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Salesforce and Jira integration

Learn how you can easily connect Salesforce and Jira for collaborative issue tracking, improved project management, and communication.

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Unleash the full power of your software

Multiple Salesforce users are deploying Jira, a leading project management platform, to automate day-to-day tasks and track the progress of existing projects. However, running these tools in parallel is typically fraught with manual data entry and data migration errors, which can lead to inaccurate predictions, dissatisfied customers, and lost opportunities.

With in-depth specialization in more than 30 industries and eight years of Salesforce expertise, we build custom Jira integrations that help companies consolidate all data in one place; with those integrations in place, they spend less time managing minutiae and more time growing their business.

Key integration benefits

We unify Salesforce and Jira to bolster departments and lines of business with tangible, measurable benefits.

Friction-free data import and export

Import and export data easily to reduce redundant tasks, minimize human error, and eliminate duplicates.

Up-to-date data

Auto-synchronization and aggregated comments ensure that all data is up-to-date, consolidated, and easily viewable in either Salesforce or Jira.

Automated workflows

Users can create and link Jira issues to Salesforce cases without switching back and forth between the two systems.

Easy-to-use interface

Transparent UI and easy setup allow for faster access to valuable information, which enhances cross-team collaboration and improves customer conversion.

Our Salesforce testing services

ServiceRocket Connector

If your core tool is Jira, consider using ServiceRocket Connector. It streamlines workflows, improves data accuracy, and brings visibility to all your account interactions and status changes in real-time. Depending on what Salesforce plug-in you use, it can provide three types of Jira integrations: Jira Server, Jira Cloud, and Jira Service Desk Connector.

MuleSoft Connector

If your business-critical data is stored in Salesforce, check out MuleSoft Connector. This fully-integrated standard connector offers seamless integration with the Anypoint designer, as well as support for complex projections, streaming, and bulk operations.

AppExchange integration services

There are numerous integration services that work with Jira and Salesforce on AppExchange. Tools including zAgile, Service Rocket, Sinergify, and Go2Group offer rich Jira functionality within your Salesforce standard and custom objects.

Custom integrations

In case you’re looking for a more complex integration, you might need an experienced Salesforce Consulting Partner to add specific functionality, user capacity, and customization capabilities.Although custom solutions require more resources at the outset, they can be more beneficial in the long run; turnkey solutions are less flexible and may cost more than the work of engineers that embed the integration right into your API.

Looking to integrate Jira with Salesforce?

Our experts will help you build a custom integration roadmap that best meets your budget and business needs.

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The implementation of such additional Salesforce features as Jira integration, tracking form submissions, and automated follow-up empowered Gaming Innovation Group to work smarter, considerably reducing manual mistakes and increasing average speed-to-lead by 50%

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A risk-free integration strategy

Potential risks

Our solution

Make sure Salesforce and Jira versions are compatible

Potential risks

When companies integrate two systems on their own, they may overlook compatibility issues that can compromise data access or software performance.

Our solution

Our team develops the best-fit integration plan based on your current versions of Jira and Salesforce.

Keep up with the latest features and updates

Potential risks

You may find it difficult to connect Salesforce and Jira without any interruption because the integration affects all existing processes.

Our solution

We analyze your current processes in both systems before the integration, paying special attention to security patches.

Customize your integration

Potential risks

As your business scales, you need solutions that can be easily tailored, modified, or reconfigured.

Our solution

To meet each team's needs, our consultants can build a tailored API integration from scratch, as well as customize field mapping and configuration settings.

Questions? Contact our integration expert

Questions? Contact our integration expert

Dmitry Chernik
Dmitry Chernik
Senior Fintech Advisor
Dmitry is a Salesforce technical consultant with 12 years of experience in delivering and managing successful Salesforce projects. He helps companies create forward-looking integration strategies that capitalize on the best Salesforce and Jira features, driving critical business outcomes and revenue.

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