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Our Salesforce expertise
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
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Salesforce for iGaming

Cash-out the competition by handing your players exactly what they want with Salesforce’s tailor-made iGaming solutions.

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Salesforce for iGaming: Capabilities

The competition in the iGaming industry is fierce without Salesforce to even out the odds

iGaming grows by leaps and bounds year after year, and even economy-wide dips are smaller in the industry when compared to the market’s median. But while the number of operators is also on a steady growth, the number of players is not. In fact, players have trouble differentiating brands, a major possible inflection point since 29% of players are there to have fun, not to win.

Therefore, investing in player experience, with great interfaces, promotions, and support systems, is paramount to make your brand stand out. There’s where Salesforce comes in: there’s hardly a better way to understand your player’s needs than a state-of-the-art CRM solution.

Key points

Improved player acquisition and retention

Through personalized marketing activations

Paired with real-time data analytics

Leading to exponential ROI growth

How to win with Salesforce in iGaming

Acquisition, engagement, retention: a powerful CRM platform boosts all three main pillars of player enticement by streamlining advertising, enabling cross-selling, improving customer service, and most importantly — allowing iGaming operators to better understand how their players behave.


An iGaming company can only grow so much before there’s too much data to handle, the need to get rid of overwhelming manual processes or better automate player engagement. There’s where Salesforce steps in.


In short: reduced costs and increased revenue. Salesforce achieves the former by optimizing resources in general (and especially on player acquisition), and the latter by increasing productivity, consolidating customer data, and, therefore, delivering smarter and faster customer service.


Every adaptation process is daunting at first. Don’t fret though, because the strategic value of Salesforce comes out real fast by obsoleting spreadsheets, automating redundancies, and giving your team a way easier time.


Common Salesforce challenges, usually triggered by poor implementation, include a low rate of user adoption, how hard it can be to customize it, and data migration complexity. Luckily, those concerns vanish into the thin air with an experienced partner at your side.

The dynamics of iGaming players

Understand why Salesforce has all the correct tools, aligned along every strategic step of the player’s journey, to generate value for both the company and the players.


Salesforce leverages data, including from current players, to nudge you towards key media channels and automate email / SMS campaigns that attract the most valuable player segments to you based on preexisting patterns.


Once they’re in, Salesforce is invaluable to ensure a seamless player journey from registration to entertainment. Player data and behavior step in to deliver personalized offers that keep players engaged.


Automated loyalty programs, milestone celebrations, and new offers wrap up the relationship development Salesforce excels at, building a long-term trust between the brand and the players to edge up chances they’ll keep coming for more.

Salesforce products in action

The Salesforce ecosystem englobes many different solutions for every link of the customer chain. Let’s have an in-depth look into how they all come together to provide a brand‑defining player experience.

Marketing Cloud for player acquisition

Journey Builder

Craft automated, fully personalized journeys that deliver the right marketing content, at the right time, at whichever channels and devices your players prioritize.

Marketing Cloud Connect

Collect, update and access all your data from a centralized solution, and leverage said data to create more accurate player profiles allowing for hyper-targeted offers and campaigns. This feature works with Salesforce Sales and the Service Cloud, and enables a handful of custom integrations (such as APIs to connect to your existing non-Salesforce CRM).


Track every nook and cranny of how players interact with your platform and marketing campaigns, including detailed email analytics (opens, clicks, unsubs, etc), gambling and game performance, which games are the most profitable per player segment, and so on.

AI-powered player segmentation

Hand out the best offers to the players that want them the most — courtesy of Einstein Segmentation, a Salesforce next-gen AI that analyzes player patterns to provide them with the best next deal at the games they love.

Sales Cloud for player engagement

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Optimize engagement by knowing exactly the rights and wrongs of your past attempts with AI algorithms that tap into your data to provide you a detailed, constantly self-updating score of your actions.

Opportunity & lead management

Track and qualify leads, study the competition, oversee your affiliate partnerships: by better managing the B2B aspect of your business, more time is unlocked for you to focus on your players.

Loyalty management

Lead player segmentation down to its natural funnel of automatically identifying “whales”, VIP players with whom building a personal, data-informed relationship is crucial to maximizing profitability.

Service Cloud for player retention

Omnichannel routing

Allow your reps direct customer queries across a diverse range of service channels in a faster, smarter way.


Solve player’s questions inside your platform with real-time, AI-powered chatbots and human operators with multilingual support to keep the dice rolling.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Switch over to voice support seamlessly with full, data-backed player profiles, and tap into advanced tools that enable your service team to pinpoint solutions before even picking up the call.

Digital engagement

Reach players through an all-encompassing channels system including web, email, social media, and more, with a modern support service that improves retention and reduces betting churn.

Tableau for data-driven insights

Tableau Prep

Breakdown, clean, and organize every piece of data from your analytics, from different data sources if needed, into user-friendly interfaces

Tableau Desktop

Leverage that data feed to create complex dashboards, interconnected interactive charts, and visually rich reports to help your finance, sales, operations, and executive professionals reach the right decisions

Tableau Server

Deploy and save your results while keeping the system’s integrity via personalized access points

Tableau Mobile

Further enhance your solution’s flexibility by accessing it wherever, whenever you want

Salesforce integrations and why they’re useful

Out of the near-infinite amount of ways Salesforce can be customized, rest assured we know how to find the perfect fit for you.


The bread and butter of CRM integrations, making good use of your data by tracking the entirety of your player’s lifecycle and using this data to generate actionable insights regarding player behavior.

Bonus systems

Welcome bonuses, free spins, free bets, cashback promotions, VIP services: all customizable within the platform to bump up your numbers, and theirs.


The Salesforce platform accepts all sorts of compliance frameworks, including the identification and scrutiny of customer documents to guarantee the credibility of your players.


A handful of API integrations that tweak small details, ranging from interface facelifts that improve player experience to incorporating cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

You’re only five steps away from higher stakes

Here’s our end-to-end implementation roadmap breakdown, from the initial planning to your fully operational final product.


Roadmap creation

We examine your platform, understand your needs, and design a complete strategy with timelines, features, integrations, etc.


Solution development

We start rolling out the platform: configurations, data systems, metrics, and more, while concurrently testing its foundations.


User acceptance testing

That doesn’t mean we part ways. After your solution is delivered, we’ll listen to your users’ feedback and suggestions to improve it whenever necessary.



Finally, the platform is deployed with all due care to ensure stability at all times.



With coding done, it’s time to focus on the human factor. Organizing training sessions for your end users is the best way to ensure a fast adoption rate.

But our job is only over when you say so

Every implementation process can be tweaked in its own right. Our experts have hundreds of hours of know-how to provide you the services you need.


Identify your user groups to create the optimal Salesforce implementation path forward

Migration & Implementation

Migrate your data from legacy CRM or start your new solution from the ground up


Have any and all personalized choices to make your final product uniquely attuned to your needs

Third-party integration

Enjoy the vast compatibility Salesforce enables for third-party systems

End-user training

Rest assured that your end users will learn how to take the best out of your new platform

Support & management systems

Count on a state-of-the-art support system to never let you down

Why Vention?

We’ve plenty of experience in the iGaming industry — and far beyond it.

Custom-made efficiency

  • A wide choice of cooperating models with flexible project scopes
  • Engineers are hand-picked in line with your needs
  • Solutions that encompass any platform or channel

Proven track record

  • 8+ years of hands-on Salesforce experience
  • 100% certified Salesforce crew
  • Proud Salesforce Consulting Partner

Major-league team

  • 60+ Salesforce Consultants, Developers, Architects and Administrators
  • Extensive business and domain knowledge
  • Ready to start at a moment’s notice
ISO 27001 certification
Our ISO 27001 certification reflects our unwavering commitment to top-tier information security management. Trust in our proven framework to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Our work



In partnership with Yggdrasil, a leading solution provider for iGaming vendors, our team integrated Salesforce with Outlook and implemented single sign-on technology to eliminate repetitive and predictable tasks; next, we extended and adopted a data model according to the iGaming industry's best practices.

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A final word from our iGaming specialists

A final word from our iGaming specialists

Kate Rusakovich
Kate Rusakovich
Business Development Director

Backed by 6+ years' experience in Salesforce, Kate has worked with clients across 30+ business verticals as well as significantly expanded Vention's iGaming portfolio. She's passionate about establishing effective business development strategies and unleashing the full companies' potential through world-class digital solutions.

Alex Skomyanov
Alex Skomyanov
Senior Technical Consultant and Delivery Manager

Alex is a top-notch expert with 5 years of experience in rolling out successful Salesforce projects. He has deep knowledge in sales and marketing automation, as well as translating complex business requirements into high-performance Salesforce solutions for iGaming to help the clients get the full value from their digital investments.

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