteed outcomes

Financial Services Cloud

Recommended for

  • Damage claims management takes disproportionately long
  • The underwriting process needs to be optimized and streamlined
  • Processing referrals is hard and messy

Guaranteed outcomes

Effortless claims management and FNOL processing, automated referral processing and scoring, and streamlined work with independent agents.

Sales Cloud

Recommended for

  • Estimation and quote generation take too much time
  • You don’t have a system to accurately forecast your sales and monitor your pipeline
  • You want to regularly remind customers to renew their policies

Guaranteed outcomes

Increased sales and a better understanding of your customers.

Marketing Cloud

Recommended for

  • All your promotional activities are managed with different software
  • You want to map the customer journey and understand how it can be improved
  • You want to personalize your messages to every prospective customer

Guaranteed outcomes

More leads, a deeper knowledge of customer journeys, and higher engagement across all marketing channels.

How Salesforce implementation works

Salesforce implementation with Vention takes just 6 simple steps.



We learn as much as possible about the way you do business in order to suggest the best ways to achieve your specific goals.



We create a detailed Salesforce implementation plan and set measurable KPIs to ensure we are moving in the right direction and on schedule.



This is the point at which our technical specialists tune Salesforce products to perfectly fit your company’s business processes. The changes can be as simple as renaming fields in forms, or as complex as creating entirely new features.



We make sure your system performs as well as it should and eliminate any errors and inconsistencies.



We make your Salesforce solution available to your employees, train them, and help your business adopt the new system without hassle.


Continuous enhancement

With a tool as powerful as the Salesforce platform, the sky is the limit. We can keep working with you, adding new capabilities to your system and keeping it running at peak performance.

Our Salesforce services for insurance companies

Salesforce consulting


We help you select the most fitting Salesforce plan, create the right roadmap for its adoption, and provide advice to ensure the success of your implementation.

We cover everything you need to implement Salesforce from scratch or replace your old system with it. This includes data migration, deployment, configuration, testing, employee training, and more.

If the out-of-the-box Salesforce doesn’t fit the needs of your insurance agency, we will create custom forms and reports, integrate third-party services, and do other work that helps you get the most out of the system.

Salesforce end-user training

We teach your staff members to use the relevant Salesforce features so that the implementation goes well and the new system starts bringing the expected ROI faster.

Salesforce support

We keep your Salesforce solution updated to the latest version, introduce third-party integrations, and protect data from theft and loss.

We keep your system in perfect working condition. We make sure that the automated reporting works as intended, the latest updates are in place, and that Salesforce maintenance doesn’t interrupt regular work.

Book a demo and see for yourself why Salesforce is the insurance industry’s #1 CRM.

Why choose Vention?


  • Salesforce projects delivered for Fortune 500 companies and SMEs
  • Salesforce Consulting Partner status
  • Profound knowledge of general and insurance-specific Salesforce offerings


  • Focus on business value first and technical details second
  • Willing to offer different cooperation models to best fit your project specifics
  • Team selection based on your preferences and the peculiarities of your business

Solid team

  • 60+ experienced Salesforce pros on board
  • Product mindset and motivation to do our best for end users
  • Available for trips to your office if needed
ISO 27001-certified
We stand at the forefront of safeguarding your data through internationally recognized security management practices. Partner with us for peace of mind in data confidentiality and integrity.

Project showcase

Case studies



We helped the leading fintech company Unlimint implement Salesforce CRM from scratch, increasing profitability, streamlining merchant onboarding, and elevating the customer experience.


Sungage Financial


Through its collaboration with Vention, Sungage Financial, the first-ever company focused solely on financing solar projects, leveraged their CRM system 30% more effectively, while attracting more customers and raising additional revenue.


FCM bank


For FCM bank, we delivered a full-blown Salesforce solution tailoring it to the peculiarities of the financial industry at each stage of the implementation process — from initial setup through user training and refinement.

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