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Salesforce managed services

Keep your CRM platform optimized and aligned with your business needs. As your Salesforce managed services provider, Vention can head off post-implementation headaches and optimize platform performance from Day One.

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Why you need Salesforce managed services

We handle the nitty-gritty

Managing Salesforce in-house requires a dedicated system admin and company resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Focus your efforts on the customer experience and let Vention take the reins of maintaining your CRM.

We boost your business

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we have the broad system knowledge to do more than babysit your CRM: We help it mature. Our partnership guarantees your Salesforce platform is always compliant, up-to-date, and driven by current best practices.

Key points

Scale operations

Drive end-user adoption

Maximize your Salesforce investment

Respond to clients’ changing needs

Build stronger relationships

Maximize growth

Our managed services resolve complex issues quickly, enhancing operations and customer experiences. With Vention, you’ll have access to certified experts in all major Salesforce Clouds, as well as AppExchange, CPQ, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).


We can help define your company’s requirements, conduct demo sessions, and plan a detailed roadmap for integration. With years of Salesforce consulting expertise, we’ll maximize your ROI every step of the way.


Our configurations put Salesforce to work for you. Your dedicated Vention admin will ensure that your CRM is integrated with all of your essential tools and tailored to your team’s workflow.


Expect growth, free of growing pains. We’ll leverage Heroku and the entire Salesforce ecosystem so that your team can reap the platform’s benefits quickly and efficiently.


Your CRM can be as powerful as you want it to be. For maximal ROI, we ensure smooth system onboarding and user training, giving your team everything it needs to leverage Salesforce from the get-go.

Administration & ongoing maintenance

Give your customers the time and attention they need. We handle the user management, security policy, data quality monitoring, and system configuration adjustments that can take precious time away from business-critical tasks.

What’s the secret ingredient to our approach?

We trim the fat from managed services by focusing on partnerships with our clients and matching them with Salesforce solutions that deliver results. What’s left is our lean team of Vention engineers and consultants, hungry for new technical approaches to your business challenges.

User-first processes

You can equip your CRM with every cutting-edge tool in the book, but if it’s not delivering value to the user, it’s all for nothing. A superior end-user experience is always our first order of business.

Trust & transparency

Healthy partnerships are built on trust. We earn that trust in every client interaction, from transparency about what to expect from our services to planning solutions with fortress-like security.

A community of learners

Our Salesforce experts are known for informing their work with curiosity. They’re always exploring the platform’s latest products and features and expanding their skill sets. Their appetite for learning winds up fueling your growth.

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Vention teamed up with Careforth to migrate the existing legacy system to Salesforce Health Cloud and customize it according to the current business goals and customer preferences.

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