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Our Salesforce expertise
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Boost your career, boost global innovation
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Our Salesforce expertise
About us
Who we are
Impact on clients, communities, and our people
Boost your career, boost global innovation
How we work
Discover our formula for your success
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Salesforce for startups

Time is your startup’s most valuable resource. Don’t waste it sweating the small stuff. Streamline and scale operations with Vention’s Salesforce implementation services.

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Accelerate with the best

No one ever said startups have it easy. Between meeting customers' rising expectations and navigating red-hot competition, it’s crucial that emerging companies use every tool available to deliver superior customer experiences and data-driven growth. There’s no better tool for the job than Salesforce.

With automated customer interactions and sales processes, Salesforce lets you focus on the work that matters most: fine-tuning your product, nurturing customer loyalty, and getting your ducks lined up to scale.

As your Salesforce implementation partner, Vention can address your most complex CRM challenges, dramatically increasing your sales and revenue along the way. Ride the world’s #1 CRM platform straight to the top.

Our approach to Salesforce implementation

Define your specific goals

Vention experts conduct technical consultations, advise on functionality, and draw up a roadmap for your successful Salesforce adoption. We optimize for your unique business, train your end users, and ensure you have access to every benefit of the world’s #1 CRM.

A starting-line solution that fits

Our quick-start packages deliver everything an ambitious startup needs. Vention engineers boast both Salesforce expertise and an earned intimacy with the needs of today’s startups, so we can service the technical and operational aspects of your implementation simultaneously.

Key points

1-2 month process

Fixed price

Custom solutions

End-user training

Extensive support

The Salesforce value proposition

Salesforce delivers cost-effective, out-of-the-box solutions that will first get you on the path to profitability and then help you gather speed. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Salesforce is the CRM of choice for burgeoning businesses.

Effortless scalability

Salesforce’s cloud-enabled solutions handle surges in traffic and demand as they arise — with no need for advanced planning or additional resources.

Continual optimization

Regular software updates keep your Salesforce solution optimized for performance, security, logic, usability, and customer experience.

Rich integration capabilities

Salesforce seamlessly integrates with the everyday apps a startup needs, including tools for productivity, project management, and email marketing — all within one easy-to-use interface.

Complete customization

Need more than an out-of-the-box edition? We can tailor your Salesforce solution so it synchronizes optimally with your business needs but remains flexible as your needs change.

Robust reporting

Salesforce’s data-driven analysis of your system yields insight-rich and actionable reports so you can identify and respond to customer trends and improve client relationships.


Scale your business confidently: Salesforce’s safety features limit data exposure, ensure that only authorized users access your resources, and deliver peace of mind.

Salesforce products for every startup

Sales Cloud

Automate administrative tasks and manage leads efficiently. Then pivot your go-to-market strategy quickly when you need to.

You’ll close more deals and increase ROI when you can use tools like Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) to uncover actionable customer insights.


When you rely on an AI-powered platform that’s built from the get-go to personalize service across every touch point, you’re in good stead to build lasting and profitable relationships with your customers.


Experience Cloud

Create rich experiences across websites, portals, and apps, and provide exceptional service from a platform that’s easy to tailor to your customers’ particular needs — and yours.

Salesforce editions aligned with your needs

No matter how lean your startup, we can deliver a Salesforce solution that fits your budget. For a complete breakdown of Salesforce editions, take a look at our Salesforce edition comparison, and if you want to explore more ways to save on implementation, check out our guide to Salesforce implementation costs.


Salesforce Essentials

For startups at the MVP stage with up to 10 users, Essentials is an all-in-one solution with basic administration tools that let you customize deployment as you grow.

Salesforce Professional

Leverage a comprehensive solution with easy-to-use tools for customization, integration, and administration — ideal for any small to midsize deployment.

Salesforce Enterprise

Enterprise is a flexible solution for businesses of any size. It includes advanced customization and easy integrations with your back-office systems.


Tap all the functionality of Enterprise with the added benefits of 24/7 support, full mobile access, increased storage, and room for every custom app you need. Unlimited offers a barrier-free, full-scale solution.

Project showcase

Case studies


Data Dwell

Marketing & Adtech

In partnership with marketing platform Data Dwell, our engineers developed a custom Salesforce Lightning extension providing the sales team with seamless access to data stored in Sales Enablement directly from their preferred email client.




To improve sales and customer tracking processes, Vention experts rolled out the Sales Cloud system and integrated such business-critical software solutions as DocuSign into the CRM system.

Salesforce support for every growth stage

From discovery to post-launch, we’ve got you covered through the entire digital lifecycle.

Salesforce consulting


Vention consultants can help you select a Salesforce solution that best fits your business goals and then work with you to define the roadmap for your CRM.

A seamless launch and friction-free integration of powerful apps are the hallmarks of Vention’s Salesforce implementations.

End user training

Our end user training puts your startup’s users in control of Salesforce right from the start.

Go beyond basic with feature-rich apps

Build or buy? That is often the question. Based on your specific budget and timeline, our Salesforce engineers can develop a custom app to fit your needs — or leverage AppExchange tools if that’s the best approach.

Build with purpose

Not every niche need can be fixed with Salesforce out of the box. If you’re looking for infinite flexibility and complete control, we can deliver apps purpose-built for your startup.

Buy into AppExchange

With 3,000+ products to choose from on the AppExchange marketplace, Vention will help your team select best-fit solutions for collaboration, automation, and marketing.

We put Salesforce to work for your startup

Startup-friendly environment

  • 200+ startups scaled from MVP to IPO and beyond
  • $12.2B in acquisitions and $8B in funding
  • Experience across 30+ industries

Proven Salesforce expertise

  • Our team is 100% Salesforce certified
  • 8+ years of Salesforce design and implementation
  • 73% of our clients are referrals

Driven by results

  • Detailed reports maintain full visibility into your project’s details
  • Full-cycle Salesforce development services, from consulting to post-launch support
  • An always-learning approach to Salesforce development
ISO 27001 certification
Our ISO 27001 certification isn't just a badge — it's a promise of unparalleled data security and management. Rely on our established framework to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

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